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What Is Helium 10’s Trendster Tool?

Helium 10 is a product research tool that allows Amazon sellers to identify seasonality. With Trendster, you don’t need to worry about products only selling for a few months of the year.

Trendster is available with all Helium 10 pricing plans, and you can search 4 ASINs at the same time.

Interested to see how Trendster can help you during product research?

I’ve researched Trendster, took it for a test drive to see how it works, and you get the inside scoop.

Also, read to the end to see the problem I ran into and how the customer service department helped me fix it.

Benefits and Disadvantages


  • Simple to use with an intuitive and minimalist user interface. You only need to enter ASINs and keywords to retrieve information.
  • Trendster helps Amazon sellers to identify seasonal products and the time of year they sell in bigger volumes.
  • Can search the trends of 4 products at a time, which allows you to compare different options.
  • Trendster works fast, so you only need to wait a few seconds to see the trends.
  • Data is compared to Google Trends, giving you more data to work with.


  • No filters available to search for specific dates.
  • No visualization customization is available to change the look of graphs.
  • Trendster could provide more data to show additional trends.

What Is Helium's 10 Trendster Tool?

Visualize sales trends in intuitive graphs

The Helium 10 Trendster tool enables you to see sales trends, which is handy for spotting seasonal products. Plus, it helps identify products that may sell in hordes over the Christmas period, but brings in a trickle of sales during the rest of the year.

Trendster comes with all pricing plans, so anyone with a Helium 10 subscription can give it a try.

Also, the tool requires you to enter product ASINs and keywords to retrieve the visual results in seconds. You can search 4 products at the same time. 

Also, you can check different Amazon marketplaces, which include North America, Canada, Mexico, and European countries. Therefore, it’s perfect for users that want to see relevant data for the marketplace they are targeting.

Data is also pulled from the Google Trends Tool and the graph is compared to Trendster data.

This provides sellers with more data to judge the seasonality of a product.

What Helium 10 Payment Plans Include the Trendster Tool and How Much Do They Cost?

All Helium 10 users can access Trendster, which means it’s available on the Free, Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Enterprise plans.

Starter costs $39 per month and is the package that is best for beginners. It includes everything sellers need to get started. At $99 per month you get access to the Platinum package.

This provides additional tools, such as PPC analytics with Adtomic and Hijack alerts for up to 100 ASINs.

The Diamond plan costs $249 per month and it is a good choice for advanced sellers with a team.

Multi-user logins are provided and increases limits on many tools.

Finally, the Enterprise package is a custom solution for large businesses and agencies with pricing that is to be determined individually.

You can also check out Helium 10 using our free trial.

How To Use the Trendster Tool?

To start using the tool you need to collect ASINs and keywords from the products you want to research. Note that you can use Trendster to research several keywords for a single ASIN.

This helps get a more accurate picture of seasonality.

However, you should use the most popular keywords for an ASIN to get the best data.

Here is a step-by step process of using the Trendster tool:

Step 1: Register & sign into your Helium 10 account and look for the Trendster tool.

Step 2: Next, you need to enter product ASINs and keywords for the tool to show data. You can enter up to 4 ASINs at the same time if you want to research more than 1 product simultaneously. Once you enter the search details click on the blue “START TRENDSTER” button.

What Information Does the Trendster Tool Tell You?

After running the search, Trendster will show a graph with information about how the Sales Rank and product price change with time.

You can set the timescale to 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and All Time.

Pro Tip:

Note that lower Sales Rank is better because it’s a metric that explains the relationship of how products sell in a specific category. The best selling products have the lowest Sales Rank.

Helium 10 & Google trends graphs

Alongside Helium 10’s custom graph, you will get a Google Trends graph that has pulled data straight from Google. This graph shows the popularity of a keyword over time.

Also, you can set the timescale of this graph to Day, Week, Month and Year.

To access even more information check out Helium 10s Magnet.

It provides users with an extensive library of search terms, and then can then be entered into Trendster.

How to Analyze Trendster Search Results?

Start by selecting the biggest timeframes possible for both graphs, which should be all-time or 1 year.

This gives you more data to analyze the results and view annual trends.

Also, take note of how the product price changes over time.

This will allow you to set competitive prices and work out the product profitability.

Next, look at how the sales rank changes with time throughout the year.

Compare this trend with the search term popularity on the Google Trends graph.

You may notice that there is an overlap between these 2 data sets.

Furthermore, look for trends that provide insight into how the product sells throughout the year.

Is the flow of sales steady throughout the year, or do specific months of the year see a sharp increase in popularity? Using this data you can better manage your inventory by predicting demand and ordering the appropriate amount of stock.

You can also search for up to 4 ASINs and keywords to compare seasonality.

If you’re looking for products with no seasonality, then comparing products allows you to spot ones that sell more reliably during the entire course of a year.

What Are The Differences Between Helium's 10 Trendster and Google Trends?

Helium 10’s Trendster pulls data from Amazon and it shares how product pricing and Sales Rank changes over time. Whereas, data displayed on Google Trends is pulled from Google and it shows the popularity of the keyword over time.

Trendsters graph on the left-hand side provides more information because you can see pricing changes and sales. The Google Trends Graph on the right-hand side is mostly there for comparison purposes. When Trendster was created, the Google Trends graph was not implemented.

However, it is a nice addition because it is another data point to explore during product research.

How to Access the Trendster Video Tutorial in the Helium 10 Dashboard?

Want more information on how to use Trendster?

Then view the Helium 10 video tutorial, which you can access from within the tool user.

The video is an introduction and overview of how to use Trendster.

It’s 4 minutes and 46 seconds long and goes through the process of analyzing results.

The hands-on video explains what you need to look at when spotting product sales seasonality.

How to Use the Trendster Tool to Check Different Amazon Marketplaces?

Trendster allows you to check product seasonality for different marketplaces, which include:

Different trendster marketplaces

To select the marketplace of interest, you need to click on the button in the top right-hand corner of the tool.

How Easy Is It to Identify Seasonal Products With Trendster?

Overall, Trendster is the best tool out there for spotting seasonal products.

Using the 2 graphs from the results you can spot trends visually.

You can see the size and width of the peaks to determine the extent of seasonality.

Also, the inclusion of the Google Trends graph provides additional data for comparison purposes.

Trendster provides data across various time scales.

Choosing the period of All time or 1 year is best for spotting seasonality because it provides more data. Ultimately, the ease with which you can spot seasonality depends on the product you are searching for. Some products might have ambiguous data, while others show a clear pattern.

The tool offers a lot of help, but you will need to analyze the results and make a judgment call.

Limitations of Trendster That Can Be Improved Upon

Trendster is a great tool, but Helium 10 team can make improvements to provide additional functionality. Here is a list of features that we wish were added in the future.

  • More data: the data provided by the graphs could be expanded to offer more data. For example, additional trends could be analyzed, such as keyword PPC cost, number of competitors, and number of units sold.
  • Filters: a filter button could be added to specify a date range or when sales fall below a defined sales rank.
  • Visualization: the color, look, and overall design of the graphs could be customizable to meet each user’s needs. This might help interpret data quicker at a glance.
  • More ASINs: the ability to compare more products and keywords simultaneously would improve usability.

Is the Customer Service Department Helpful?

When I first used Trendster to do product research, it did not load the data.

I used this opportunity to test the customer service department.

Then, I clicked on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner to use the live chat feature.

Click the icon to open live chat

I typed out my problem, and the customer service agent replied within a few minutes.

Then they asked for the details of my problem and gave me a list of steps to troubleshoot the issue.

The provided information included links and annotated images, making following the steps simple.

Using the information, I ultimately fixed the problem, so I was happy with my experience of Helium 10’s customer service department. 

Our Experience Using Helium 10's Trendster

Overall, our experience using Trendster was positive.

The simple-to-use interface means that figuring out what information to enter for a search is simple.

Additionally, we also loved the informative video tutorial provided by Bradley Sutton, the Director of Training and Chief Evangelist at Helium 10.

The best thing that I liked about Trendster is how easy it is to spot seasonal product trends.

For most products, figuring out the seasonality is possible at a glance.

This allowed me to research several products in one sitting since I could get through each one quickly.

However, the user interface only allows for 4 products to be compared simultaneously.

Increasing this to at least 10 would have been more convenient.

Helium 10 might have placed this limitation to avoid overloading the servers.

If you’re planning on launching new products and are wondering about their seasonality, then Trendster is the best tool out there for the job.

Furthermore, you can use Helium 10s Cerebro tool to spot new keyword opportunities that you can then enter into Trendster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Avoid Seasonal Products Using Helium 10s Trendster?

To avoid seasonal products using Helium 10s Trendster, you need to look for sharp fluctuations. For example, the product will be seasonal if the sales rank only drops to a low value at brief periods of the year. Also, the Google Trends data might show peaks at the same time of the year.

What Is the Best Timeframe to Spot Seasonal Products With Trendster?

The best timeframe to spot seasonal products is by setting the filter to 1 year or all time. This gives you the maximum time frame possible for the product, which increases your ability to spot seasonal trends if any exist.

How Many Products Can You Check Using Trendster Simultaneously?

You can check 4 products at the same time when using Trendster. You will need to enter 4 ASINs and the main keyword for the product. You can find these keywords by scanning through the product pages.

How Can Trendster Help You Manage Inventory?

Trendster can help manage inventory by anticipating product demand throughout the year. By paying attention to sales rank and keyword popularity fluctuations, you can determine what months of the year you will experience more sales. You can order more inventory ahead of time to account for manufacturing and shipping time.

How Accurate Is Helium 10's Data?

The accuracy of Helium 10’s data is not super important when using Trendster because you are looking for trends instead of absolute values. Helium 10’s data is accurate enough to provide this functionality. You can compare the data to Google Trends to give you more confidence.

Final Thoughts

In this informative guide of Trendster, we shared our experience using the tool and the benefits of using it to spot product seasonality. We shared the pros and cons to give you a balanced overview of the tool.

After reading our Trendster review, I hope that you have enough information to decide if it’s the right choice for your product research needs. Spotting seasonality helps manage inventory and choose products that have stable sales throughout the year.

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