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Scale Insights Review: Is It Reliable in 2024?

Scale Insights is designed to help you maximize the chances of growing your market share and getting the best results with PPC ads.

As an FBA seller, ad optimization tools are integral to the success of your Amazon business. 

One such adtech solution that I’ve used personally is Scale Insights.

With Scale Insights, you can

  • Initiate AI-powered automation rules for your campaigns.
  • Get real-time data on the performance of all your ads.
  • Discover trends and adjust your PPC accordingly.

In this Scale Insights review, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about the tool and how it compares to top alternatives.

⭐ Rating: 4.5★★★★★
💵 Price: From $78 monthly
🔍 Features: Bulk auto campaigns, dynamic bidding, Ad performance reports, keyword research, and optimization
🎯 Accuracy: High
👥 Support: Live chat, email support, Facebook community
🖥️ User Interface: Simple
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Scale Insights Pros and Cons

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Scale Insights Detailed Review

Scale Insights uses AI to finetune Amazon PPC campaigns for optimal results. 

Even so, I like how it doesn’t just present itself as an AI-only solution but also allows for manual inputs and rules.

For instance, you can set your ad campaigns to automatically pause, increase bids, pause specific keywords, or execute other tasks on certain triggers.

The adtech software has established high automation capability by using multiple algorithms and up to 100 parameters to power and automate ad optimization operations.

But there’s more about how Scale Insights works. Continue reading to discover everything!

Key Features

Scale Insights utilizes several types of automation for creating, managing, and optimizing Amazon PPC ad campaigns. These automation are powered by Scale Insight’s proprietary algorithms, as shown in the table below:

Algorithm What It does
Dynamic Bidding Algorithm Assigns ACoS target and regulates bids based on the performance of prioritized keywords and products
Import Algorithm Harvests keywords across your top-performing ad groups to create a more robust ad campaign
Negative Algorithm Tracks and removes non-converting keywords from your campaigns to save ad spend
Negative Word Algorithm Negates irrelevant words in your search terms
Day Parting Allows ad serving and targeting at customers’ active times of the day
Revive Algorithm Increases the bids for non-performing keywords that have strong historical performance
Blacklist Algorithm Defines irrelevant keywords and negates them for your ads
Status Algorithm Uses performance as a criterion for pausing and enabling your ad groups
Placement Algorithm Ensures only the best-performing ad groups get to the top of search and win more product page searches
Daily Budget Algorithm Dynamically sets daily budgets based on the historical performance of campaigns on each day of the week
Default Bid Algorithm Initiates and adjusts default bids for auto campaigns.
Whitelist Algorithm Ensures well-performing keywords aren’t mistakenly matched with negated keywords

Scale Insights combines these algorithms to create customizable PPC templates for ad setup in minutes. Depending on your advertisement requirements, you can access up to four scalable campaign templates to set up your PPC instantly.

The campaign templates available are:

  • Fully Managed Campaigns: This offers customizable automations for automatic product-targeting, keyword discovery, and buyer campaigns.
  • Bulk Auto Campaigns: Ideal for setting up multiple automatic campaigns with a wide range of keyword default bids to unlock opportunities on various traffic tiers.
  • Keyword Campaigns: Quickly creates separate campaigns for each performing search term.
  • Day Parting Campaigns: Creates up to 24 ad groups with day-parting automation.

Besides the campaign templates mentioned above, Scale Insights offers an alternative campaign setup system that gives you complete control over automation rules

By so doing, you can create and assign PPC strategies to different campaigns to achieve set goals.

Furthermore, this hands-on setup allows you to preview the actions of algorithms before they’re executed. That way, you never go into any campaign strategy blind. 

Instead, you can “paper trade” it to simulate what changes will affect your business.

Away from campaign templates, Scale Insights also provides comprehensive ad insights for monitoring the performance of each campaign and spotting losses quickly

You’ll get customizable filters for analyzing historical data such as keywords, campaigns, search terms, etc.

In line with that, you’ll get key metrics to identify competing keywords and, in turn, isolate poor-performing duplicate keywords.

Other Scale Insights Features

While I’ve discussed the significant features you’ll most likely use on Scale Insights, the tool offers non-PPC functions to improve other parts of your business.

Perhaps the best one is the inventory management tool. It’s dynamic and helps ensure you’re always at optimal stock levels. That way, your ad efficiency isn’t truncated by low or non-existent stock.

Feature What It Does?
Organic vs. PPC Aggregates and correlates data related to organic sales, PPC, and promotions
Trends Discovers declining performance by analyzing weekly, monthly, day parting trends and other related metrics
Product Performance Reports the profits of each product, the advertising cost, the impact of promotions, and other performance-related data
Restock Forecast Sets inventory management rules for each product to project the required quantity to restock and the ideal restock date

Performance and Effectiveness

Scale Insights caters to various Amazon PPC advertising needs, focusing on providing a variety of customizable campaign templates for multiple PPC strategies.

This allows users to create campaigns in the shortest possible time. 

All you need to do is identify the most suitable template, assign rules where necessary, and watch Scale Insights’s algorithms get to work.

The software’s preset automation for ad scaling and optimization works for Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Displays, and Sponsored Products ads. It also helps that Scale Insights is available in up to 12 Amazon marketplaces, including the USA, UK, and Canada.

More importantly, the system is very efficient. Throughout my time using Scale Insights, I didn’t notice any lag in performance. At each phase of PPC optimization, it was clear that the system had been fine-tuned to do one thing effectively – optimizing ads to boost profitability.

In all, Scale Insights is effective for reducing Amazon ACoS and increasing RoAS.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Scale Insights opted for a simple user interface for its website, making navigation and accessing the features easier.

Once you log into your account, you’ll first notice the sidebar with icons. 

You can hover your cursor over the sidebar to reveal what each icon represents.

Another notable element of Scale Insights’ user interface is its simple graphical representations for performance stats. You can quickly identify trends, spot anomalies, and decide where to focus by looking at these simple yet informative charts.

Moreover, Scale Insight is beginner-friendly since it offers customizable PPC designs that significantly reduce the time and technical requirements for creating campaigns. 

However, if certain aspects of Scale Insights’ operations prove too complex to understand, you can contact customer support via and live chat.

Alternatively, you can click the light bulb icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to access Scale Insights’ knowledge base. There are also videos on PPC best practices accessible to Scale Insights’ plan members.

Scale Insights Pricing

Scale Insights has a unique pricing system: all users can access the same set of tools regardless of their plans. The differentiating factor is the number of ASINs to which you can apply automation rules.

The table below better explains Scale Insights’ fees.

Number of Automated ASINs Monthly Fee Quarterly Fee Yearly Fee Best Price
5 $78 $210 $748 Click here
10 $98 $264 $940 Click here
20 $178 $480 $1,708 Click here
35 $288 $777 $2,764 Click here
50 $388 $1.047 $3,724 Click here
75 $548 $1.478 $5,260 Click here
100 $688 $1,857 $6,604 Click here
150 $968 $2,613 $9,292 Click here
200 $1,248 $3,369 $11,980 Click here
300 $1,788 $4,827 $17,164 Click here
400 $2,288 $6,177 $21,964 Click here
500 $2,788 $7,527 $26,764 Click here
600 $3,288 $8,877 $31,564 Click here
800 $4,268 $11,523 $40,972 Click here
1000 $4,988 $13,467 $47,884 Click here
1500 $7,482 $20,201 $71,827 Click here
2000 $9,976 $26,935 $95,769 Click here
Custom Plan Contact support for pricing Contact support for pricing Contact support for pricing Click here

You can dive into our Scale Insights pricing guide for more details on how to sign up and save on a paid plan.


Scale Insights offers a 30-day free trial. You aren't required to submit your card details to access this offer.

Which Marketplace Does Scale Insights Support?

Scale Insights supports 12 Amazon marketplaces, including:

  • Amazon US (
  • Amazon Canada (
  • Amazon Mexico (
  • Amazon UK (
  • Amazon France (
  • Amazon Germany (
  • Amazon Italy (
  • Amazon Spain (
  • Amazon Australia (
  • Amazon Japan (
  • Amazon Singapore (
  • Amazon Netherlands (

Scale Insights Alternatives

Although Scale Insights excels as an ad optimization tool, it doesn’t offer the versatility that other top Ad-tech solutions provide. After all, some of Scale Insights’ top alternatives let users do much more than PPC optimization.

Here are 3 Scale Insights alternatives to consider if you want more than only PPC ad optimization:


Feedvisor is an Amazon ad optimization and repricing tool. In other words, it does everything Scale Insights does, then adds an AI-powered repricer that dynamically sets the best prices to boost sales and profitability.

Furthermore, it offers brand store creation services and product listing setups.

Feedvisor’s pricing starts from $100 monthly for all your listings, beating Scale Insights’ plans once you have more than 10 ASINs.

Want to know more about Feedvisor? Explore our Feedvisor free trial guide to learn how to test Feedvisor for free.


BidX is an ad optimization tool like Scale Insights as it offers insight into how your ads perform, why they deliver such performance, and how to optimize them to achieve your predefined goals.

The significant difference between the two adtech software is that BidX supports Kindle Display ads, which you don’t get on Scale Insights.

Likewise, BidX supports more Amazon marketplaces than Scale Insights. 

For instance, you can run ads on Amazon India, Amazon Sweden, Amazon Poland, and Amazon U.A.E, but they’re unavailable with Scale Insights.

However, BidX’s pricing starts from $295 monthly. If you automate more than 35 ASINs for PPC, BidX represents better savings than Scale Insights. However, BidX would charge 3% of your monthly ad spend on any plan you choose.

That can quickly add up the costs for users who spend a lot on PPC.

You can get more information on our BidX pricing guide.


Sellerboard primarily focuses on ad optimization and management. However, its non-ad-related features, like inventory management and auto review request tool, give it an edge over Scale Insights.

Furthermore, it supports 21 Amazon marketplaces, significantly higher than what’s available to Scale Insights users.

Another advantage that Sellerboard has over Scale Insights is pricing.

Sellerboard charges $15 for its lowest plan, making it budget-friendly. Hence, beginners can get involved in ad management early without burning a hole in their operating costs.

Visit our Sellerboard pricing guide for more details about Sellerboard plans.

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Scale Insights: Is It Worth It?

Scale Insights is a powerful tool for optimizing ads and discovering opportunities to boost visibility and sales.

While this is a given, it does have its limitations, chief among which is the lack of various tools beyond ad optimization and management. However, if this isn’t a deal breaker, then Scale Insights is worth exploring.

Want to give it a try? Click here to start using Scale Insights with a 30-day free trial today.

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