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Helium 10 Insights Dashboard: Everything You Need to Know

The Helium 10 Insights Dashboard provides actionable alerts and AI-powered suggestions at a glance. The dashboard feeds the data it receives from your Amazon account through an algorithm to deliver practical suggestions to help grow your Amazon business.

While not all Helium 10 plans offer access to this unique dashboard, you can only unlock its full potential with the Helium 10 Diamond plan.

Keep reading to learn what plans offer the Insights Dashboard, how to get it, and how best to use the generated insights to scale your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10 Insights Dashboard is available for Platinum and Diamond subscribers.
  • Only Helium 10 Diamond users get AI-based suggestions from the Insights Dashboard.
  • You can customize the Insights Dashboard to only see the alerts you want.

What Features Does the Insights Dashboard Provide?

The Helium 10 Insights Dashboard is packed full of features that assist with managing an Amazon FBA business. I’ll share the notable features and explain how they can help you stay on top of your business to grow revenue.

Actionable Product Alerts

The My Products section of the dashboard has an Alerts column. This column automatically scans your list of tracked products to uncover essential actions to ensure your business’s continued health and growth.

Clicking “Alerts” reveals changes that have taken place in the product space. 

This can help you

  • Stay ahead of the competition through Alerts like Buy Box Won and Buy Box Lost.
  • Ensure your product remains visible to the Amazon audience via alerts like Listing Suppressed.
  • Keep an eye on strategies your competitors may use to undercut you through alerts like Price Changed, Title Changed, Description Changed, etc.
Pro Tip:

You can define the alerts you get on tracked products, allowing you to focus on what’s crucial for your business. Learn how in this informative Helium 10 Alerts guide.

Sales and Financial Performance

At the top of the Insights dashboard, you’ll see your gross revenue, net profit, profit margin, and more data. The data is also presented as a graph to help you spot trends at a glance.

You can toggle the top bar to quickly see what products bring in the most sales or switch to “Advertising” to see how your ad spend tallies against revenue. In fact, you’ll get a quick estimation of your advertising cost of sales (ACoS), which is a great metric to determine how your PPC efforts are doing.

If you spot any anomalies or exciting sections worth exploring, simply clicking one of the options on the left-hand bar (such as Gross Profits) would take you to a more detailed dashboard.

Hence, you get an overview of important business metrics in one place and can do a deep dive right from the home screen, if need be!

Inventory Management

The Insights Dashboard gives you actionable tips on managing your inventory optimally to ensure smooth business operations.

Running a successful Amazon FBA business also entails knowing when to order new stock or pause on re-stocking. Otherwise, you may get sold out and lose market share to your competitors or order too many units that rack up storage costs in the Amazon FBA warehouse.

You’ll usually find inventory-related insights in the roundup insights box towards the top-left corner of the Insights Dashboard. Clicking “Inventory” will take you to a dedicated page where you’ll see suggestions to improve your inventory health for tracked products.

Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization insights show suggestions on how to improve your listings.

Clicking through reveals suggestions for what actions you should take on your product listings and why.

For example, Helium 10 Insights brought up these suggestions on one of my listings:

  • Adding more images to make it more visually appealing. It even suggested a number of images to add, helping me eliminate guesswork.
  • Adding more high-value keywords to boost my rankings. Thankfully, I can use Magnet to brainstorm new keywords to add or reverse-engineer my competitors’ keywords with Cerebro.

This feature is handy for beginners who are setting up Amazon product listings and are unsure of their execution.


As your Helium 10 dashboard gains more data about your products, it might suggest new phrases and keywords worth adding for improved visibility and ranking.

Adtomic Suggestions

Clicking on the blue Adtomic button of the Insights Dashboard shows you how to optimize PPC campaigns. This might be to go after new keywords that might convert better or alter the bid amount. These suggestions are based on the data the Helium 10 AI-based algorithm receives.

This functionality is similar to the Adtomic tool, but you may find receiving the insights via the main dashboard more convenient. Hence, you can monitor optimization suggestions at a glance from one dashboard instead of checking multiple tools manually.

Competitor Insights

Competitor insights help you quickly uncover what your competitors are doing in the background so you can stay competitive against them.

And since manually checking competitor listings for changes would be too time-consuming, this dashboard option fits.

You can even customize the competitor alerts you receive. This helps filter the results to avoid notifications that aren’t useful for your Amazon FBA business.

Other Relevant Insights

Here’s a summary of the other Insights Dashboard features you’ll find helpful:

  • Product Performance: You can receive a breakdown of your product performance, which includes sales, conversions, units sold, and more. You’ll also receive notifications products are trending downward.
  • Keyword: The dashboard will provide insights on what keywords you can add to your listings and PPC campaigns.
  • Refunds: Receive notifications on potential refund opportunities for products that Amazon lost or damaged.

What Are the Advantages of the Insights Dashboard?

The Insights Dashboard is one of the best additions to Helium 10, as you’ve seen from some of the insights it provides.

However, its benefits to your business go beyond crunching some numbers and presenting them in neat graphs. Here are some of the best reasons to actively use the Insights Dashboard:

  • Accelerate decision-making: The dashboard provides your key data in an easy-to-digest manner, which equips you with information to make decisions. This reduces bottlenecks in your business where a decision needs to be made to move forward.
  • Efficiency and personalization: The customizable nature of the dashboard means you can personalize the filters to meet your criteria. This increases efficiency since you don’t need to scan large amounts of irrelevant data.
  • Maximize growth: The AI-based suggestions uncover key insights you might have missed in parts like listing optimization, inventory management, product tracking, and elsewhere.
  • Timely recommendations: The speed at which you receive recommendations increases their impact. It also reduces the effect of something negatively affecting your business since you can give it immediate attention.

How to Access the Helium 10 Insights Dashboard?

Accessing the Helium 10 Insights Dashboard is easy. Let me show you how:

  1. Get a Helium 10 account. You can use these discounts to save on your first plan.
  2. Login to your Helium 10 account.
  3. On the Helium 10 dashboard, click “Try New Dashboard” in the top right-hand corner.
  1. The Insights Dashboard will open up, and you will see more data and AI-based suggestions.
  2. Click the “Insights” tab to get tailored recommendations on products, inventory, keywords, and other relevant information.

You may need to repeat this step if you’re taken to the old Helium 10 dashboard after logging in.

How to Setup the Helium 10 Insights Dashboard?

You can customize what insights the dashboard suggests to ensure you only get relevant data for your business. Here’s the step-by-step process for customizing your Insights Dashboard:

  1. Hover on the side panel to expand the options.
  1. Click “Insights Settings” in the bottom left-hand corner.
  1. Click “Create New Insight.”
  1. Select the type of insight you want to create from the suggested list.
  1. Click the insight types to learn what to set up under each category.
  2. Set the thresholds for certain insight types. Note that Helium 10 automatically assists with this for some insights.
  1. Create an “Insight Name.” I’ve named mine “New Insight.”
  2. Click “Create Insight” at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

Strategies and Tips for Using the Insights Dashboard

The Helium 10 Insight Dashboard may appear overwhelming at first. I’ll share the top strategies and tips to help you get the best of its suggestions and utility.

  • Interpreting the suggestions: Don’t blindly follow AI-based suggestions since they might be wrong or generalized. You need to question the insights to determine if the advice is worth implementing.
  • Monitor consistently: The Insights Dashboard is constantly updated with new data and suggestions. Therefore, you should check back regularly. This can help you uncover opportunities or important changes sooner.
  • Customize the insights: Use the insights customization feature to change the parameters to meet your needs. This removes insights that aren’t relevant to your strategies, resources, and experience.
  • Treat by Priority: Helium 10 automatically determines the impact of its alerts and suggestions on your Amazon business. Attending to these suggestions in the High > Medium > Low impact order is recommended.

What Helium 10 Pricing Plans Provide the Insights Dashboard?

The Helium 10 Insights Dashboard is only available with the Platinum and Diamond plans. You can even access more Insights Dashboard features on the Diamond plan, as seen in the table below.

Features Starter Platinum Diamond
Dashboard Access No Yes Yes
My Products Not available 20 products 1,000 products
Insights & Recommendations Not available Not available Available

Therefore, the Diamond plan is the better choice to scale your Amazon business with the help of the Insights Dashboard.

To learn more about the cost of Helium 10 subscriptions and what’s included, read my Helium 10 plans guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Helium 10 Insights Dashboard data is updated daily. The data is also updated according to when Helium 10 receives data through the Amazon API. 

On some days, the dashboard might be updated more often than others, depending on the functionality of the Amazon API.

The Helium 10 Insights Dashboard data is accurate enough to take action or evaluate the success of your Amazon business.

The dashboard pulls original data, such as your product sales and performance, from your Amazon dashboard to populate sections relating to profits, listing optimization, and product performance sections. However, data like competitor search and sales volume aren’t 100% accurate but precise enough for decision-making.

Explore the Helium 10 Insights Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard is designed to help grow your Amazon business without switching multiple tabs before finding actionable metrics. It does this by offering alerts on inventory reorders, competitor changes, Amazon PPC suggestions, and more, all at a glance.

That’s why you should maximize this mini command center to keep your business running, growing, and scaling successfully.

Grab your Helium 10 Platinum or Diamond plans today (get discounts here) to get started with the Insights Dashboard.

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