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Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Helium 10 is the best Amazon product research tool, providing Black Box and Trendster to help evaluate niches and spot product seasonality across 10+ Amazon marketplaces.

Jungle Scout and ZonGuru are in close contention, providing a robust Supplier Finder, clean user interfaces, and Chrome Extensions to rival Helium 10’s offerings.

But these tools don’t take all the shine. Most entries on my list offer a unique angle to product research, so it’s worth checking them out.

Tool Monthly Price Discount Best For
Helium 10 $39 - $279 per month Try Helium 10 Overall
Jungle Scout $49 - $129 per month Try Jungle Scout Product + Supplier Research
ZonGuru $49 - $249 per month Try ZonGuru Product Research Plan
Zoof $39 - $99 per month Try Zoof Clean User Interface
AMZScout $49 per month Try AMZScout Amazon Oon-Page Product Research
Viral Launch $69 - $199 per month Try Viral Launch Comprehensive product research
Smart Scout $29 - $187 per month Try Smart Scout Free trial

Helium 10

helium 10 black box

Helium 10 ships with Black Box, a robust product finder with extensive filters

Helium 10 allows you to use Black Box to find the best products across many categories on 14 Amazon marketplaces, beating second-placed Jungle Scout, which only supports ten markets.

While Black Box helps you find product ideas from scratch, you can review competitor products with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension. Via its Xray tool, you get actionable product information like the number of existing sellers, sales trends, average monthly sales, product revenue, and more.

This resembles Jungle Scout’s and ZonGuru’s Chrome extensions’ offerings. 

Even so, Helium 10 beats them by offering extra product information like the Buy Box winner, sales trends to determine seasonality, and analyzing unique ASINs for multiple product types on the same listing!

Once you’ve identified a product, though, it’s advisable to run it through Helium 10’s Trendster to determine how seasonal such products are. Trendster shows you the product sales volume for the last 30 days, 90 days, one year, or an all-time metric.

This view, missing from ZonGuru and Jungle Scout, ensures you don’t jump into a seasonal product based on the most recent sales trend.

The best part is that Helium 10 offers its product research tools on all pricing plans. However, Starter Plan (from $39/month) subscribers get limited Black Box usage.


Our Verdit: Helium 10 offers the best product research tools because of their accuracy, filters, and added features. The tools allow you to narrow your search, and a clean UI helps digest the data faster.

Jungle Scout

jungle scout product research

Jungle Scout provides a Product Database with access to over 475 million products

This robust alternative to Helium 10’s Black Box allows you to filter for preferred products in all the Amazon selling categories.

This tool works similarly to the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder. The only difference is that Opportunity Finder helps you discover broad niches to choose a product to sell.

Hence, Jungle Scout covers the basics of finding new products!

On top of that, you get a browser extension for real-time product research on Amazon.

Firing up the browser extension on any Amazon search or product listing page generates average monthly sales, revenue, prices, and opportunity score data to quickly determine if it’s a viable product.

Besides the unique opportunity score, the Jungle Scout browser extension also beats Helium 10’s with Firefox compatibility.

But that’s not all.

Jungle Scout’s Supplier Finder will help you identify multiple trusted manufacturers shipping the desired product. This slightly beats Helium 10’s Supplier Finder tool since it looks for suppliers beyond China.

However, of Jungle Scout’s three pricing plans, the Basic package is greatly limited regarding product research tools usage limits.


Our Verdit: Jungle Scout offers some of the best product research tools for Amazon sellers. They’re packed with added value to support in finding lots of products quickly.


zonguru product research

Whether you’re looking for a niche to start in, researching a product in a specific niche, or spying on competitor products, there’s a ZonGuru tool to help:

  • Use Niche Finder to uncover niches that are ready for the taking. You get preset templates or filters to kickstart the process, especially when stuck for ideas.
  • There’s a Chrome Extension to research products directly on Amazon and get key sales, revenue, weight, dimension, ratings, and other metrics.
  • Sales Spy allows you to spy on competitor ASINs, automatically get performance updates, and learn to undercut them.

However, the biggest let-down of ZonGuru is that its product research tools only work on 10 Amazon marketplaces. You’ll lose access to product research data for Amazon Brazil, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, and others – all supported by Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

If those missing marketplaces aren’t a dealbreaker, ZonGuru’s Easy Source will help you uncover the best suppliers for products you find. It uses an Alibaba integration, like Helium 10, and falls behind Jungle Scout’s US and European manufacturer coverage.

Finally, ZonGuru offers two pricing plans, offering access to its product research tools. 

You can choose the cheaper Researcher plan if you’re only interested in Amazon product research with a dash of keyword research.


Our Verdit: ZonGuru is a well-rounded toolkit for product research that competes with industry leaders but comes with a few drawbacks. 


zoof amazon spotlight

Zoof is a more simplistic yet effective Amazon product research tool, rivaling Helium 10 and other juggernauts with its extensive Chrome extension. It also packs a host of other product research tools, including

  • Amazon Spotlight, which allows sellers to quickly get product ideas based on their inventory budget and preferred category.
  • Opportunity Finder to narrow your search with a wide range of filters, including category, price, reviews, BSR, and keywords. This is similar to Helium 10’s Black Box and Jungle Scout’s similarly named Opportunity Finder.
  • Zoof’s Product Analyzer for in-depth data on product sales, revenue, average BSR, profitability, and other data you’ll need to make a decision.

The Amazon Spotlight feature is the first in this space, blowing the rest of the tools I tested out of the water. Finding and launching your first product on Amazon has never been easy!

Zoof even throws a Profit Calculator into the mix, much like you get on the Helium 10 and Jungle Scout browser extensions. That helps determine how much you’ll earn on your product ideas after fees.

Unfortunately, you only get the primary product research tools, like Amazon Spotlight, Opportunity Analyzer, and Opportunity Finder, on Zoof’s expensive plan

Even the Starter plan lacks a supplier finder, leaving you with only the Chrome Extension.


Our Verdit: A great product research package with tons of great tools. Great for both beginners and intermediate sellers who have a higher startup budget.


amzscout product research

AMZscout may not have as many product research tools as its major competitors, but there’s enough to find good product opportunities. If you’re stuck for product ideas, then AMZScout’s

  • Pro Extension for Chrome helps scan Amazon search and product pages, even providing a niche score to help you find good niches at a glance.
  • Product Database has over 600 million products, an upgrade from Jungle Scout’s 475 million products, to find winning products using up to 16 filters. There are pre-packaged filters, ideal for beginners who aren’t sure how to find the right product.
  • Quick View extension provides an overlay while browsing Amazon product pages, showing sales volume, BSR, size, and more.

The fun part of AMZScout is that you can sign up for its tools monthly or yearly or purchase them outright for a lifetime. If you’re unsure which offer to try, take its 7-day free trial.


Our Verdit: While AMZScout has fewer tools, it makes up for it with excellent data accuracy and ease of use. It’s a great way for beginners to find some product opportunities.

Viral Launch

viral launch product discovery

Viral Launch gets the basics of product research right, starting with Product Discovery. 

This tool combines the functionality of Helium 10’s Black Box and Trendster into one. Hence, you can use it to quickly source products while applying extensive filters and also pick out seasonality.

If that’s impressive, wait till you learn that you get a dedicated Competitor Intelligence framework from where you can spy on competitor products. You can do this to find winning products from a major competitor in your market or to dive deeper into their product data for insights on improving your Amazon FBA offering.

Besides your one-time research on competitor products, you can set up tracking and alerts. These ensure you never miss any price change, review addition or other status changes on the tracked products.

Finally, Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence makes all the difference between this tool and the others. It tracks billions of data points to help you separate short-term product ideas from long-term winners, predict profit, estimate optimal order size, compare product ideas, and do so much more.

However, unlike Helium 10, Zoof, ZonGuru, and Jungle Scout, Viral Launch doesn’t point you to where you’ll get the products. So, you might need to get an additional tool for product sourcing or use Excel spreadsheets.

Likewise, Viral Launch offers three pricing plans, but the least plan is almost useless for in-depth product and competitor research. On top of that, its basic plan is noticeably more expensive than those of top-tier competitors like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.


Our Verdit: An innovative product research tool with some advanced features, but more expensive compared to alternatives. May be best suited to intermediate and advanced sellers.


smartscout web home

SmartScout’s filters help you find products with high ROI from an extensive product database. However, the SmartScout product research tools lack extensive filters and extra tools like Zoof, ZonGuru, and Helium 10.

Another drawback to SmartScout is that it doesn’t merge product and keyword research, another feature most software solutions offer. Beyond that, you don’t get a browser extension for real-time product data on Amazon.

On the upside, it has a beginner-friendly plan focused on product research only

Even though you’ll get the basic dashboard view here, that should be sufficient for starters.

That said, SmartScout provides four pricing plans, and they’re competitive compared to most alternatives. It even allows you to try its tools without payment for 7 days.


Our Verdit: Decent toolset for beginners, as it’s enough to get started with Amazon product research. However, there’s limited functionality, so it’s not ideal for advanced Amazon sellers.

How I Created This List

Being an active Amazon seller and a fan of product research tools, I know what it takes to find a profitable product-selling opportunity.

I combined that list of requirements to test the 20+ tools I started with before settling on the winners in this list.

Here’s the list of criteria I considered when evaluating these tools:

  • Price: I chose Amazon software services that price their offering fairly compared to the rest of the market. You’ll notice that my selections have multiple pricing tiers, with many offering product research on their cheapest ones.
  • Data accuracy: I researched each service to see if there were any red flags regarding accuracy. Overall, the tools provide enough data accuracy to make meaningful decisions.
  • Features: I compared the product research features and looked for added customizability. Also, I valued the software companies that offer supporting features like keyword and supplier research.
  • Ease of use: Starting an Amazing business can be daunting, and I understand that beginners value simplicity and ease of use. You’ll see that many of the tools on my list have a clean user interface and tutorial videos.
  • User experience: I only considered the tools providing a positive user experience, making it easier to find products.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Amazon product research tools aren’t worth using for beginner or advanced Amazon sellers.

These free Amazon product research tools often return fake positives and offer you the same products as thousands of other free users. They even limit your daily usage so much that it’s unbearable to use, and there’s no way to guarantee the data accuracy.

Final Verdict

The Amazon product research tool marketplace has excellent options, but Helium 10 wins for its extensive features and accuracy. However, alternatives like Jungle Scout and ZonGuru also offer sellers competitive features.

You can grab my Helium 10 discounts to discover winning products that’ll make the tool an excellent investment. But if you want something else Helium 10 doesn’t provide, I’m sure you’ll find it with one of the worthy alternatives above.

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