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HelloProfit Pricing & Plans: Which Should You Get?

You can sign up for HelloProfit by taking advantage of the free trial or the lone subscription plan, which costs $97 monthly. Furthermore, you can connect multiple Amazon marketplaces to one HelloProfit account by getting add-ons ($29 per month for each additional marketplace).

That said, you cannot cancel your HelloProfit subscription to get a refund.

Hence, using the 21-day free trial period is best to gauge its value effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • There’s only one HelloProfit pricing plan that costs $97 monthly.
  • During the account creation process, you’ll automatically sign up for the free trial.
  • For $29 per month, you can connect to additional Amazon Marketplaces, which is ideal for international sellers.

What HelloProfit Pricing Plans Are Available?

HelloProfit offers only one pricing plan, which costs $97 per month.

The plan is ideal for beginners and advanced Amazon sellers looking for financial insight into their businesses.

However, I was disappointed to learn that no cheaper HelloProfit plans are available for new Amazon sellers on a tight budget. In comparison, competitors like Helium 10 and JungleScout provide more subscription tiers, allowing you to start with a cheaper option.

Furthermore, HelloProfit only allows you to link one Amazon Seller Central account with the base subscription. You’ll need to get an add-on that costs $29 per month to add additional accounts.

What Features Do You Get With the HelloProfit Pricing Plan?

To help you decide if the HelloProfit pricing plan is the right choice, I’ve summarized the available tools provided by the subscription:

Merchant Dashboard

helloprofit merchant dashboard

The Merchant Dashboard is the default screen you see after signing into your HelloProfit account. It shows ALL sales & profit data from every linked Amazon Seller Central account.

The top half of the Merchant Dashboard summarizes your financial data into four color-coded boxes, with each one showing different period lengths:

  • Yesterday
  • 7-day
  • 14-day
  • 30-day

You can also toggle the marketplaces and use other filters to get more granular with your search. The bottom half of the Merchant Dashboard contains a graph showing units sold and gross sales.

Product Dashboard

helloprofit product dashboard

The Profit Dashboard provides a comprehensive array of filters to view your product’s financial information. You can group products based on specific criteria to help you organize and find the financial information you need.

Likewise, you can hide information from the Product Dashboard – ideal when you don’t want to get overwhelmed by unneeded data. 

Payout Reporting

helloprofit payout reporting dashboard

The Payout Reporting feature delivers bi-weekly updates on your Amazon business or individual ASINs, helping you to understand the financials of each transaction better.

This tool also includes your sponsored ad, shipping, and product costs, so you can also find out the profitability of each SKU. Hence, you can monitor the financial health of your Amazon FBA business from this dashboard.

Instant Notifications

helloprofit instant notifications feature

Don’t have time to manually check up on every little detail? Then you may find the instant notifications feature handy for learning about significant Amazon account changes.

For example, you can set notifications for:

  • When a product reaches a maximum hourly sales velocity
  • When products don’t match the minimum sales velocity
  • When you win or lose the Buy Box
  • And more

The tool also provides updates in near real-time so you can access the data fast enough to respond quickly.

Customers & Orders

helloprofit customers and orders dashboard

The Customers & Orders tool focuses on the order information, giving you a quick overview of relevant data and allowing you to find specific orders/customers in little time.

Here’s a summary of the top functions of this tool:

  • Monitor refunds: discover the buyers that frequently request a refund, those who haven’t returned a unit, and haven’t been reimbursed.
  • Repeat buyers: find which buyers are purchasing repeatedly. Understanding who your loyal customers are helps you plan marketing campaigns.
  • Take notes: you can take notes on the state of refunds to help determine the next step. However, I believe this should be automated rather than having to enter information manually.

How to Sign Up for HelloProfit?

To register an account, you must sign up for the HelloProfit free trial. Signing up for HelloProfit is a fast process, as you’ll see from my step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the HelloProfit website.
  2. Click any of the free trial buttons to proceed.
helloprofit free trial button
  1. Complete the fields by sharing your first name, last name, email (Used as login ID), and password. Then click “GET STARTED.”
start helloprofit free trial
  1. The Merchant Setup page appears. Here, choose your Amazon marketplace and details for connecting your HelloProfit and Amazon accounts.
helloprofit merchant setup page

Is There a HelloProfit Free Trial?

Yes, a HelloProfit free trial lasts 21 days and doesn’t require your credit card details to activate. Every new HelloProfit customer will automatically start with the free trial, and the first charge is applied once the free trial period ends.

Fortunately, you can access every paid subscription feature on the free trial, so you’re getting an accurate representation of what to expect. To take full advantage of the free trial, I recommend you access the HelloProfit toolkit by connecting your Amazon Seller Central account.

Check out my HelloProfit free trial guide to find out more.

Pros and Cons of HelloProfit Pricing Plans

HelloProfit is a powerful suite of tools, but is it worth a try? Let’s find out by taking into account the pros and cons.


  • Lengthy free trial period (21 days) allows you to test the tools thoroughly.
  • You can increase the number of Amazon marketplaces by purchasing an add-on.
  • Tools provide helpful features for Amazon sellers, like viewing financial information and customer orders.


  • Only one plan to choose from, and no budget option available.
  • No annual plan for better cost savings.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot get a refund after your paid subscription with HelloProfit starts.

However, you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

Is HelloProfit Worth Getting?

HelloProfit offers a comprehensive array of tools for Amazon sellers who wish to get a detailed breakdown of their financial data. Also, the many filters and clean UI ensure you’ll start using the Amazon seller software without a long learning curve.

Want to see what HelloProfit is all about for yourself? Then sign up for the HelloProfit free trial to start and test it risk-free for 21 days.

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