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Helium 10 Review: The Best Amazon Seller Software in 2024?

Helium 10 is one of the few Amazon seller software that has surpassed expectations in my many years as an ecommerce vendor.

Helium 10 has built a reputable ecosystem where sellers can access various tools for optimizing and managing different aspects of their Amazon (and Walmart) business.

With Helium 10, you can

  • Access accurate research tools for identifying profitable opportunities.
  • Manage your operations to boost efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Boost the visibility of your products.
⭐ Rating: 4.9 ★★★★★
💵 Price: From $39 monthly (discounts available)
🔍 Features: Amazon research (keyword, product, market, and competitor), management (ads and inventory), alerts, etc.
🎯 Accuracy: Highly accurate
👥 Support: Responsive and knowledgeable
🖥️ User Interface: Clean and easy to navigate
🔥 Discount: Up to 20% off

Helium 10 Pros & Cons

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Helium 10 Detailed Review: What Does It Offer?

With over 2 million users and counting, Helium 10 remains one of the most prominent eCommerce software solutions. The platform processes over 2 billion data daily to provide high-quality insights to sellers interested in running a successful Amazon business.

Helium 10 prides itself on being a one-stop shop for Amazon sellers. 

This is evident in the diverse array of tools available to its users. As such, whether you need a reputable research tool or a reliable inventory management system, Helium 10 has you covered.

Key Features

Helium 10’s impressive features start with a product research suite of tools like Black Box to help you uncover profitable products based on specific criteria like profit margin, traffic, and competition. You can even dig deeper with metrics like sales volume, BSR, search volume, price, reviews, and BSR.

helium 10 black box dashboard

Besides Black Box, other product research tools exist for Helium 10 users:

  • Trendster: Helps you discover how seasonality impacts sales.
  • Xray: Comprehensive competitor data on individual products and niches.

Furthermore, Helium 10 helps you improve your product sales potential with keyword tools like Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspellinator.

Cerebro, in particular, unravels competitor keyword optimization strategies. 

In other words, it helps you identify the keywords your competitors are using to generate the most sales so you can optimize for the same.

Like the product research tools, the other Helium 10 keyword research tools have unique offerings:

  • Magnet: Generates search volume, PPC bid range, CPR, and top-ranked product data for searched keywords.
  • Misspellinator: Reveals common search typos related to your niche, product, and listing. You can use these typos in your listings to capture some organic traffic.

Cerebro and Magnet support Amazon and Walmart e-commerce platforms.

Once you complete the product and keyword research stage, you can implement further via Helium 10’s marketing and Amazon listing optimization tools.

The most notable mentions are Scribbles and Listing Builder, allowing you to create a listing from scratch and sync it to your Amazon Seller Central account! Listing Builder is the most impressive option since it uses AI to write your listings, while Scribbles requires 100% manual input.

But Helium 10 knows the job isn’t done after launching your listings. That’s where its monitoring, alerts, and analytics tools come in handy.

You can access a revenue and sales analytics performance dashboard called Profits. 

You can monitor and get alerted on your organic keyword ranks via Keyword Tracker

In fact, you can simply switch to the Helium 10 Insights dashboard to ALWAYS get essential data regarding your Amazon FBA business performance whenever you log into the web app!

Other Features

In addition to the tools listed so far, Helium 10 offers extra features to solve most of the challenges related to running an Amazon FBA business. You can find the features in the table below:

Feature What It Does
Alerts 24/7 tracking for a range of prompts such as listing hijacking, Buy Box win/loss, etc.
Inventory Management Monitors inventory, alerts you to low stock, and predicts optimal stock levels while accounting for seasonality
Refund Genie Automates lost and damaged inventory tracking, ensuring you always file full refund claims
Follow-Up Helps you reach out to your customers via automated emails without breaking Amazon’s ToS
Inventory Protector Protects you against coupon abuse and other promotion-related risks

Does Helium 10 Offer Free Tools?

Helium 10 offers free tools, which you can access on its web app or via the Chrome extension. These Helium 10 free tools can calculate product profit and revenue, estimate FBA fees, or audit your PPC campaign performance.

Here’s a list of Helium 10 free tools and what they do.

Free Tool What It Does
PPC Audit Evaluates your PPC campaigns to reveal insights to aid their effectiveness
URL Builder (GEMs) Helps you create unique URLs for your listings
Sales Estimator Estimates sales volume
Profitability Calculator Evaluates the potential revenue and net profit of products while accounting for associated fees
Anomaly Tracker Identifies and troubleshoots indexing-related issues
Chrome Extension Allows you to access Helium 10's tools directly from the Amazon website

Performance and Effectiveness

Helium 10 isn’t just designed with many features to attract potential users but created such that it genuinely makes a difference for your business. One of the most significant differences it makes is in how it saves you time (research hours, listing creation time, etc.) and resources.

For instance, Helium 10’s Scribbles allows you to build and optimize your listings within the software’s dashboard. Once you’re done building, it syncs with your Amazon account automatically.

That saves you the time it would have taken to manually copy over your listings from Amazon or create them in Amazon’s dashboard while shuffling back to Helium 10’s keyword data.

You can still save more time (and money) on listings by using its AI-powered Listing Builder.

helium 10 write with ai tool
The AI-powered Listing Builder can help you write the title, description, bullet points and Amazon posts for your listings!

Simply populate the keyword bank for your product with relevant keywords and add its characteristics. Then, you can watch Helium 10 do the rest of the work.

The fact that this Listing Builder creates listings that align with Amazon’s best practices and don’t spam your keywords is one of the top reasons you’ll love it. And now, you don’t have to spend too much money on a copywriter your business can’t afford yet!

Guess what makes this Listing Builder even more intuitive? Integrating Cerebro and Magnet saves you time on keyword research and money you’d have spent on another listing keyword research tool!

Testaments to Helium 10’s performance and effectiveness would be incomplete without its Chrome Extension. If you think you’ve gotten everything you need from the web app, wait till you see the real-time insights you can uncover via this browser extension.

The best thing about the Chrome extension is that it allows you to do competitor, keyword, niche, and product research directly on Amazon. This saves you time and mental resources that would have gone into switching tabs from Amazon to Helium 10 every time.

Besides being an essential version of what you get on Helium 10’s web app, the browser extension also packs unique tools. One of the best is the Alibaba integration, allowing you to find suppliers for any product you see on Amazon quickly. That surely beats having to search suppliers for potential products manually.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding how Helium 10 boosts your business’ operational efficiency. You don’t need to subscribe to the biggest plan to ensure such performance boosts. After all, there’s something for every price range!

Helium 10's Data Accuracy

Sometimes, Helium 10 gets readily available data directly from Amazon. For example, it’ll pull your product sales data, FBA fees, and other information from your connected Amazon Seller Central account.

However, when the data isn’t openly accessible, the software uses a proprietary algorithm to make reliable estimates. As such, there are bound to be discrepancies between Amazon data and third-party software like Helium 10.

However, the goal is to keep the margin of error below a certain threshold so the discrepancies don’t negatively impact your business operations.

By that, it’s safe to say that Helium 10 is accurate, considering that its estimates are usable and highly applicable for making Amazon business decisions.

I also explored Helium 10’s accuracy compared to Zoof, another beginner-friendly Amazon seller software. Helium 10’s data was close to Amazon’s during the tests!

User Interface and Ease of Use

Helium 10 has a clean layout, making it easy to navigate the platform quickly.

A menu bar at the top of each page lets you easily switch between tools from anywhere in the app. You can even simplify navigation further by starring up to 7 of your most used tools

That way, you don’t have to sift through the selection to find your most-used tools.

Helium 10 also allows you to access the core stats and data relating to your Amazon FBA and FBM business directly from your Insights Dashboard.

For those who are always on the move, the Helium 10 mobile app offers the convenience of managing your Amazon business on your smartphone. Helium 10 maintains a similar clean and elegant layout for its mobile app.

However, Helium 10’s mobile app doesn’t offer the features available on the desktop version. You’ll only get Misspellinator, URL Builder, Listing Optimization, Magnet, and Trendster. Read our Helium 10 mobile app guide for more information.


It’s easy to become overwhelmed by Helium 10’s sheer size. After all, there are 25+ tools on display, and it may take a while to learn how to utilize them fully.

Fortunately, Helium 10 has provided a wide range of educational resources to shorten your learning curve significantly.

Education Resource Free or Paid? What It Does
Amazon PPC Academy Free on Diamond and Platinum plans Contains all you need to know about Amazon PPC
Exit Ticket Paid; Free on Diamond Plan Educates sellers on building an Amazon business they can sell for a huge profit
Academy Free Gives you access to Helium 10's expert instructors and training material
Freedom Ticket Free on Paid Plans Contains winning Amazon FBA strategies from leading Amazon seller, Kevin King
Project X Free Case study on the selling journey of expert Amazon FBA sellers
Project W Free Case studies to help you sell on Walmart
Podcast Free A library of Helium 10 case studies, interviews, and other podcast episodes

Besides the resources listed above, you can visit Helium 10’s Help Center to find articles answering most questions you may have about the software.

There’s also live chat support for almost instant response to inquiries and complaints. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support team by submitting a ticket on the “Contact Us” page.

From my experience, the customer support team responds to complaints quickly

Also, the representatives are knowledgeable about Helium 10 and Amazon FBA. Therefore, issues are resolved quickly.

Helium 10’s Pricing

Helium 10’s pricing starts from $0 and rises to $279 monthly for the most expensive plan. You can save on your subscription when you opt for an annual billing schedule and use my discount code, as shown below.

Pricing Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost Savings Discount
Starter $39 $29/month ($348) $120 N/A
Platinum $99 $79/month ($948) $240 Best Offer
Diamond $279 $229/month ($2,758) $590 Best Offer

Explore our Helium 10 pricing guide for more details on what each plan offers and any add-on fees.


The free version of Helium 10 is only ideal for those looking to test the software before committing financially.

Which Amazon Marketplace Does Helium 10 Support?

Helium 10 supports 21 Amazon marketplaces, including

However, note that some Helium 10 features are unavailable for certain marketplaces. 

For instance, you can’t use the Helium 10 Chrome extension on the Egypt marketplace.

Read our Helium 10 marketplace guide for a breakdown of what features you get with each supported Amazon marketplace.

What Are the Biggest Helium 10 Limitations?

As you must’ve discovered by now, Helium 10 is a quality platform. However, it becomes expensive to use Helium 10 as you climb its pricing tier or choose add-ons like Adtomic. 

I consider this a limitation since there are Helium 10 alternatives that aren’t as expensive.

Best Helium 10 Alternatives for Amazon Sellers

There’s not much you need as an Amazon seller that you wouldn’t get on Helium 10. 

However, if you want a cheaper pricing structure or additional features unavailable on Helium 10, check the reliable alternative below.

Jungle Scout

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout offers a wide range of features for different aspects of an Amazon FBA business.

So, you can conveniently conduct product and keyword research, find suppliers, estimate sales volume, and monitor your competitors from a single dashboard.

More importantly, Jungle Scout’s higher pricing tiers are cheaper than Helium 10’s. 

For instance, Jungle Scout’s highest plan costs $129, a full $100 cheaper than Helium 10’s Diamond subscription.

Also, Jungle Scout offers unique features like a Supplier Database, a library of reputable suppliers. You can read our Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout guide for more comparisons.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Helium 10 is worth it for a new seller since it’s beginner-friendly and offers relevant tools to start an Amazon business. New sellers can quickly get up to speed by utilizing the platform’s wide array of learning resources.

Helium 10 is not better than Jungle Scout for beginner sellers since they’re highly accurate and perform effectively. Therefore, it boils down to personal preference and budget.

However, Helium 10 is slightly better than Jungle Scout for intermediate and advanced sellers, given its robust inventory management, high data accuracy, and ad management support.

Become Profitable With Helium 10

From my reviews of Helium 10 operations, one thing is clear: it has mastered the e-commerce space and built a dynamic solution for experienced and new Amazon or Walmart sellers.

As such, it’s no surprise that Helium 10 has over 2 million users globally.

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