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AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout

Best for Sellers With a Growing Inventory
AMZ Tracker logo
3.2 / 5
  • A simple tool with all the basic information that you need.
  • Has the ability to promote your new products outside of Amazon.
  • Simple-to-use keyword research.
  • Sales & Profit tracking app for mobile.
Best for Brand Owners & Private-Label Sellers
Jungle Scout logo
4.8 / 5
  • Advanced tools for seasoned seller.
  • Extensive product research tools.
  • Sales & profit analytics that help you create a Profit & Loss statement.
  • Excellent value-for-money.
  • Extensive knowledge base.
7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When comparing AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout, it’s important to know how much detail you want. Do you want simplicity or are you more detail-oriented?

If you’ve looked at each tool but still can’t make up your mind, check out my detailed analysis below. In this comparison, I outline the features of both products to see how they stack up side-by-side.

As a general guide, I would say that AMZ Tracker is better for new sellers. Or, those who have private-label products. But, Jungle Scout is more appropriate for advanced sellers who want more from the tools they use.

Comparison Table

Features AMZ Tracker Jungle Scout
Our Rating 3.2/5 4.8/5
Price From $50/month From $39/month
Free Trial Free 7 day trial No. But there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee on any standards plans.
Product Research
Product Promotion
Keyword Research
Listing Optimizer
Keyword Rank Tracker
Hijack Alerts
Follow-up Email Automation
Competitor Analysis
Financial Analytics
Inventory Management
Chrome Extensions
Supplier Database

Comparing AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout

Both AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout offer excellent tools for Amazon sellers. AMZ Tracker is more valuable for brand owners and private-label sellers. But, Jungle Scout offers a wide range of tools for all types of sellers. Even those who want to jump on existing listings to vie for the Buy Box.

I’m going to compare the individual features in more detail to show you how they would best suit your needs.

#1: Product Research

Both AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout have Chrome extensions. You can use these for product research directly on Amazon.

Unicorn Smasher By AMZ Tracker

Here’s what the Unicorn Smasher chrome extension looks like. I went to Amazon and typed “kitchen scales” into the search bar and then clicked on the extension icon.

As you can see this brings up a fair amount of information. You can sort all the columns to get the results you want. Interestingly, in this search, there are no estimated sales & revenue. Even though. the products have a large number of reviews. I would say this is because I’m currently using the free version.

Tip: You can estimate the number of sales by looking at the number of reviews. On average, 1 review is equal to about 100 sales. This is because not everyone who purchases products on Amazon will leave a review.

You can also apply your own filters to the results by clicking on the pink filter button on the bottom left. When you do this there are several parameters you can select.

Once you have the results you want, you can download them as a CSV.

Extension By Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout extension

You can use the Jungle Scout extension on both Chrome and Firefox. It brings up the same type of data and also gives you an opportunity score. This allows you to find products that are in high demand but have low competition.

You can easily sort the columns to get the results you want. Also, if you hover over the product title, you can see an image of the product.

Extra Product Research Tools Offered By Jungle Scout

Apart from its Chrome extension, Jungle Scout also offers extra product research tools.

Product Database

Product Dabase

Jungle Scout’s Product Database has over 475 million products. These are pulled directly from Amazon. This allows you to find profitable products in any niche that you’re exploring.

You can narrow down your search by price, rank, sales volume, sales revenue, and number of reviews. This is an advanced tool that many seasoned sellers will appreciate.

There’s also an inbuilt FBA calculator. This will let you know instantly whether a product will be profitable or not.

FBA calculator

Opportunity Finder

Jungle Scout's opportunity finder

Opportunity Finder is both a product and keyword research tool. You start by researching a specific niche and then narrow it down to products within that niche.

The tool shows you how the niche is trending over time with 48 months of data available. This allows you to determine whether certain niches are seasonal or not.

Once you’ve identified a winning niche, you can see the top 25 products in that category. Then, you can add them to Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker. This takes product research to the next level.

Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker

Comparative Analysis​

I think both the extensions for product research give you excellent results. I particularly like the Opportunity Score that Jungle Scout has.

But, for extensive product research, I think that Jungle Scout wins hands down. Especially with its Product Database and Opportunity Finder.

#2: Product Promotion

Both AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout allow you to create product promotions. You can do this from within their respective dashboards. This is a great time-saver for Amazon sellers.

Vipon By AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker’s Vipon​

AMZ Tracker has its own deals marketplace called Vipon.

Firstly, you create product promotions within AMZ Tracker’s dashboard. This then allows you to offer these promotions to over 2,000,000 registered shoppers on Vipon.

This allows you to increase your sales of newly-launched products. Plus, you’ll get the much-needed reviews to rank those products.

Promotions By Jungle Scout

Promotions by Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout also allows you to create product promotions from within its dashboard. This is ideal for new products that you’re launching. It can jump-start your sales and get the early reviews that are critical to your product’s success.

With this tool, you can also limit the maximum number of units that a buyer can purchase. This essentially protects you from buyers abusing the discounts on offer.

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Comparative Analysis​

AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout allow you to create promotions within their dashboards. But, I really like AMZ’s Vipon marketplace. With this, you have a large collection of buyers who are hungry for your deals.

#3: Keyword Research

AMZ Tracker offers some basic keyword research tools. These are useful for new sellers or those with a limited product range. Conversely, Jungle Scout’s keyword research tool is highly advanced.

Keyword Research Tool By AMZ Tracker

As you can see, this is a basic keyword research tool. You have to either enter a seed keyword to start or select a product that you’re already selling. This will then give you extra keyword ideas to add to your listing and ad campaigns.

DeepWords By AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker’s DeepWords

This tool allows you to find long-tail keywords to add to your advertising campaigns. It’s also a great way to find keywords that customers are searching for.

Keyword Scout By Jungle Scout

Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout

Compared to AMZ Tracker’s tools, Keyword Scout is keyword research on steroids.  This is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that gives you a ton of information.

With this tool, you can even add up to 10 ASINs that you can compare. The results will show you the keywords that are common to all these products. You can then use advanced filters to find the best keywords from the results.

You can get more from your PPC campaigns by using low-cost keywords that have high demand. Keyword Scout gives you cost-per-click data for each keyword.

Data for PPC campaigns

Comparative Analysis​

For keyword research, Jungle Scout definitely comes out ahead. Keyword Scout is an advanced tool that will take your keyword research to the next level and beyond.

#4: Listing Optimization

Both Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker have good listing optimization tools. But, Jungle Scout goes one step further by letting you pull your listings in from Amazon.

On-Page Analyzer Tool By AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker’s On-Page Analyzer Tool

As with most of AMZ’s tools, this is a simple tool that you can use quickly and effectively to optimize your listings. It tells you exactly where and how you can improve your listing.

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Listing Builder By Jungle Scout

Listing Builder is a far more advanced tool. It lets you create your listings from scratch within Jungle Scout’s dashboard. It ensures that you use the most relevant keywords in all the right areas of your listing.

The other cool feature of this tool is that you can easily optimize existing listings. The tool will pull them in from Amazon. After you’ve optimized them, you re-sync and the updates appear within Seller Central.

This is an excellent time-saver. Updating listings within Amazon itself can often be quite frustrating and laborious.

Comparative Analysis​

For simple on-page optimization, AMZ Tracker’s tool will do the trick. But, if you really want to ramp up your listing optimization, then Jungle Scout’s tool comes way out in front.

#5: Keyword Rank Tracking

Both Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker have good keyword tracking tools. You can use these to ensure your keywords are ranking.

Keyword Tracking Tool By AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker’s Keyword Tracking Tool​

AMZ Tracker allows you to track your keywords right on the dashboard. You can easily add additional keywords to track. You can also track any changes that you’ve made. This allows you to see whether your changes have been effective.

Rank Tracker By Jungle Scout

Rank Tracker by Jungle Scout

Rank Tracker is a more sophisticated tool for tracking your keywords. It has extra functionality. I really like the visual aspect of the tracking graph. With this, you can see multiple keywords at the same time.

You can also set filters to see exactly what you want to know about your keywords.

Set filters for your keywords

An extra feature that I really like is that you can see which keywords your competitors are ranking for. You can then add these keywords to your own campaigns and increase your sales.

Jungle Scout's feature on competitor keywords

Comparative Analysis​

For simple keyword tracking, AMZ Tracker will do the job adequately. But, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated keyword tracking tool, you can’t go past Jungle Scout’s Rank Tracker.

#6: Inventory Management

Jungle Scout handles inventory management very differently compared to AMZ Tracker.

Tracker M By AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker’s Tracker M​

Tracker M handles inventory management within AMZ Tracker. The stats you see are fairly basic. They only show how many units you have in stock. The tool doesn’t go into any detail about how many you should reorder.

Inventory Manager By Jungle Scout

Inventory Manager by Jungle Scout

As you can see, Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager gives you far more detail. I really like the color coding applied to the “Inventory Status”. It lets you see at a glance, which products you should re-order now or soon. 

It also gives you suggestions of how many units to re-order. This figure would be based on past sales. Plus, if you’ve entered your COGS, you can also see how much each product will cost in total to re-order.

This is a great way to make sure that you never run out of stock and suffer lost sales. The tool also flags any products that have overstocks. This allows you to make some adjustments to sell-through slow-moving items.

Comparative Analysis​

For sellers with only a small number of SKUs, AMZ Tracker’s tool will work adequately. But, if your business is ramping up, you need the sophistication of Inventory Manager. Especially, if you have a lot of products to track.

Remember, out-of-stock items mean lost sales.

#7: Sales & Profit Analytics

Tracking your sales and profit is vital when running a successful Amazon business. AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout have very effective tools for seeing your stats in real-time.

Tracker M By AMZ Tracker

web application and mobile app

Tracker M is available as a web application as well as a mobile app. This means it’s easy to check your stats any time you want. With this app you can track your sales, number of units sold, your profit, and how much inventory you have.

Another useful feature for private-label sellers, is that the tool gives you a QR code for each product. This means that customers can scan the code and send you any questions they may have.

When you receive a message, you’ll get an alert through the app. This means you can respond to your customer almost instantly.

Alert through app

Sales Analytics By Jungle Scout

Sales Analytics by Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics is a full profit and loss center for all your vital stats. It actually allows you to create a profit and loss statement from within the dashboard.

All your relevant data is pulled in from Amazon. This eliminates the need to manually enter information into accounting software. This is a great time-saving feature.

a profit and loss statement from within the dashboard

I also like the fact that the tool allows you to analyze your PPC campaigns. Plus, you can see your stats right down to the product level.

You can even add customized expenses for every product you sell.

Customized expenses

This is an effective way of analyzing the cost of every product. And essentially, this will help you to improve your profitability.

Comparative Analysis​

While I like the simplicity of Tracker M, I feel that Jungle Scout’s tool gives you more functionality.

#8: Pricing

While AMZ Tracker has 4 pricing levels, Jungle Scout only has 3. The level that you choose depends on the size of your business and the functionality you need. 

Here’s a snapshot of AMZ Tracker’s pricing (check for discounts):

The basic plan starts at $50 (cheaper than Helium 10) if you’re paying by the month. But, this does give you limited features.

Here’s a snapshot of Jungle Scout’s pricing:

Their basic plan starts at $49 per month, also with limited features. But, if you pay annually, you’ll save 55% on the monthly subscription. Get a Jungle Scout discount code and save on your plan!

Comparative Analysis​

If you’re looking for value for money, then I think Jungle Scout comes way out in front. Especially, when you look at the depth of information that you get with all the included tools.

#9: Customer Support

AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout offer 24/7 customer support both through webchat and contact forms.

AMZ Tracker also has a help center that may answer any common questions quickly.

AMZ Tracker Help Center

Jungle Scout also has an extensive help center with a ton of information.

Jungle Scout help center

Also, Jungle Scout has a whole library of resources that are available to Amazon sellers.  These include:

  • Resources Library
  • Blog
  • Amazon FBA News
  • Jungle Scout Market
  • Beginner’s Guide
  • Million Dollar Case Study
  • E-Books & Guides
  • Webinars
  • Estimator Tool
  • Success Stories
  • Amazon Seller Data

So as you can see, Jungle Scout not only offers excellent tools for Amazon sellers but also all the training and resources you’ll ever need.

Final Words

As an advanced Amazon seller with hundreds of SKUs, I really like the depth of information that you get with the tools offered by Jungle Scout. I also think that the subscriptions are excellent value for money.

So, I would choose Jungle Scout over AMZ Tracker.

On the other hand, AMZ Tracker’s tools are ideal if you’re just new to selling on Amazon. Or, if you’re a private-label seller, their simplicity may be all you need.

Here are my recommendations:

Use AMZ Tracker If:

Use Jungle Scout If:


Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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