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How to Get the Junglytics Free Trial?

You can get the Junglytics free trial from the provider’s homepage; no credit card is required. Also, using the free trial gives you access to all Junglytics features. However, you must connect your Junglytics and Amazon accounts to access the free trial.

Key Takeaways

  • Connect your Junglytics and Amazon accounts to populate your dashboard with data.
  • You don’t need to share your credit card details to sign up for the Junglytics free trial.
  • The Junglytics free trial lasts 30 days.

How to Get the Junglytics Free Trial?

Junglytics makes it possible to access its free trial fast and without hassle. 

Here’s a simple stepwise guide to follow:

  1. Go to the Junglytics website, then click “Start 30-Day Free Trial.”
  1. Enter your details, accept the Terms & Conditions, and click “Sign Up.”
  1. Congratulations! You can now use the Junglytics free trial to access advanced analytics data and better understand the financial health of your Amazon business.

What Does the Junglytics Free Trial Include?

The Junglytics free trial includes every feature available on the platform

This consists of a dashboard where you can see the financial data for every Amazon product connected to your account and a data stream spanning the last four years of running your Amazon business.

How to Upgrade From the Junglytics Free Trial?

You’ll need to enter your payment details to upgrade your Junglytics free trial to a paid subscription.

This can quickly be done within the dashboard of your account. You’ll see a prompt asking you to enter payment details to continue using Junglytics.

Note that your charge depends on the monthly orders processed in your connected Amazon account.

Best Practices With the Junglytics Free Trial

Use the tips below to test the software before the billing period begins:

  • Connect your Amazon account: It’s essential to connect your Junglytics and Amazon accounts immediately since the data takes up to 24 hours to stream. This ensures you can begin testing the Junglytics tools sooner rather than later.
  • Filters: Play around with the dashboard filters to maximize the insights you get from your business.
  • Data accuracy: Comparing the data you see in Junglytics with your Amazon Seller Central dashboard and/or the alternatives I’ll mention later in this guide allows you to get a sense of the data accuracy at Junglytics.
  • Active Amazon product listings: Don’t sign up for a Junglytics free trial without having active product listings. This ensures you can thoroughly test the available features to decide if the software is worth a paid subscription.
  • Time to test features: Subscribe to the free trial when there’s time in your schedule to test the features. Otherwise, the free trial period will end without adequately evaluating the service’s quality.

What Junglytics Alternatives Offer a Free Trial?

Junglytics provides a detailed financial dashboard to understand your Amazon business profit overview, get insights into what’s working, and quickly identify what’s not.

However, it doesn’t offer software solutions supporting other parts of your Amazon business growth.

Thankfully, I’ve tested and found alternatives that offer more tools to help you succeed.

Helium 10

Helium 10 lets you connect your Amazon account to stream financial data to the Profits tool. 

This tool shows the top and worst products of your Amazon business, offering powerful insights to make the right decisions that move your Amazon business forward.

Besides this Junglytics-matching tool, Helium 10 provides Adtomic to improve the profitability of your Amazon PPC campaigns. Also, you can use Black Box to find more profitable product-selling opportunities.

Check my Helium 10 plans guide to see which is best suited for your Amazon business.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout rivals Junglytics with its Sales Analytics tool, streaming data from your Amazon Seller Central account to provide an overview of your financials. Interestingly, the tool has an AI Assist module to provide dynamic summaries and recommendations to improve your business.

Additionally, Jungle Scout offers unique features like a Browser Extension, which you can use to find new product-selling opportunities. A horde of educational tools at Jungle Scout, such as the Million Dollar Case Study, allows you to hit the ground running.

Sounds great? Dive into the Jungle Scout plans guide to see where you can get started today.


ZonGuru offers the Business Dashboard tool, which is comparable to Junglytics. 

It provides financial data about your Amazon account to drive decision-making. Therefore, you can identify the strategic moves to scale your business faster.

Besides that, ZonGuru offers tools like Niche Finder to uncover new products to sell. 

Also, the Niche Score is a handy in-house metric for helping you evaluate profitable, weak, or highly competitive niches at a glance.

My ZonGuru pricing plan guide is the best place to start deciding how you want to use this tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact Junglytics customer service via the website’s live chat option or email them at

You can access a Junglytics demo by clicking the “See Live Demo” button on the homepage. This gives you immediate access to preview the dashboards with custom data.

No, there’s no need to cancel your Junglytics free trial because credit card information isn’t required during sign-up.

Should You Try the Junglytics?

Signing up for the Junglytics free trial is excellent if you want a comprehensive financial dashboard for your Amazon business.

No credit card is required, and there are 30 days to test the dashboard

The worst that could happen is that you don’t like the tool.

So, visit the Junlgytics website and sign up for the free trial to explore what it can do for your business.

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