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Jungle Scout vs AMZScout – Price & Feature Comparison

For Newer Sellers On A Tight Budget
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4.8 / 5
  • Excellent product research tools at a competitive price.
  • A Step-by-step guide to starting your business.
  • Chrome extensions that you can use right on Amazon.
  • Great tools for getting started with private-label.
No Credit Card Required
For Seasoned Sellers Who Want All Their Tools In One Place
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4.9 / 5
  • A complete suite of tools for your FBA business.
  • Affordably priced for what you get.
  • Chrome extension with lots of detailed information.
  • Jungle Scout Academy to learn more when you need to.
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Are you trying to decide whether to use AMZ Scout vs Jungle Scout for your business? Relax, because I’m going to give you a complete comparison rundown. This will make your choice much easier.

As a seasoned seller myself, I always come across different Amazon selling tools. I do my best to test each one to see whether it’s a good fit for our business.

From my research, I would suggest that AMZ Scout focuses on finding new products and niches. Their tools do this very well, too. This means that their tools would be perfect for new Amazon sellers. Or, even those who are just starting to venture into private-label.

Jungle Scout has very similar tools to also let you find new products. But, they have extra tools too. These help with inventory management and profit analysis. So, their tools would be ideal for seasoned sellers. Not just those focused on private-label.

Comparison Table

Features AMZ Scout Jungle Scout
Our Rating 4.8/5.0 4.9/5.0
Price From $49.87/month From $39/month
Free Trial 7-day free trial No. But there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee on any standards plans.
Product Research
Product Promotion
Keyword Research
Listing Optimizer
Keyword Rank Tracker
Hijack Alerts
Follow-up Email Automation
Competitor Analysis
Financial Analytics
Inventory Management
Chrome Extensions
Product Database
Supplier Database
Official Website

Presenting The Products

Both AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout have tools that do very similar tasks. We’re going to discuss those first. Then later, I’ll explain the extra tools that Jungle Scout has and AMZ Scout do not.

#1: Data Accuracy

Let me preface this by saying that no Amazon Seller tool can give you completely accurate data. And, you’ll always find that you will get different data using different tools. This is because Amazon shares its actual data with absolutely no-one.

Plus, the marketplace is constantly changing and updating its algorithms. This means that any tool that you use has to constantly upgrade to keep up with the changes.

So, you should never rely on just one tool and take its data as the absolute truth. I’ve been an Amazon FBA seller for 3+ years. And, in that time, I’ve seen a lot of changes.

As sellers, we constantly have to adapt to the changing landscape of selling on Amazon. Just visit some of the forum discussions to see what I mean.

So, which of the two tools – AMZ Scout vs Jungle Scout gives you more accurate data?

According to Jungle Scout, their data is 84.1% accurate while AMZ’s data is only 44.3% accurate.

Here’s a chart from their website:

Data accuracy by Jungle Scout

The problem is they don’t tell us how they came up with these stats.

According to a different article on AMZ Scout’s website, their data is around 70% accurate while Jungle Scout’s is around 65% accurate. At least that’s a little closer.

Here’s their chart:

Data accuracy data from AMZ Scout

So, who do you believe? Just know that no data is 100% accurate. It’s up to you to use the data as a baseline when looking at new products. Then, look at the actual information you can find on Amazon to determine if a product is worth pursuing.

My favorite tool for analyzing products on Amazon is Keepa. I will always check the Keepa graph for sales and price history. Even though these are all estimates, it gives me a better idea of how products are trending.

Then, I add a little gut instinct which can be developed over time.

My advice to you, if you’re launching a new product, is not to overdo it. Find a manufacturer who will let you order in small lots. Then, test the product to see how well it performs.

#2: Product Research Using a Chrome Extension

AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout both have Chrome extensions that you can use right on the Amazon product page. I find this invaluable when searching for more products to sell.

Let’s face it, we’re all in business to make a profit. So, you want to find products that are both profitable and have low competition. This gives you plenty of room to enter the market.

Chrome Extension By Jungle Scout

Chrome Extension by Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s extension will work on Chrome and Firefox. As you can see, you get all the data that you need.

Plus, the extension gives you an opportunity score. The higher the score the better. This will cut down your research time by not wasting time on non-viable products.

Pro Extension By AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout’s Pro extension works similarly. To give it a test run, I searched Amazon for “outdoor games”.

Here’s the result I got.

Searching for "outdoor games" using AMZ Scout Pro Extension

As you can see from these results, this would be quite a good niche to explore. Of course, you would have to remember that these products are likely to be seasonal.

What I also like is that the extension gives you a Product Score for both private-label AND reselling. This means that even resellers can benefit from using this tool.

Product Score for both private-label AND reselling

User Experience

Most Amazon sellers know that using these Chrome extensions right on the Amazon product page saves you time. It’s just a case of clicking on the icon and you’ll have all the information you need right there.

I’ve found that both these extensions give you valuable data that you can use to make your product choices easier.

Comparative Analysis​

Both these extensions look and feel very similar. So, it’s difficult to say which one is better.

You can give them both a test run for free and decide for yourself.

But, don’t make your decision yet. There’s still more to learn about each tool platform.

#3: Finding Profitable Niches Using A Product Databasex

At times you may decide that you want to enter a new niche. But how do you decide which one is going to be profitable? That’s where the product databases from both AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout are invaluable.

Jungle Scout’s Product Database

Jungle Scout's Product Database

This database has over 475 million products for you to evaluate. Of course, you want to narrow down your search before looking at individual products.

You can easily do this using various metrics. These include sales rank, volume, price, revenue, and the number of reviews. The tool also includes an FBA calculator. This ensures that you take all costs into account when making your decisions.

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AMZ Scout’s Product Database

Here’s what the interface of AMZ Scout’s Product Database looks like.

AMZ Scout's Product Database

As you can see, you can set your search parameters before you even start searching. You can choose the category and some keywords. You can also set a value of the price range and the number of reviews.

You can also select whether you want to include “new” and “trending” products.

And, here’s the type of information you get after you conduct a search:

AMZ Scout's information after a search

It tells you everything you need to know about a particular niche to make an informed decision.

User Experience

As a user, you will find both these tools easy to navigate and work with. Both have good filters that you can use to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, using a product database is just the first step in your search for the next product you want to launch.

Comparative Analysis​

Because both tools have similar interfaces, it’s difficult to choose which one is better. The choice depends entirely on what other features the tools offer. So, you should really base your decision on which tool offers you the best value for money.

As I mentioned in the conclusion, if you’re a seasoned seller, consider Jungle Scout. Conversely, if you’re a fairly new seller, AMZ Scout is a good starting point. Especially when you consider the pricing plans.

#4: Finding Product Opportunities

Finding new product opportunities is crucial. Especially when you’re trying to grow your FBA business.

Fortunately, both AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout can help you out with this.

Opportunity Finder By Jungle Scout

Opportunity Finder by Jungle Scout

This tool is a keyword and product research tool in one. After identifying a profitable niche, you can then search for profitable products. 

Once you’ve identified some possible products, you can add them to the “Product Tracker”. This allows you to see how they perform over time.

Weekly Trend Report By AMZ Scout

With AMZ Scout, you get a Weekly Trend Report emailed to you. (Only available with an annual subscription). This will identify profitable niches and give you a “niche score” for each one.

User Experience

As an Amazon seller, I feel that both of these tools are superlative and not totally necessary. You only have so much time available for your product research. So, you want to use the tools that give you the information you need in the least time possible.

Comparative Analysis​

Because AMZ’s Trend Report needs an annual subscription, it may not be useful for everyone. So, I would suggest that the “Opportunity Finder” tool from Jungle Scout would be more useful.

#5: Keyword Research

Doing expansive keyword research determines how optimized your listings are. It’s also a key factor in making sure that your products pop up in Amazon’s search results. Plus, keywords are important in your PPC campaigns.

You can do really good keyword research using either Jungle Scout or AMZ Scout. Let’s see how each platform handles this.

Keyword Scout By Jungle Scout

With this tool, you enter up to 10 ASINs. You’ll then get a list of keywords that are commonly used by these products. By filtering the results, you can find keywords that have high search volume. These may be ones that your competitors may not be using. This will put you way ahead.

AMZ Scout has both a basic keyword search tool and a reverse ASIN lookup tool. The interface for their research and ASIN lookup tools is the same as their product database.

Reverse ASIN lookup by AMZScout

Having the same interface across multiple tools saves you time. This is because you know exactly what to look for.. 

You can also click on “Niche Keywords” in the Pro extension and get a list of keywords to start with.

Keywords suggestion

User Experience

Keyword research can be time consuming. This is where AMZ Scout’s Chrome extension comes out ahead.

This is because it gives you a list of niche keywords to start with.

You can then plug these into their keyword search tool and come up an even greater list. So, as a user, this gives you an easy step-by-step process to follow.

Comparative Analysis​

I do feel that AMZ Scout’s keyword research tools offer far more scope. Especially if you want to dig deep into keyword research. Of course, this makes sense because product research is their main focus.

#6: Keyword Tracking

Tracking your keywords is vital if you want to move to the top of the Amazon search results. Knowing how your keywords are performing lets you optimize your listings. This will produce better sales results.

Both Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout have good keyword tracking tools.

Jungle Scout’s Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker by Jungle Scout

This tool allows you to set filters so you can see only the information that you need. It also shows you your main keywords in a handy tracking graph

Of course, keyword tracking is not complete unless you can see what your competitors rank for. And, Jungle Scout gives you just this information.

Jungle Scout's feature on competitor keywords

Here you can enter competitor ASINs to see which keywords they’re using. And, it gives you the approximate search volume for each keyword.

AMZ Scout’s Keyword Tracker

This is actually a Chrome extension. It’s not only a keyword tracker but also a reverse ASIN lookup tool. The tool will actually tell how far up the search results your products are sitting.

AMZ Scout Chrome Extension

This is highly useful because you can work on optimizing your listing to move further up the results.

Once you start getting lots of organic sales, you can reduce your advertising budget. This will save you money.

User Experience

These tools offer different interfaces but both are user friendly. But, I do like the fact that AMZ Scout’s keyword tracker is a Chrome extension. Once again, having all this information on your product page will save you tons of time.

Comparative Analysis​

Both these tools are useful for keeping track of your keywords and your competitors. In this case though, I would say that the chrome extension from AMZ Scout is more useful for quick information.

#7: Extra Tools Offered By Jungle Scout

While AMZ Scout is mainly focused on product research, Jungle Scout does have extra tools. This may make your decision a little easier. Especially if you think that the following are necessary tools for your business.

  • Create product promotions from within the Jungle Scout dashboard to jumpstart your sales.
Promotions by Jungle Scout
  • Use their listing builder to create new listings incorporating all the important keywords.
Listing Builder dashboard by Jungle Scout
  • Track all your inventory with Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager.
Inventory Manager by Jungle Scout
  • Get a full analysis of your business with the Sales Analytics tool.
Sales Analytics by Jungle Scout

#8: Expertise & Experience

Jungle Scout was developed in 2015 by Greg Mercer. Greg is a successful Amazon seller with many years of experience running an 8-figure business. Other members of the Jungle Scout team also run profitable Amazon businesses.

Of course, this means that they put their knowledge of how Amazon works into the tools that they offer. All of this gives you a better and more informed user experience.

AMZ Scout is a little younger. It was launched in 2017 by Paul Ryskov. Paul’s background is in digital marketing, sales and IT companies.

AMZ Scout’s employees are from all around the world with a variety of different experiences. They are committed to providing their customers with the best tools possible.

#9: Pricing

Pricing is fairly competitive for both AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout.

AMZ Scout has only one pricing level, unless you only want the PRO extension. But, for the small extra fee, why wouldn’t you take the entire bundle? 

This is what you’ll pay on a monthly plan.

On a yearly plan, you can save quite a bit.

I think taking out a yearly plan if you can afford it is definitely worth the saving.

Jungle Scout has 3 pricing levels that you can choose from. Their pricing is slightly higher than an AMZ Scout subscription but you do get more tools.

Check this page for exclusive Jungle Scout Discounts!

Plus, if you choose to pay annually, you’ll save a massive 55%.

Comparative Analysis​

I think that the price you pay for Jungle Scout is very competitive. Especially considering the many extra tools that you get. But, if you’re solely focused on finding new products for your private-label business, then an AMZ Scout subscription will save you some money.

#10: Customer Support & Resources

Both AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout are very focused on helping their clients succeed. To that end, Jungle Scout has a learning environment called the “Jungle Scout Academy”. This has tutorials to help you learn as much as you can.

Other resources available with Jungle Scout include:

  • Regular webinars
  • In-depth videos and tutorials – all free
  • Case studies offering step-by-step information
  • Live training for new customers
  • Their exclusive “Tool Tip Tuesdays” feature deep dives into their products

AMZ Scout has a complete “Getting Started” guide with step-by-step instructions. This includes videos and other learning resources. This is a 7 lesson course to teach you the basics for selling on Amazon.

Their monthly subscription also includes an Amazon Seller Masterclass. This is run by e-commerce experts. It provides advanced tips on both product sourcing and marketing.

If you need more personal help, you can try their webchat. Or, send them a message through their respective contact forms.

You’ll also find plenty of extra resources on each platform’s website.

Comparative Analysis​

While both AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout offer a lot of valuable resources and training material, Jungle Scout has more. Especially when it comes to in-depth training. Plus, they always provide updates on Amazon related news.

Final Words

Whether you select AMZ Scout vs Jungle Scout really depends on what you need from your selling tools. If you’re fairly new to private-label, I would suggest giving AMZ Scout a test run.

But, if you are a seasoned seller and already have a substantial list of inventory, then I think Jungle Scout would serve you better.

Here are my recommendations.

Use AMZ Scout If:

Use Jungle Scout If:


Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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