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Zoof Review – Is It Worth the Asking Price?

Zoof is a comprehensive software solution for Amazon sellers, offering easy-to-use tools, tiered pricing, and a clean user interface. It’s one of the newer kids on the block but competes with the best alternatives in the market, as you’ll see in my Zoof review.

I put Zoof through its paces so you won’t have to. Spoiler alert: it’s worth the asking price!

With this tool, you can…

  • Do extensive product research using a mixture of tools.
  • Spy on competitor products and listings under the Enterprise plan.
  • Monitor your Amazon FBA profits, track your rankings, and set custom alerts.
⭐ Rating: 4.7★★★★★
💵 Price: Starts from $39 per month (Discount available).
🔍 Features: Product research, keyword research, listing optimization, launch, and growth support.
🎯 Accuracy: Good accuracy
👥 Support: Email
🖥️ User Interface: Clean, minimalist, user-friendly
🔥 Discount: 49% OFF

Zoof Pros & Cons

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More detailed information

Zoof Detailed Review

Zoof has various tools and features for Amazon sellers, but these tools only apply to the Amazon US market. This is a big drawback compared to alternatives like Helium 10, which supports multiple marketplaces.

That said, Zoof offers an arsenal of tools across multiple categories for Amazon FBA sellers. Therefore, your business is supported at each step of the Amazon selling process.

I’ve shared a summary of the main tool categories at Zoof below.

Product Research

Zoof offers a lot of variety for discovering profitable products on Amazon.

For instance, you can use the Zoof Chrome Extension while surfing Amazon. 

This gives you real-time insights into products you’ve searched on Amazon, unveiling metrics like monthly sales, sales rank, revenue, average rating, and much more.

Alternatively, you can start product research within Zoof using Amazon Spotlight or Opportunity Finder. These tools allow you to enter vague or precise criteria and come up with product ideas.

Overall, the Zoof product research tools are comparable to industry-leading software providers like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Keyword Research

Keyword Finder is Zoof’s primary keyword research tool, generating relevant keyword data from a seed keyword. I liked how Zoof displays extra information to help you gauge the keyword’s competitiveness and profitability rather than just suggesting search volumes.

Also, a Reverse ASIN tool allows you to spy on the top keywords competitors use to generate traffic. I found this a handy shortcut for figuring out the top-performing KWs in a niche.

Finally, you get a Misspelling Checker to capitalize on frequently misspelled words in your niche and drive traffic to your listing.

This tool’s brilliance is that it doesn’t suggest misspellings that Amazon automatically corrects. Hence, you’re always sure of converting when you’ve implemented the misspelled keyword suggestions correctly.

However, there’s no keyword tracker tool provided by alternatives like Helium 10

This limited my ability to monitor target keywords automatically.

Listing Optimization

Zoof helps you create keyword-optimized, Amazon-compliant listings that’ll improve your chances of landing on Amazon’s first page. The UI for the tool is easy to understand, and I found it simple to optimize my listing with target keywords and relevant suggestions, like adding bullet points.

Unfortunately, no advanced features like AI-based listing generation are offered by alternatives like ZonGuru and Helium 10. This means you’ll have to complete the listings manually, whereas competitors offer time-saving automation.

Launch & Rank

The URL Builder is designed to help sellers send external traffic to the same listing with different keywords. That way, you can even track which keywords convert better, bring you more clicks, or for other purposes.

I like that even though this looks like something only an advanced seller should be able to use, Zoof makes it easy for beginners. There’s also a free video guide on this tool to maximize it.

Finally, there’s the Rank Checker, which monitors the progress of your keyword rankings.

It’s a highly beneficial tool to understand if your launch is going as planned or needs more work.


Building a successful Amazon business is about growth, and Zoof offers multiple tools to assist with this process.

It starts with a profit dashboard to quickly identify which of your products are making the most sales or where your business is losing money.

This tool is unique since it has a dedicated Shopify profit dashboard alongside the Amazon solution, whereas most competitors focus mainly on Amazon.

Unlike Rank Checker, Rank Tracker doesn’t limit you to checking instantaneous product ranking data alone. Instead, you can set it up for your products or to monitor changes in competitor product rankings for specific keywords.

Let’s not forget Review Automation, a non-invasive way of getting more customer reviews. Given that the Amazon A9 algorithm favors listings with reviews, you’ll be setting up your business for more success with this tool.

Performance and Effectiveness

While using Zoof, I didn’t experience any technical glitches, performance issues, or long loading times. The snappy response of the buttons on the Chrome Extension meant that product research felt smooth.

Overall, Zoof’s tools effectively achieve the desired goal – finding products, keyword research, or analyzing the competition.

However, there are a few shortcomings compared to competitors. These include the lack of an automated listing builder, no keyword tracking, and no Amazon PPC tool.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Zoof shines in the user interface department because of its clean and minimalist look. 

The brand’s colors (blue and white) are used throughout the user interface, and they contrast nicely enough that all the information on Zoof’s pages is presented neatly.

Furthermore, icons within the Chrome Extension make using Zoof easier

For instance, some icons might light up when using the Opportunity Analyzer to reveal if a niche is worth considering.

Zoof Accuracy Test

To help you figure out if you can trust the data Zoof tools provide, I ran a few tests to evaluate accuracy.

I compared the monthly sales data from Amazon and the sales data from Zoof’s Opportunity Analyzer. Here’s a table showcasing the results:

S/N ASIN Amazon Sales Volume Zoof  Sales Volume (Opportunity Analyzer)
1 B08G8D6Z8H 300+ 902
2 B0CD253J1Q 200+ 1,842
3 B07NM3RSRQ 900+ 2,867

There’s a significant discrepancy in the sales data, which can mean two things:

  • Zoof estimates are close to the sales data since Amazon only gives a base range.
  • The Zoof estimate is truly far off Amazon’s estimates.

Therefore, when researching a product, you must take the information with a grain of salt. After all, Jungle Scout provides closer estimates to Amazon’s numbers, making its data more believable.

Likewise, it’ll be healthy to do your Amazon selling research on one tool (like Zoof) and make decisions based on the data. After all, the data margins (to Amazon data) will be more consistent than combining multiple tools with different data margins.

Zoof Pricing

Zoof provides two pricing tiers: Standard and Enterprise. Amazon sellers at different stages and budgets can find an entry point on these plans. Also, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription, which allows you to save 49%.

  Standard Enterprise
Monthly $39 per month $99 per month
Annual $20 per month (Charged at $240 annually) $50 per month (Charged at $600 annually)
Best Price Click here Click here

Furthermore, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s handy for testing Zoof and getting your money back if it’s not the right tool.

In that case, you can explore Zoof’s best alternatives below.

Best Zoof Alternatives for Amazon Sellers

Zoof is a solid Amazon Sellers software supporting most sellers’ journeys. 

However, the offering has some key omissions, such as the lack of non-US Amazon marketplace support and an Amazon PPC tool.

So, here are viable alternatives that might be what your business needs.

Helium 10

Helium 10 matches Zoof on keyword research, product research, listing management, analysis, tracking, and optimization tools. So, it’s a natural alternative.

Furthermore, Helium 10 offers exclusive tools not found at Zoof. This includes Adtomic, the Amazon PPC tool, AI-enabled listing optimization, support for 10+ Amazon marketplaces, extra support for Walmart, and a comprehensive Insights Dashboard.

The best part is that Helium 10 maintains price parity with Zoof on the monthly pricing plan. Hence, it wins the value-for-money argument by a margin.

Interested? Read my Helium 10 plans guide to see what the tool offers your business.


ZonGuru overlaps with what you find at Zoof, such as the Business Dashboard, where you can monitor product success, or the Review Automator to drive your review count.

However, ZonGuru is compatible with more Amazon marketplaces and supports AI-based product listing creation. The latter is an excellent asset for Amazon sellers who don’t have English as their first language or aren’t comfortable writing listings themselves.

Dive into my ZonGuru pricing plan guide to learn more about what’s included.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an established Amazon seller solution that offers a similar experience to Zoof, so it’s a fair comparison.

For instance, there’s an Opportunity Finder and Browser Extension to look for products and the Rank Tracker to monitor the effectiveness of your launch strategy.

But where Jungle Scout shines brighter is with the Supplier Database and its AI-based tools

The latter is intuitive enough to provide recommendations on when to restock your inventory, helps you find solutions faster, and organizes summaries of customer reviews.

Also, Jungle Scout supports multiple Amazon marketplaces. That’s besides offering tools Zoof doesn’t have, such as Advertising Analytics, to understand and optimize Amazon PPC campaigns.

Explore my Jungle Scout guide to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoof is worth using in 2024 because it provides robust support for Amazon sellers to succeed. Also, the team behind the software is constantly releasing new tools and features, which keeps it relevant in the constantly changing e-commerce landscape.

You can cancel your Zoof subscription at any time and continue using the software until the end of the billing date. Also, you can cancel Zoof during the 30-day money-back guarantee to get a full refund of your subscription amount.

I Recommend Zoof for US Amazon Sellers

Zoof packs a powerful punch for Amazon sellers looking to start an Amazon business in the US marketplace. Thanks to robust tutorial video setups, I found its tools easy to use and had help at almost every step of the journey.

However, AI-based tools and assistance with my Amazon PPC efforts or support for non-US marketplaces would have been helpful.

If these aren’t dealbreakers, grab my Zoof discounts to enjoy the tool risk-free for 30 days. Otherwise, check the best Zoof alternatives above, depending on your needs.

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