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How to Get SellerAmp Free Trial?

SellerAmp offers a 14-day free trial period for new users looking to test its software before committing.

You must sign up for one of SellerAmp’s pricing plans to access this free trial

Hence, you’ll be billed according to the selected pricing tier once your free trial expires.

Furthermore, you’re required to enter your card details during signup

Even though you won’t be charged immediately, SellerAmp will debit your credit card if you don’t cancel the free trial before it expires.

Continue reading to learn how to sign up for SellerAmp’s free trial and cancel it to avoid getting charged.

Key Takeaways

  • SellerAmp’s free trial lasts 14 days.
  • You get unlimited access to all the features of your preferred SellerAmp’s pricing plan.
  • You need to submit your card details to register a SellerAmp free account.

How to Get a SellerAmp Free Trial?

You don’t need to jump through hoops for the SellerAmp free trial. Simply register for any of SellerAmp’s pricing plans to start.

You can follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the SellerAmp website.
  2. Click the “Free Trial” tab at the top right corner of the homepage.
  1. You can adjust the pricing from annual to monthly. This will come in handy if you decide to continue using the tool.
  1. Click “Sign Up” on your preferred pricing plan. For this example, I selected the “Getting Started” pricing tier.
  1. In the Order Summary, enter a coupon code if available. Also, you can input a valid VAT registration number if your resident country issues it. If not, specify your country to remove the VAT request.
  1. Scroll to enter your Account Information, Billing Address, and Payment Information.
  1. Agree to SellerAmp’s terms of services and click “Start Your Trial.”
  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email from SellerAmp. Click the link embedded within the email to activate your account.
  2. Then, create a username and password.
  3. Voila, you now have a 14-day free access to SellerAmp’s features.

What Features Are Available to SellerAmp Free Trial Users?

SellerAmp offers an easy-to-digest analysis report template containing information that answers critical questions about the profitability of products and sourcing-related issues. 

Some of the panels you get to explore on the free trial are: 

Quick Info Panel

Get a summary of the critical details about a product, such as

  • Your eligibility to sell an item.
  • Possible profit and ROI to be realized from the product.
  • The product’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

Hence, you can quickly decide on products at a glance before doing any deep dives.

Alerts Panel

This section notifies you of possible factors that could diminish your profitability or keep you from making headway with some product types.

Some of the information you get alerted to include

  • Buy Box availability.
  • Dangerous goods-label possibility.
  • Possible IP issues.

Profit Calculator

SellerAmp shows you how much you could make on selected products via its Profit Calculator panel. Here, you can

  • See how your cost price and sales price may affect your profitability.
  • Compare whether you’ll perform better financially with FBA or FBM.
  • Understand the applicable fees and taxes to account for in your selling price.

Google Sheet Panel

SellerAmp allows you to export data to Google Sheet spreadsheets in the desired order.

All the tools required to initiate data export are available in the Google Sheets panel.

Other Relevant Features

Beyond the panel-based feature template available on the web and mobile version of SellerAmp, there are other perks you can access via the software’s Chrome extension.

A prime example is the SAS Smart Search feature that lets you initiate product sourcing analysis from any website with the click of a button.

You should also try out SellerAmp’s Storefront Search. With this, you can do a quick SAS analysis on products directly from Amazon online stores. This SellerAmp feature enables quick access to seller details, their most popular products, and more.

How to Make SellerAmp Free Trial Worthwhile?

As mentioned earlier, SellerAmp allows only 14 days of free access. Therefore, you have a short period to get familiar with the software and decide if it’s worth investing in long-term.

That said, here are ways to make SellerAmp’s 14-day free trial worthwhile.

Watch SellerAmp Tutorial Videos

Like any other software solution, SellerAmp has its peculiarities. So, you need to learn how it works to exploit its functionalities.

Fortunately, SellerAmp has created tutorial videos explaining the technicalities of analyzing and interpreting data via the software. As such, you should watch these videos before and during your 14-day free trial period.

You can access these videos by clicking “Resources” on any page of the SellerAmp website.

This approach will speed up your learning curve and allow you to get the best out of the limited testing time.

Get All 3 Versions of SellerAmps

SellerAmp offers three software tools: the web app, mobile app (Android and iOS), and Chrome extension. Each version provides unique features to simplify and optimize the overall experience of using SellerAmp.

So, if you plan on getting the whole SellerAmp experience, download and utilize all three software versions.

How to Upgrade to a Paid SellerAmp Plan?

SellerAmp requires new users to submit their card details during the signup process. 

Therefore, you don’t need to take any action to upgrade to a paid plan

Instead, SellerAmp will automatically start billing you based on your chosen pricing tier once the 14-day free trial elapses.

If you know you’ll continue using SellerAmp after the 14-day free trial, I recommend

  • Ensuring you’ll stick to the initial plan you signed up for the free trial with. Otherwise, upgrade your account.
  • Considering if you’ll be using SellerAmp for up to a year. After all, you can get 2 MONTHS FREE on the annual plan.

How to Cancel Your SellerAmp Free Trial?

If, after exploring SellerAmp’s features, you’re still not convinced that it can add value to your Amazon business, you should cancel the trial to avoid incurring unwanted deductions.

Unfortunately, SellerAmp doesn’t offer self-service cancellation. Instead, you must send a cancelation request to customer support to close your account.

You can contact SellerAmp from within your dashboard or request a cancellation at Likewise, I recommend canceling before the 14th day. 

This makes you safer since you don’t know how the platform counts its days and don’t want to be billed unnecessarily.

What Are SellerAmp Alternatives With a Free Trial?

SellerAmp is excellent at sourcing products and helping to calculate profitability. 

However, it doesn’t excel at basic keyword or extensive product research, and it may not help you manage other aspects of your Amazon FBA business.

That’s why I’ve researched alternative offerings at comparable (or even lower) price points with a free trial:

Helium 10

Like SellerAmp, Helium 10 (get free trial) offers services that optimize product research experience. Features like Trendster, Black Box, and Sales Estimator enable in-depth analysis of product profitability, popularity, seasonality, and competitiveness.

Helium 10’s functionality extends beyond product research, allowing you to conduct extensive keyword research, manage inventory, and optimize ad campaigns on one platform.

Unlike SellerAmp, however, Helium 10 has an unlimited free trial that doesn’t require credit card details. The only caveat is that each feature accessible to Helium 10 free accounts has daily usage limits.

Want to know more about Helium 10’s zero-fee account? Check out our Helium 10 free trial page for all the information you need.

Viral Launch

As its name implies, Viral Launch (get free trial) helps Amazon Sellers induce sales growth. 

And since product analysis is a big part of what makes sellers successful, Viral Launch provides services targeted at sellers at the research phase of their business.

With Viral Launch, you can check for price trends, historic sales, competitor performance, and more. This is in addition to the PPC-focused services available to users.

Like SellerAmp, Viral Launch’s free trial lasts 14 days. Another similarity they share is their policy regarding credit card requirements, as they both require new users to commit by submitting their credit card details.

Check out my Viral Launch free trial guide for more information on opening a free Viral Launch account.


As is with all SellerAmp’s alternatives mentioned thus far, ZonGuru (get free trial) is a one-stop shop for sellers. It provides several services required from the research phase to the selling stage of an Amazon business.

However, one thing that separates ZonGuru is that it has a unique pricing package for research-focused sellers. Under this pricing plan, you can access research tools like Easy Source, Sales Spy, Love-Hate, and Niche Finder.

ZonGuru allows you to enjoy these services for free in the first seven days of use. 

Once the free trial ends, you’ll be charged up to $29 monthly to access ZonGuru’s Research plan. Want to know more? Check our ZonGuru free trial page for more details about ZonGuru’s 7-day zero-fee access.

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Is SellerAmp Free Trial Worth It?

SellerAmp understands the significance of in-depth product analysis, helping you decide whether a product is worth your investment.

It’s always a plus when you can test such a tool, considering that it powers a sensitive aspect of an Amazon business. That said, the major downside of SellerAmp’s free trial is its short duration. With just 14 days of access, there’s a limit to how in-depth you can test SellerAmp.

Despite this apparent limitation, SellerAmp’s free trial is worth exploring. So, why not open a free SellerAmp account today?

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