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How to Get SellerMetrics Free Trial?

SellerMetrics enables free access to all its features within the first 14 days of signing up.

To get the free trial, you must sign up for a SellerMetrics account and connect it to your Amazon account. Interestingly, this doesn’t require you to enter your card details.

You can also book a free audit before or after registering for the SellerMetrics free trial. 

The free audit is a 30-minute virtual meeting where you can ask questions and get advice on the best ad strategy for your business.

Continue reading to get more tips on how to use Sellermetrics for free.

Key Takeaways

  • Sellemetrics offers a 14-day free trial period to new users.
  • You don’t need to submit your credit card details to access SellerMetrics’ free trial.
  • You can book a free 30-minute virtual meeting with SellerMetrics’ founder.

How to Get SellerMetrics Free Trial?

The signup process for SellerMetrics’ free trial is relatively straightforward. Follow the steps below to set up your SellerMetrics free trial account.

  1. Visit the SellerMetrics’ website.
  2. Click “Login/Signup.”
  1. Enter your details in the required fields and click “Signup.”
  1. SellerMetrics will send a confirmation notice to your email address. Click the confirmation link on the email to return to the SellerMetrics login page.
  2. Enter your email and password and click “Login” to access your dashboard.
  1. On your dashboard, click “Login with Amazon” to connect your Amazon account to SellerMetrics.

Voila! You now have access to SellerMetrics’ free trial.

How to Get SellerMetrics Free Audit?

Before signing up for the SellerMetrics free trial, you can book a free audit to understand what to expect. The free audit allows you to have a 30-minute virtual meeting with the founder of SellerMetrics, Rick Wong.

You can follow the steps below to book a free SellerMetrics audit:

  1. Visit the SellerMetrics website.
  2. Click “Get your free audit” on the homepage.
  1. Select “SellerMetrics Amazon PPC Software Onboarding Call” to schedule a virtual meeting where you can ask pertinent questions. Other free 30-minute sessions are the Amazon ad management discovery call and the off-Amazon marketing management discovery call.
  1. Pick a convenient time and date for the meeting.
  1. Enter your details and click “Schedule Event” to confirm the meeting.

What SellerMetrics Features Are Included in the Free Trial?

Now that you’ve connected your Amazon account to SellerMetrics and have access to the free trial, it’s time to explore the tool. Below are some features available for testing during the SellerMetrics free trial period.

Bid Automation

SellerMetrics’ operation revolves around automating Amazon ad optimization tasks. 

Specifically, the platform uses a proprietary algorithm to automate bidding 24/7

This feature optimizes bids according to your ACoS goals.

Sponsored Ranker ensures that your sponsored keywords rank at the top of search results. This feature promises more visibility and, ultimately, enhances growth.

Advanced Analytics Reporting

SellerMetrics offers advanced analytics that comprehensively reports performance, competitors, and opportunities. This tool allows you to create winning strategies based on accurate and prompt data.


SellerMetrics supports dayparting. Therefore, advertisers can schedule ads to display on preset times and dates. The goal is to ensure that the ads reach their target audience when those buyers are most active on the platform.

This feature also doubles as a budget allocation system as it promotes efficient spending on campaigns that are most effective at specific times or certain days of the week.

How to Upgrade to a Sellemetrics Paid Plan?

You can’t upgrade automatically to a paid plan after the free trial period elapses because SellerMetrics doesn’t request credit card details during sign-up. Instead, SellerMetrics will prompt you to submit your card details to continue using its features.

After you upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll be charged based on your monthly ad spend.

Check the image below for a breakdown of SellerMetrics’ pricing tiers. You can also head to my SellerMetrics pricing page for more details about each plan and ways to save money on your subscriptions.

Which Sellemetrics Alternatives Offer Free Trials?

If, after exploring SellerMetrics, you’re still not entirely sure it is the right fit for your business, below are alternatives you can test for free.

Helium 10

Helium 10 (get free trial) provides an ad-focused solution called Adtomic

Like SellerMetrics, Adtomic automates ad management and optimization processes so sellers can improve PPC conversion rate and manage overall ad spend.

One noticeable difference between Helium 10 and SellerMetrics is their onboarding systems.

While SellerMetrics offers a 14-day free trial, Helium 10 gives you a free version of its platform that sets usage caps for each tool. In other words, each feature has a monthly usage limit.

Want to know more about Helium 10’s free trial? Check out our Helium 10 free trial page for more details.


Sellerboard (get free trial) sticks to the conventional free trial system employed by SellerMetrics.

However, unlike SellerMetrics, Sellerboard offers a 1-month free period to access all features, including adtech tools and an inventory management solution.

More importantly, new users aren’t required to enter their card details when registering for Sellerboard’s free trial. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about automatic deductions during and after the free period.

You can check out our Sellerboard free trial page for more tips on using Sellerboard for free. Also, read my Sellerboard pricing page for a breakdown of Sellerboard’s subscription plans and the features available to each.


Sellozo (get free trial) is another SellerMetrics alternative that offers free trials to anyone interested in testing the software before committing financially. The free trial lasts 14 days, during which you can access all of Sellozo’s features and even load existing ad campaigns for optimization.

However, unlike the ad-optimization solutions highlighted thus far, Sellozo requests card details during account registrations. That way, it can automatically upgrade you to a paid plan after the free trial expires.

As such, unless you are convinced that Sellozo is the right fit for your business, remember to cancel your account before the expiration of your free trial.

You can read my Sellozo free trial guide for more information. Also, read my Sellozo pricing page for a breakdown of Sellozo’s subscription plans you may get upgraded to when the trial ends.

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Is SellerMetrics Free Trial Worth It?

Using SellerMetrics comes down to personal preference, as the onboarding package excels in certain aspects and falters in other areas.

While it’s ideal for individuals and businesses looking to test ad tech services without submitting card details, the 14-day time constraint may be too short for some.

But if you’d like to see what the tool can do for your business, sign up today to start using SellerMetrics for free.

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