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What Is Helium 10 Heat Map?

Helium 10 Heat Maps is a Profits-related tool that allows you to view the location of your Amazon FBA inventory and sales distribution across the United States

You can use filters to change the map’s format and export the information to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

That said, you must subscribe to the Helium 10 Platinum or Diamond plan to access Heat Maps.

Key Takeaways

  • There are two versions of Helium 10 Heat Maps – Inventory and Sales.
  • Heat Maps are only available via the Helium 10 Platinum and Diamond plans.
  • Connect your Helium 10 and Amazon accounts to view Heat Maps information.

How to Use Heat Maps on Helium 10?

Now let’s look at how to use Heat Maps to find out where your Amazon FBA inventory is located:

  1. Buy a Helium 10 account. Get these MASSIVE DISCOUNTS to save more.
  2. Alternatively, click “Upgrade” in the top right-hand corner of your account dashboard if you already have an account.
helium 10 upgrade button
  1. Enter my exclusive Helium 10 coupons and discount codes, REVENUEGEEKS20 or REVENUEGEEKS10, and click “Apply” to view the updated prices. However, my coupon codes only work with Platinum and Diamond plans – not Starter.
enter helium 10 coupon code
  1. Click “Subscribe” to select the Helium 10 Platinum or Diamond plan.
choose helium 10 plan
  1. Finally, enter your details and click “Complete Payment.”
  1. Login to your Helium 10 account once payment is confirmed, then access Heat Maps. You’ll find it by going to Profits > Heat Map.
helium 10 profits tab
  1. You can switch between the Inventory and Sales Heat Maps on the Heat Maps screen.
helium 10 inventory heat map

What Information Do Heat Maps Provide?

Helium 10 ships with two Heat Maps – the Sales Heat Map and Inventory Heat Map – which show you where your Amazon FBA items are selling in the USA and what FBA warehouses they’re stored in, respectively.

I discuss each Heat Map type in-depth below:

Inventory Heat Map

inventory heat map on helium 10

The inventory Heat Map shows the location of your inventory in each Amazon FBA warehouse across the United States. A purple circle will denote the states where you have inventory, and its size corresponds to the stock volume.

Hence, you can use this information to improve your inventory management.

Furthermore, an inventory breakdown allows you to see the number of sellable, customer-damaged, and defective units. A high defective count will enable you to figure out if a batch has lower manufacturing quality than usual.

Sales Heat Map

helium 10 sales heat map

The Sales Heat Map shows the distribution of your product’s sales across the United States, and you can format the map to display information by city, county, and state. 

You can also change the date range and return as early as last year.

Furthermore, you can see a breakdown of the sales in gross revenue and sold units. 

Hence, you can better understand what part of the country most of the sales are coming from.

What Helium 10 Subscriptions Provide Access to Profits?

You’ll need to access the Profits tool to get Helium 10 Heat Maps, which you can do by subscribing to the Starter, Platinum, or Diamond plan. Each of the paid Helium 10 subscriptions provides unlimited access to Profits. However, according to Helium 10 customer support, Heat Maps are only available with the Diamond and Platinum plans.

Here’s a summary of the plan prices to help you choose the best one for your budget:

  Platinum Diamond
Monthly $99 $279
Annual $79/month ($948/year) $229 ($2748/year)
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Note that after signing up for a Helium 10 subscription, you must connect your Helium 10 and Amazon accounts. This allows the Profits tool to stream data from your Amazon account and give you the relevant Heat Map information.

To do so, check out my guide on connecting Helium 10 to Amazon for step-by-step instructions.

Best Use Cases for Helium 10 Heat Maps

Still trying to figure out why Helium 10 Heat Maps are worth using? They provide valuable insight that helps you make critical decisions in the following use cases:

Stock Coverage

The best time to start selling a new batch of stock is when it’s adequately distributed throughout the United States, especially to/near areas where you get the most sales. 

That way, Amazon shoppers get a short delivery time since the warehouse closest to them now has your stock and don’t have to consider the competition for faster delivery.

Amazon Warehouse Problems

Find out if your stock is in an Amazon warehouse experiencing problems. This could be because of a natural disaster like flooding, storm, or employee strike.

Increase Customer Targeting

The Sales Heat Map helps you better understand your main customer demographics. 

Hence, you can optimize your product listing to increase customer targeting.

Pros and Cons of Helium 10 Heat Maps

Heat Maps provide helpful information at a glance, but you’ll need to upgrade to the Helium 10 Platinum or Diamond plans, higher-priced than the Starter bundle, to get it. 

Let’s look at the Heat Maps’ pros and cons to determine if it’s worth getting the higher-tier Helium 10 plans.


  • Provides inventory availability and sales coverage information at a glance.
  • Helps determine the distribution of your Amazon FBA inventory across the United States.
  • You can export Heat Map information to a spreadsheet.
  • Useful filter options allow you to customize the Heat Maps.
  • No usage limits on Heat Maps.


  • Unavailable with the Helium 10 free trial and Starter plan.

My Experiences With Using Helium 10 Heat Maps

I loved that Heat Maps are available for unlimited use on the Platinum and Diamond plans. 

I didn’t need to decide between Platinum and a more expensive plan to upgrade my usage limits. However, I was disappointed to learn that testing Heat Maps with the Helium 10 free trial isn’t possible.

But barring that, finding Heat Maps from the Helium 10 Dashboard is easy. 

Once I arrived on the Heat Map page, I loved the simplicity of the user interface, and interpreting the information was self-explanatory.

The map is straightforward and allows me to see where my Amazon FBA inventory is. 

A similar map isn’t available within my Amazon Seller Central account, so Helium 10 has done a great job plugging a hole.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t test Heat Maps with the Helium 10 free trial. That’s because it’s only available with the Platinum and Diamond plans, meaning users must upgrade to access this tool.

Yes, you export Heat Map information as a CSV or XLSX file. On the right-hand side of the Heat Map use interface, click the “Export” button to initiate the process.

Are Helium 10 Heat Maps Worth Using?


Helium 10 Heat Maps provide easy-to-access information to determine the location of your Amazon FBA inventory and the geographic location of sales. You can apply the information for various use cases to make strategic decisions.

Like the sound of what Heat Maps has to offer? Then add them to your analytics arsenal by signing up with the Helium 10 Platinum or Diamond plans.

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