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Can You Use Helium 10 in the UK? Does It Work?

Yes, you can use Helium 10 in the UK. Helium 10 offers you amazing tools to take your Amazon business to the next stage. Previously they were only available in the US.

But now, you will also be able to use their tools for Amazon UK.

You will be able to use all the below tools there:

  1. Black Box: It helps you with Product Research.
  2. Trendster: It tells you the trend of a product on Amazon.
  3. Magnet: Extracts keywords for any main keyword you enter.
  4. Cerebro: It gives all the keywords indexed for the ASIN you enter.
  5. Frankenstein: It is used for listing optimization.
  6. Scribbles: It is used for adjusting keywords in the title, bullet points, and description of your listing.
  7. Index Checker: Checks which keywords you are indexed on.
  8. Keyword Tracker: It gives you the rank of your product on all the keywords you want to know.
  9. Inventory Protector: Sets per order limit of your product inventory.
  10. Alerts: Gives you alert for reviews, hijacker, etc.
  11. Profits: Tracks your sales and profits.
  12. Follow Up: Sends follow-up emails to your customers.
  13. Portals: It builds Landing Pages for your product.
  14. Adtomic: It helps you with PPC Ads.

How Much Does Helium 10 Cost in the UK?

The most popular Helium 10 user plan costs $97 per month (get a discount coupon code).

With this plan, you get all the tools mentioned above for the UK and North America, and European Marketplaces. Unlike some other tools offering different prices for different marketplaces, Helium 10 offers you all the marketplaces in the same subscription plan.

You can find more details about the subscription plans in the chart below.

How to Use Helium 10 Tools in the UK?

When you click on any of the Helium 10’s tools before starting your actual work, select the UK Marketplace.

By default, all the tools have pre-selected the US marketplace. That is why you will have to change the marketplace from the US to the UK with the help of the drop-down menu as shown below:

If you don’t change the marketplace, you will be wasting all the hours of work.

Because Helium 10 will be giving you data and statistics according to the US Marketplace while you needed all that for the UK Marketplace.

There is a huge difference in the statistics for both marketplaces.

Making decisions by relying on this incorrect data can cost you thousands of dollars.

Quick Tip:

When I initially started working in the UK Marketplace, I would forget to change the marketplace every time. Due to which I had to rework everything by selecting the correct market.

I would highly recommend you double-check the marketplace every time; otherwise, hours of work may get wasted.

Why Should You Use Helium 10 in the UK?

Amazon is not limited to just one country, they are expanding their marketplaces, and you should also do so. If you have a product that is performing well in the US Marketplace, you should also explore the UK Marketplace and if it shows good statistics, then start selling there too.

For selling in the UK Marketplace, you will have to create a listing and run PPC too.

This is where Helium 10 can help you find keywords to target and rank on them to get sales.

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How To Use Helium 10 Chrome Extension for the UK Marketplace?

For using the Helium 10 extension in the UK Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Open Amazon UK (
  2. Search your target product or keyword.
  3. Click on the Helium 10 Extension as shown below:
Click at the top on Helium 10 extension
  1. Select the tool you want to use from the extension menu.
Select a tool

The Difference in Helium 10’s Results for the US & UK

Before discussing the difference in Helium 10’s results between the US and UK, let’s analyze their Market size.

Market size by country

From the above graph, it should be clear that Amazon sales in the US are very high as compared to any other country. Since the US is the largest market, all of the Amazon tools have large data for the US.

When you use the same tools in the other marketplaces, it may look like they don’t have as much data. However, the actual reason is that Amazon is not large enough to give you the same quantity of results in those marketplaces.

Now, let’s compare the difference in Helium 10’s results for the US and UK.

Keywords Show a Low Search Volume

Those of you who work in the US will notice that Cerebro & Magnet do not give high search volume keywords for the UK. Actually, this is not due to any issue in the tools, but in the demand and sales, the UK Marketplace holds.

Fewer people are searching for a particular product, which gives rise to the low search volume you come across while using Cerebro or Magnet.

Quick Tip:

If you cannot find high search volume keywords for your PPC Campaigns, I recommend focusing on your PPC Auto Campaign. Run it for some time, and then download the keywords report.

From your reports, check which keywords got clicks and sales. After identifying those keywords, you can start a PPC Manual Campaign on them to attain the maximum sales out of them.

If you have a product in the US, do not assume that the UK market will also have the same keywords. I recommend doing keyword research again when you start working in the UK.

Every marketplace is different, and it will have different keywords depending on the consumers.

Product Research With BlackBox Does Not Work

I always use Blackbox for product research, and it gives a lot of good products for the US. However, when I tried it in the UK, BlackBox did not show that many products.

If you face the same issue, then I would recommend using manual product research methods.

Manual Product Research Methods

Below are my favorite manual product research methods which you can use:

  1. Searching random products on Amazon and analyzing them.
  2. You can ask your friends and family what products they have purchased recently, make a list of those products. After completing the list, search those products on Amazon and analyze them.
  3. Go to the nearest supermarket. Make a list of products you see there and analyze those products on Amazon.

Don’t limit yourself to the products found by this method, explore their product categories and also analyze similar products.

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Helium 10 works in the UK Marketplace.

You should use it for finding product opportunities, creating lists, and launching products in the UK.

Check our other article on how to claim your Helium 10 free trial.

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