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Zoof vs Jungle Scout: Which is Better in 2024?

Best Inexpensive Tool
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4.7 / 5
  • Ease of Use: Excellent usability for beginners
  • Pricing: $39 – $99 per month
  • Data Accuracy: Good enough for key decisions
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Best for Amazon Research
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4.9 / 5
  • Ease of Use: Optimized user interface
  • Pricing: $49 – $129 per month
  • Data Accuracy: Good accuracy
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Jungle Scout is one of the oldest Amazon seller software tools, offering a complete range of supplier, product, keyword, and market research. Competing against such an established brand is challenging, but Zoof is quickly rising up the ranks.

How do the two tools compare? Should you bother switching from one to the other?

I’ll compare their pricing strategy, features, platform compatibility, accuracy, and support to help you decide faster.

Guess which Amazon seller tool won the most categories in this head-to-head comparison?

Zoof vs Jungle Scout Comparison: Overview

  Zoof Jungle Scout
Rating 4.7 ★★★★★ 4.9 ★★★★★
Price $39 - $99 per month  $49 - $129 per month
Coupons Try Zoof Try Jungle Scout
Ease of Use Easy Easy
Data Accuracy Acceptable Acceptable
Key Features Product research, keyword research, omnichannel dashboard Product & keyword research, extensive educational resources, AI-based assistance
Supported Marketplaces United States 17 marketplaces
Support and Resources Knowledge base, YouTube, FAQs, email Knowledge base, YouTube, email, live chat

Plans and Pricing

Investing in Amazon seller software shouldn’t cripple your business’ finances. 

Therefore, I’ve compared Zoof’s pricing plans against Jungle Scout’s to determine the best value for money.

Plan Zoof Jungle Scout
Free Version Not available Not available
Monthly Price $39 - $99 per month  $49 - $129 per month
Annual Price $20 - $50 per month ($240 - $600 paid annually) $29 - 84 per month ($349 - $999 paid annually)
Risk-Free Trial 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
Discount Try Zoof Try Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is costlier than Zoof, with its entry-level plan costing $10 more monthly

This means beginners on a low budget will find Zoof a better choice to help manage costs.

Switching to the yearly plans, Zoof provides a bigger discount to motivate users to pay upfront for one year. Jungle Scout’s discounts aren’t poor either, but they’re nowhere near as great as what you get on Zoof.

It’s worth considering that Jungle Scout provides three pricing tiers instead of the two Zoof offers. This offers users more flexibility to choose a tier matching the features they need at a competitive price.


Zoof wins this category since it offers lower pricing for the low and high-end tiers than Jungle Scout.

Zoof logo
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I put up Zoof’s essential features against Jungle Scout’s to evaluate which offers more. 

You’ll notice a few significant omissions in some areas, which may swing your decision on which software to choose.

Feature Zoof Jungle Scout
Product Research
Keyword Research
Browser Extension
Listing Optimization
Inventory Management
Refund Service
Amazon PPC
Rank Tracker
Profits Dashboard
Supplier Research
Tools for Shopify
Free Tools

Jungle Scout offers tools in 12 categories listed above, while Zoof is limited to 9 categories. Hence, Jungle Scout provides a more complete support experience for Amazon sellers.

Also, Jungle Scout offers a better depth of features, such as AI-improved assistance with listing optimization and customer review insights.

The only area where Zoof wins is with its extra support for Shopify

This is worth considering if you plan on expanding your Amazon business to new e-commerce channels.


Jungle Scout offers more features and depth in key areas to running an Amazon business.

Jungle Scout logo
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Data Accuracy

Good data accuracy ensures you can trust the information the tools provide to make the right decisions. Hence, I’ve run a few tests, using sales volume estimates as a yardstick, to see how Zoof’s data accuracy compares to Jungle Scout’s.

S/N ASIN Amazon Zoof (Opportunity Analyzer) Jungle Scout (Product Database)
1 B0B8NGVLGV 400+ 790 509
2 B09F99D9FK 2,000+ 2,540 2,151
3 B0CHFXQ2JB 300+ 812 343

The table above clearly shows that Jungle Scout is more accurate. For all 3 ASINs I tested, it had noticeably closer monthly sales numbers to Amazon’s data. Therefore, Jungle Scout is the better choice for making more accurate decisions.


Jungle Scout is more accurate than Zoof since its data correlates closer to Amazon’s real-life data. This means Amazon sellers can have more confidence in the data provided by Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout logo
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Platforms, Interface, and Ease of Use

I tested Zoof and Jungle Scout for a few weeks to determine the learning curves involved in each software. I also looked at what platforms they support so you can choose the services that match your preferred devices and software.

  Zoof Jungle Scout
Browser Extensions Chrome Chrome and Firefox
Mobile App Not Available Not Available
Usability Level Easy Easy

Zoof and Jungle Scout offer clutter-free web apps, making finding the tools and features needed to complete different tasks easy. Therefore, first-time users won’t waste time figuring out the basics of either platform.

However, Jungle Scout offers Firefox and Chrome browser extensions, while Zoof’s extension only works on Chrome.

Additionally, I loved that both platforms provide helpful tutorial videos for their tools

This made it easier to figure out advanced strategies and specific use cases.

Even so, Jungle Scout has a significantly bigger library of videos and studies featuring its tools.


Both tools offer excellent usability, but Jungle Scout wins this category with Chrome and Firefox browser compatibility and more tutorial videos.

Jungle Scout logo
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Support and Resources

You don’t want to be stuck with a tool that abandons you once you pay for its services.

With that thought in mind, I’ve evaluated the support features of both software tools to help you select the best option.

Zoof Support and Resources

Zoof’s customer support is limited to email, which restricts your ability to receive help compared to Jungle Scout’s extensive communication channels. Most notably, the omission of live chat downgrades the quality of the help you can receive.

Fortunately, there’s a robust Help Center filled with tutorials.

The only drawback is that Jungle Scout also offers a help center, and it’s even more detailed than Zoof’s.

Jungle Scout Support and Resources

Jungle Scout offers email support and a help center like Zoof. Its Help Center is more extensive, featuring more articles and answered questions.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout offers live chat, but it’s limited to a chatbot

You can still escalate communication to a human, but you’ll be asked to provide your name and email. Then, you’ll have to wait for a reply in your inbox.


Jungle Scout matches Zoof by offering a Help Centre and email support channels. Furthermore, Jungle Scout wins with a chatbot-assisted live chat and highly detailed help articles.

Jungle Scout logo
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Final Verdict

Zoof and Jungle Scout are among the best Amazon sellers’ software with an all-in-one offering. However, Jungle Scout offers more features and depth, more pricing tiers, better support, and higher tool accuracy.

Overview Zoof Jungle Scout
Plans and Pricing
Data Accuracy
Platforms, Interface, Ease of Use
Support and Resources

Jungle Scout has more tools, higher accuracy, and better customer support. 

Jungle Scout logo
Try Jungle Scout

Nevertheless, Zoof has solid features to help start and scale your Amazon business. 

That’s especially true for beginners or those seeking cheaper alternatives to Jungle Scout.

Want to see why Jungle Scout beats Zoof for yourself? Grabbing a discounted Jungle Scout plan is the right first step!


Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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