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Jungle Scout Review: Is It Still Reliable in 2024?

As one of the well-established Amazon FBA software solutions, Jungle Scout remains the go-to platform for experienced sellers and beginners. So the question is: Is Jungle Scout riding on its past glory, or has it managed to maintain the high-quality standards it is known for?

After using the platform extensively and exploring its perks, one thing is clear: Jungle Scout’s solid reputation isn’t a fluke as it continues to evolve to deliver top-notch services despite growing competition.

With this tool, you can

  • Carry out a wide range of research to select potentially profitable products to sell.
  • Keep abreast of competitors and market trends.
  • Automate and manage FBA operations for optimized and fast results.
⭐ Rating: 4.9 ★★★★★
💵 Price: Starts from $49 per month (Discount available).
🔍 Features: Loaded with a suite of Amazon FBA optimization tools.
🎯 Accuracy: Highly accurate.
👥 Support: Responsive and knowledgeable support team.
🖥️ User Interface: Beginner-friendly.
🔥 Discount: Up to 56% off

Jungle Scout Pros & Cons

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More detailed information

Jungle Scout Detailed Review

Launched in 2015, Jungle Scout was originally a browser extension focused on Amazon product research. However, over the years, the software solution has evolved, so much so that product research is now only one of the functionalities provided by Jungle Scout.

Today, Jungle Scout helps sellers throughout their Amazon journey by providing tools to optimize Amazon research, boost sales, and manage inventory.

Jungle offers over 20 tools, with some reviewed below, making it an all-in-one Amazon FBA software.

Product Research

Jungle Scout allows you to do in-depth product research using four tools – Product Database, Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, and Category Trends. Each tool is designed to handle a different aspect of product research, ensuring a comprehensive strategy before launch.

Here’s a snippet of what they offer:

Product Research Tools Functionality
Product Database Find niches with low competition, poorly marketed, high-demand, Good ROI, or other products.
Opportunity Finder Discover trendy but less competitive niches.
Product Tracker Get a hawk's eye view into the performance of your product.
Category Trends Access real-time updates on Amazon's best-selling products.

You can use many filters to streamline the kind of product suggestions you get

You can also get granular by diving into what works best for FBA or FBM sellers or use in-house metrics like the Niche Score to quickly determine what niches are ripe for taking.


After you decide what to sell, the next step is finding a supplier. This is where the Supplier Tracker and Supplier Database come into play.

Here are what these tools offer:

Supplier Tool Functionality
Supplier Database Get up-to-date supplier information, including address, shipping history, and customers.
Supplier Tracker Save and organize your suppliers into groups for easy access.

You only need to enter the product’s name or a competitor ASIN into the Supplier Database to find a reliable supplier for that product.

What more? The tool reveals the top US customer of the supplier, ensuring that they have a history of shipping to the US and are reliable. It even shows the weight and quantity of shipped orders!

Keyword Management

Keyword research, optimization, and management are integral parts of your analysis phase as they determine the visibility of your listings.

To this end, Jungle Scout provides four keyword-focused tools — Keyword Scout, Keyword Lists, Listing Builder, and Rank Tracker.

Of the four, only Keyword Scout offers keyword research via a seed phrase or a competitor’s ASIN.

It comes with a filtering system for streamlining your search so that the results yield keywords relevant to your research goals. Search volume, ranking difficulty, Relevancy Score, and PPC bid amounts are some metrics to look for.

After you conclude your research, you can save and organize your preferred keywords on Keyword List for easy access and management. These keywords can then be used on Listing Builder to optimize your listings and improve visibility.

Lastly, with the help of Rank Tracker, you can monitor how your (and your competitors’) listings rank for your prioritized keywords.

These keyword tools take away all guesswork regarding keyword analysis and management. 

As such, you can quickly discover and incorporate the search phrases and listing setups that have proven effective for high-ranking competitors.


Jungle Scout isn’t all about research tools. You can also manage key operations, including marketing, on the platform. The tools available for marketing are Promotion and Review Automation.

As their name implies, they focus on establishing a seamless feedback and customer reward system. Here’s how they achieve that:

Marketing Tool Functionality
Promotions Allows you to launch and manage promotions directly from Jungle Scout.
Review Automation Automate and manage the process for requesting product reviews from customers.

Properly utilizing these tools lets you grow the popularity of your products by promoting strong customer relations before and after sales.

Sales Analytics

Get real-time sales performance and profits data with 3 Jungle Scout analytics tools – Profit Overview, P&L Statement, and Other Transactions. Each tool enables metrics for accurately evaluating operating expenses, revenue, and profits, as defined below:

Sales Analytics Tools Functionality
Profit Overview Get insight into sales trends, expenses, historical profit data, and other vital sales metrics.
P&L Statement Get a closer look at metrics that show why you’re making profits or incurring losses.
Other Transactions Add and track off-Amazon expenses like product photography, import fees, and other cost-incurring aspects of your business.

Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics tools ensure that you know the real-time status of your business’s financial health. With features that let you compute all your expenses – on and off Amazon – and track revenue, you can quickly determine how you are making or losing money on each product.


Unlike the features mentioned so far, Jungle Scout has only one advertising tool – Ads Analytics. This tool evaluates the impact of your advertisements on sales and helps optimize your campaigns for optimal results.

Ads Analytics offers an overview of your ad spend, ACoS, TACoS, the cost of goods sold, Amazon fees, and net profit. Diving into these lets you quickly decide on improving your ads strategies for enhanced performance.

However, Jungle Scout doesn’t allow you to create and optimize PPC ads via its in-app tool unless you splash on the Cobalt Accelerator. In contrast, Helium 10’s Adtomic offers PPC ad creation, optimization, management, and analytics from one dashboard.

Manage Products

Jungle Scout understands that stock and cost management are core aspects of an FBA business. This is evident in its product management tools – Inventory Manager and Product Costs and Settings.

Here is what each tool does:

Product Mgt. Tool Functionality
Inventory Manager Get up-to-date inventory status to determine when to restock and evaluate Amazon storage fees.
Product Costs and Settings Track the cost of each product on Amazon and receive alerts when there’s a price change.

Once you find the right balance regarding stocking, it becomes easier to reduce storage fees since you don’t have unsold items collecting dust in Amazon warehouses.

And if you can eliminate unwanted fees due to long-term storage warehouses, you’re a step closer to being profitable!

Browser Extension

Like most Amazon Software solutions, Jungle Scout provides a browser extension

This allows you to use some of its tools directly from Amazon’s search result page, product listing pages, and your Seller Central home page.

Therefore, instead of shuffling between Jungle Scout and Amazon websites, you can quickly initiate specific tasks without leaving Amazon.

For instance, you can get the average monthly sales, average sales rank, and Opportunity Score of products, keywords, and niches directly on Amazon via the browser extension.

You can even do deeper analysis on individual listings to get sales volume, monthly revenue, FBA fees, income after fees, and more.


Jungle Scout's browser extension supports Chrome and Firefox.

Extra Relevant Features

Besides the core features listed already, Jungle Scout offers additional tools for improving productivity and optimizing the growth of your Amazon businesses. You can find a breakdown of these features in the table below:

Tools What it Does
Sales Estimator Check the average monthly sales of product categories.
Listing Grader Scores listings based on the quality of their titles and descriptions.
Review Analysis Shows the most recent reviews of listed products.
FBA Reimbursement Audits your account and claims potential Amazon refunds.

Performance and Effectiveness

Jungle Scout has a good track record regarding performance, so it remains a top Amazon FBA product more than eight years after its launch.

From my experience, there are hardly any service failures, as Jungle Scout seems to have mastered the ever-changing Amazon landscape and perfected its tools.

Notably, Jungle Scout’s high proficiency in collecting and analyzing Amazon data has made it one of the most accurate among competitors. Unsurprisingly, Jungle Scout claims it offers the most accurate Amazon seller tool ahead of major competitors like Helium 10 and Viral Launch.

Considering this, I tested this claim by comparing the Jungle Scout’s sales estimates of three products with data from Amazon. Here are my findings:

ASIN Amazon Sales Volume Jungle Scout Sales Volume
B07DL4J6NZ 100+ 185
B0CD253J1Q 1000+ 1,669
B07NM3RSRQ 10,000+ 14,824

Amazon only shows rough sales estimates. Hence, I couldn’t get an exact value for each ASIN. However, using these estimates, we can still determine the accuracy level of Jungle Scout.

For instance, Amazon says that over 100 pieces of the first item were sold, while Jungle Scout shows 185. The discrepancy between the two figures isn’t wide enough to negatively impact the quality of a decision based on Jungle Scout’s data.

The same can be said for items 2 and 3, as Jungle Scout’s data falls within the accepted range.

Hence, Jungle Scout is an accurate Amazon estimator to help you make reliable, data-backed decisions.

User Interface and Ease of Use

One of the strong suits of Jungle Scout is its seamless user interface. Even though its web app packs over 20 tools, Jungle Scout has created a clean layout that improves navigation and productivity.

The first telling factor is the neat sidebar that bundles features into categories. 

I found that this mechanism makes it easier to memorize the arrangement of the tools. Impressively, you can tuck the sidebar away to increase the scrollwidth significantly.

Furthermore, you can access AI Assist support from anywhere on the web software

With this, you can get instant answers whenever you encounter problems.

And if that isn’t enough, you can check out the Jungle Scout Academy for learning materials on using the software.

Alternatively, contact the customer support team. From my experience, the support team is responsive and knowledgeable enough to tackle issues promptly

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout’s pricing starts from $49 per month and rises to $129 monthly if you want to unlock all features and perks. You can save by combining the annual plans with my discount code shared in the table below, though:

Pricing Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost Savings Discount
Basic $49 $349 $239 Best Offer
Suite $69 $589 $240 Best Offer
Professional $129 $999 $540 Best Offer

Explore a comprehensive guide to what you get on each plan via our Jungle Scout pricing page.

What Amazon Marketplaces Does Jungle Scout Support?

Jungle Scout supports 17 marketplaces. Out of the 17, the software is highly compatible (to varying degrees) with 8 Amazon markets, including:

  • Amazon US (
  • Amazon Canada (
  • Amazon Mexico (
  • Amazon UK (
  • Amazon France (
  • Amazon Germany (
  • Amazon Italy (
  • Amazon Spain (

You can get limited access to features if you operate in any of the following Amazon marketplaces:

The table below shows Jungle Scout’s features and their associated marketplace-based restrictions.

Features Not Available In
Sales Estimator; Listing Grader Amazon Netherlands (; Amazon Turkey (; Amazon Saudi Arabia (; Amazon UAE (; Amazon Australia (; Amazon Singapore (; Amazon Brazil (
Category Trends All marketplaces except the US
Supplier Database All marketplaces except the US
Product Database; Product Tracker; Opportunity Finder Amazon Netherlands (; Amazon Turkey (; Amazon Saudi Arabia (; Amazon UAE (; Amazon Australia (; Amazon Singapore (; Amazon Brazil (
Rank Tracker Amazon India (; Amazon Japan (; Amazon Netherlands (; Amazon Turkey (; Amazon Saudi Arabia (; Amazon UAE (; Amazon Australia (; Amazon Singapore (amazon. sg); Amazon Brazil (

Notable Jungle Scout Limitations for Amazon Sellers

Jungle excels as an all-in-one FBA platform. However, it isn’t without faults. 

Below are some of the limitations I discovered while using Jungle Scout:

No Free Trial

The first drawback is the unavailability of a free trial. That doesn’t inspire much confidence, but it’s likely because the Jungle Scout management knows the tool has proven itself.

Thankfully, there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee to offer some balance.

No Mobile App

Although the Jungle Scout website is mobile-friendly, the software platform doesn’t have a mobile app. That might make it less appealing to sellers who like staying updated on their Amazon FBA business via smartphones.

No Multi-Platform Support

Unlike some major competitors, Jungle Scout doesn’t support other eCommerce platforms outside Amazon.

Focuses Majorly on FBA Services

Although Jungle Scout offers data showing whether the merchant or Amazon fulfills a listing, it lacks features that specialize in optimizing and managing FBM businesses

For instance, Its free Profit Calculator tool supports the FBA Amazon business model alone.

Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

Now that you know the limitations of Jungle Scout, here is an alternative you can explore:

Helium 10

While it’s difficult to find a massive gap in the performance of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, the former edges out the latter regarding onboarding deals.

Unlike Jungle Scout, Helium 10 offers a forever free plan with which new users can test features, albeit with limited access. Also, Helium 10 provides a mobile app for easy access on the go.

Furthermore, Helium 10 brings Walmart-focused tools, making it ideal for those selling on Amazon and Walmart. Moreover, it doesn’t restrict its services to FBA business. 

Notably, its profit calculator evaluates relevant metrics for FBA and FBM sellers.

Lastly, Helium 10 provides more dynamic features than Jungle Scout. For example, a tool like Helium 10’s Alerts, a fraud protection tool, isn’t available to Jungle Scout users.

Other exclusive tools accessible on Helium 10 are Follow-Up, an email marketing tool, and Anomaly Tracker, an indexing glitch detection system.

You can dive deeper via our Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout guide for a more in-depth comparative analysis of these two platforms.

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Optimize Your Amazon Seller Business With Jungle Scout

There’s no doubt that Jungle Scout is a quality Amazon FBA software solution that’s big on sales growth and profitability. It’s one of the few platforms that has found a balance between functionality and user experience.

As such, it’s no surprise that over 600,000 sellers use the platform to boost their Amazon businesses.

Want to join them? Grab our exclusive Jungle Scout discount for up to 56% off your first payment.

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