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6 Best Amazon Reverse ASIN Tools: Easier Competitor Insights!

Helium 10 is the best reverse ASIN tool to generate actionable insights from your competitor’s listings. In fact, this software has two unique reverse ASIN tools!

If you don’t like Helium 10’s offerings, Jungle Scout’s solution comes the closest with its reverse ASIN search for product, keyword, and supplier insights.

I uncovered more hidden gems during my tests for the best reverse ASIN tools. 

I’ve reviewed them all below, and they offer a unique selling point to make you consider them.

How about we dig in?

Tool Monthly Price Discount Best For
Helium 10 $39 - $279 20% OFF Product and Keyword Research
Jungle Scout $49 - $129 Up to 80% OFF Product and Supplier Research
ZonGuru $49 - $249 Up to 45% OFF Review Insights
Zoof $39 - $197 49% OFF Quick Insights
AMZScout From $49.99 Up to 60% OFF Multiple Marketplaces
SellerApp From $99 10% OFF Free Trial

Helium 10 – Best Product & Keyword Reverse ASIN Tool

Helium 10’s Cerebro might be its only reverse ASIN tool you know, but it has one more.

But for starters, Cerebro shines by allowing you to reverse-search multiple ASINs simultaneously. Hence, you can harvest keywords, metrics, and other critical insights shared across all ASINs you’re considering.

Besides that, Cerebro’s rich filter set means you don’t have to be bogged down with all the heavy ASIN research data. Instead, you can choose exactly what you want to see.

For instance, your single or bulk reverse ASIN search can be customized to show only long tail keywords with a specific Amazon organic rank, attributed sales volume, and suggested PPC bid.

Only Jungle Scout’s solution offers something similar, but even that’s missing essential metrics like attributed keyword sales.

Something else Helium 10’s Cerebro does better than the rest is offering up more competitors once you enter an ASIN. This saves you the time you’d have spent manually scraping Amazon for competitors and ensures you don’t make the mistake of adding a non-competitor that’ll skew the data you get.

After Cerebro, Helium 10 has another reverse ASIN feature buried inside its powerful Magnet tool. Magnet’s Product Targeting will show ASINs closely related to the ones you’ve searched, including their average prices, monthly sales, sales trends, BSR, and reviews.

This is a fine way to broaden your product research, as I’ve found that this tool can uncover some silently best-performing product verticals you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

The only downside I found to Helium 10’s on-web reverse ASIN search is that it doesn’t help you get suppliers. Jungle Scout’s solution helps you quickly find suppliers associated with the products you’re researching.

Fortunately, you can use Helium 10’s Chrome extension to source product suppliers via Alibaba.

Furthermore, Helium 10’s reverse ASIN tools are limited on the Starter plan

Hence, you must upgrade to the Platinum or Diamond plans to access reverse ASIN functionality.

Comparatively, though, Helium 10 does well. After all, Jungle Scout also limits the tool on its Starter Plan, and Zoof’s starter plan doesn’t offer such.


Our Verdit: Get Helium 10 for reverse ASIN keyword and product research for the best insights. It works for beginners, intermediate, and advanced sellers alike.

Jungle Scout – Best Reverse ASIN Tool for Product and Supplier Research

Jungle Scout’s premier reverse ASIN tool is Keyword Scout. Like Helium 10’s Cerebro, it allows you to do multiple reverse ASIN research. This is the best way to get as many overlapping keywords working across various products.

However, Helium 10’s unique calculations attributing sales to keywords are missing. Hence, you can’t estimate how much sales a keyword drives for a product.

If that’s not a dealbreaker, you’ll find that Jungle Scout’s other filters are robust enough to compress the data you get for quicker decision-making.

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout has more than one reverse ASIN tool. It embeds some versions of the reverse ASIN feature into tools like Product Database and Sales Estimator.

The most impressive unique addition to Jungle Scout’s reverse ASIN is in its Supplier Database tool. Simply enter a competitor’s ASIN in this tool, and you’ll get suppliers and manufacturers associated with that product!

The best response to this from the other tools I tested was the option to manually search for products on Alibaba or search via the Chrome extension.

But there’s a catch!

If you’re on Jungle Scout’s starter plan, you can only use its reverse ASIN 30 times monthly. That’s the same across Keyword Scout, Supplier Database, and Product Database.

Hence, it’s best to upgrade to the higher tier plans to get unlimited access to these reverse ASIN searches.


Our Verdit: Jungle Scout is best for competitor keyword mining or sourcing suppliers via reverse ASIN research.

ZonGuru – Reverse ASIN Tool for Review Insights

ZonGuru takes a unique approach to reverse ASIN search, allowing you to find the BEST and WORST things about a product.

While the other two reverse ASIN tools focus on keyword data and product metrics, ZonGuru’s Love-Hate tool handles competitor product reviews. Just plug an ASIN into the tool; you’ll get everything users love or dislike about the product.

Wondering how this information helps you?

With that data, you can source products and suppliers without the same issues users have identified in your competitor’s products. Simultaneously, you’ll know what they love about the product, so you can ensure yours also has those features.

Besides having the features, you’ll have the upper hand when writing your listing. 

Ensure your listing mentions that your product solves the common cons while having significant pros and you’re already doing better than most of the competition.

However, you won’t get metrics like best-performing keywords, PPC bids for product keywords, keyword-driven sales, etc.

I even checked on its Chrome extension tool since Helium 10’s and Jungle Scout’s extensions contain reverse ASIN tools. Sadly, ZonGuru didn’t have one there either.

The only other reverse ASIN tool that comes close is the Sales Spy. Pop in an ASIN, and this tool will help you track competitor products’ price history, sales, and BSR records. 

However, I didn’t get enough actionable data to justify its inclusion.

Perhaps the biggest deal breaker with ZonGuru is that it still tiers Love-Hate with a ridiculous usage limit. For instance, its biggest plan, which costs over $150 monthly, only gets 60 monthly Love-Hate uses.

In comparison, Jungle Scout and Helium 10 plans costing half that still offer unlimited access to their reverse ASIN tools!


Our Verdit: Only use ZonGuru for reverse ASIN research if you’re interested in curating your listings’ best unique selling point.

AMZScout – Reverse ASIN Tool for 12 Amazon Marketplaces

Like Zoof, AMZScout’s reverse ASIN tool is simple, straightforward, and focused on keywords alone. It also allows you to plug in multiple ASINs to get the best keywords across them all.

However, it doesn’t automatically generate competitors like Helium 10

Hence, you need to be sure you’re manually adding direct competitors. Else, your results may be skewed.

Regarding results, AMZScout displays the metrics you need as clearly as possible. This makes it suitable for even beginners to dive into the data and get the relevant data they need to make business decisions.

And if you want, you can easily export your results to an Excel sheet for further analysis.

While analyzing the data, you’ll discover that AMZScout attributes sales to each keyword, like Helium 10. So, you’ll see how well the keywords help rank your competitor’s products and how many units they’ve sold by ranking for that keyword alone.

The issue is that AMZScout mostly doesn’t provide this data and only does so for a few keywords.

If you don’t mind that, then it’s the tool for you. However, if this feature is essential to your decision-making, use Helium 10’s solution instead.

Another drawback of the AMZScout tool is a serious lack of filters: it doesn’t allow users to customize their results beyond the keyword count or desired search volume.

But when you consider that AMZScout’s reverse ASIN works across 12 Amazon marketplaces and is still more cost-effective than Zoof, its space on this list is justified.


Our Verdit: AMZScout is one of the best reverse ASIN solutions for beginners and intermediates since it’s cheap, generates robust results, doesn’t have usage limits, and works across numerous marketplaces.

Zoof – Robust Reverse ASIN Tool With Quick Insights

Zoof’s reverse ASIN tool, named Spy, focuses on keyword research. 

Although potent, this lack of versatility in product research is why it’s behind Jungle Scout and Helium 10.

Spy mimics what we have at Jungle Scout and Helium 10 by offering multi-ASIN research.

Like the others, this cross-checks and only picks the keywords that work for multiple winning competitors in your niche. That way, you’ll surely select the best keywords rather than one-off wonders that rank for just one competitor.

An extra neat feature you get with Zoof’s Spy tool is that it groups the priority words that impact your competitors most. This saves you time from digging through the list to look for opportunities.

With these offerings, Zoof’s reverse ASIN tool should be ahead of ZonGuru’s

After all, the latter doesn’t have a product or keyword research suite built into its reverse ASIN.

However, ZonGuru edged out Zoof since the latter tool doesn’t offer reverse ASIN on its basic plan. It doesn’t even go the route of Jungle Scout and Helium 10, which offer the feature with usage limits on their smallest plans.

On top of that, Zoof’s solution only applies to Amazon US, giving it the least coverage on this list.

Barring that, Zoof’s tool is one of the best for beginners and intermediate sellers who don’t mind springing for the bigger Zoof pricing plans.


Our Verdit: Zoof’s multi-ASIN research is simplified enough to help beginners make the best decisions quickly. However, it only works for Amazon US sellers.

SellerApp – Amazon Reverse ASIN Tool With Free Trial Access

SellerApp’s reverse ASIN tool, aptly named Reverse ASIN, also focuses on keyword research. However, it brings a twist that you don’t get with the other reverse ASIN tools: comparisons.

You can enter a main ASIN and up to three other ASINs to compare the keywords they use against one another. This differs from the multi-reverse ASIN search on Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and Zoof.

But why would you need to compare ASINs in a reverse search?

This is a great way to see what keywords your top competitors are ranking for that are also missing from YOUR listing. Hence, you can make your ASIN the primary option and compare it against the top three competitors.

SellerApp’s reverse ASIN solution also incorporates attributed keyword sales data.

However, even though SellerApp’s tools are available for 18 Amazon marketplaces, you can only use its reverse ASIN tool on Amazon US, UK, and Canada marketplaces

That puts it behind AMZScout, Jungle Scout, and Helium 10, which work in up to 12 Amazon marketplaces.

If that won’t be a dealbreaker, you’ll enjoy SellerApp’s free plan’s access to its robust reverse ASIN tool. That’s the best way to test what it offers before entering your credit card details.

In comparison, Helium 10 has a free plan but doesn’t allow you to use Cerebro or Magnet.


Our Verdit: Get SellerApp’s reverse ASIN tool to compare how competitor listings are faring better than yours.

How I Created This List

I was overwhelmed by the number of tools promising Amazon reverse ASIN research. I tested over 30 of these tools and less than ten made the cut.

Here are the criteria I used to sift out the best from the rest:

Reverse ASIN Capabilities

Given that’s what the research is about, I eliminated tools that didn’t offer reverse ASIN.

I also removed the tools that masked mere product or keyword tacking under reverse ASIN research. After all, the winning picks on this list independently offer product and keyword tracking besides their reverse ASIN functionality.

Ease of Use

Once I established software with reverse ASIN tools, I simplified the list further by evaluating their ease of use. If it takes too much effort to locate the reverse ASIN tool or start using it, the tool is cut from the list.

The result is that the rest are so easy to use that you might not even need to watch a tutorial to get the hang of them.


And if you finally need to watch a tutorial, almost all the selections here offer dedicated reverse ASIN tutorials!


I considered the basic cost you would incur to get reasonable reverse ASIN functionalities.

Some tools claim to offer this feature on their base plans, but the usage limit is inferior. 

Hence, you’ll pay for a tool you won’t get the best out of.

Likewise, some tools didn’t offer reverse ASIN on their basic or mid-tier plans, only reserving that for their biggest offerings. Such tools were cut from the list when the pricing of their biggest offering and the extra tools included didn’t justify the price.

After all, reverse ASIN should be available to new and intermediate Amazon FBA sellers who don’t want to spend too much.


Most sellers are on the Amazon US, UK, and Canada marketplaces. However, Amazon is in more markets than that.

So, I ensured the reverse ASIN tools don’t only cater to these popular regions but also work across emerging marketplaces.

That’ll ensure sellers who want to diversify into those marketplaces or start there have enough support to research their competition and get started the best way.

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You shouldn’t use free Amazon reverse ASIN tools as they often lack advanced data mining abilities to generate accurate insights from your competitor’s ASINs. 

Likewise, most free Amazon reverse ASIN tools are limited to a few results per search or less than 10 monthly searches, putting you at a research disadvantage.

Time to Get the Winning Metrics!

The best Amazon reverse ASIN tools are brilliant in the way they’ll help you identify the best keywords to optimize your product and uncover the potential sales attributed to each keyword.

Some of these tools, like Helium 10’s Cerebro and Magnet, even help you find competitors and rival products you didn’t know existed. That’s why Helium 10 (discounts here) remains the best Amazon reverse ASIN software.

But if you want Amazon reverse ASIN search for suppliers at a lower price or for some unique marketplaces, you can compare the other software I’ve reviewed above.

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