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7 Best AI Tools for Amazon Sellers

The best AI tool for Amazon sellers is Helium 10, especially if you want extra help with your PPC campaigns or creating a highly converting listing.

Jungle Scout is a worthy alternative, boasting market intelligence AI that sums up your customer’s reviews by impact/theme, handles your profit and loss analysis, and helps you find anything within the dashboard faster.

I tested 30+ other AI tools for Amazon sellers over four weeks and shared my insights on how the best seven can make a difference in your FBA or FBM business.

Let’s get to it!

Tool Monthly Price Discount Best For
Helium 10 $39 - $279/mo Check Discount Listing Optimization & PPC Assistance
Jungle Scout $49 - $129/mo Check Discount Streamlining Operations
 ZonGuru $49 - $249/mo Check Discount Listing Copywriting
 Viral Launch $69 - $199/mo Check Discount SEO-optimized Listings
Seller Snap From  $250/mo Check Discount Automated Repricing
 Quartile From $895/mo Check Discount Optimizing Ad Campaigns
MerchantWords $35 - $749/mo Check Discount AI-led Listing Optimization

Helium 10

Helium 10 is the best AI tool for Amazon sellers, given how its AI applications aim to improve your product’s visibility.

It integrates AI into its Listing Builder and Amazon PPC ad manager (Adtomic)

Hence, you boost your chances of getting more eyes on your product and scoring better conversions with AI capabilities.

These offerings put Helium 10 ahead of rivals like Jungle Scout, Quartile, ZonGuru, and Viral Launch. After all, the others only integrate their AI use for either listing optimization or ad management, but not both.

While Helium 10 has a forever free plan to test its features, you must sign up for its paid plans (tabled below) to access these AI tools.

Plan Monthly Price Yearly (Discount) Price
Starter $39 per month $29/month
Platinum $99 per month $79/month
Diamond $279 per month $229/month

Of these plans, only the Diamond plan enjoys Listing Builder’s AI capabilities

Additionally, you’ll need to grab the Adtomic add-on separately on all plans. 

Those costs could make Helium 10 costlier than the other AI alternatives.


Our Verdit: Helium 10 applies AI intelligently by integrating it with features (listing and ad management) crucial to your Amazon FBA or FBM business’ success.

While it might be pricey, the many tools beyond AI justify the price. Plus, you can get up to 30% off your Helium 10 subscription by signing up below.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s AI Assist – its artificial intelligence system – shines best regarding Review Analytics, Listing Builder, and Profit Overview.

For starters, you can use AI Assist to evaluate the customer reviews on your listing or a competitor’s.

The AI is so good that it aggregates the reviews based on negative or positive feedback, suggests ways to implement the feedback in your marketing, and helps you identify recurring issues to fix.

On competitor ASINs, you can use that data to understand what customers want or dislike about a product. Such information can be used to better your listing.

That brings us to AI Assist’s listing optimization capabilities. Like Helium 10’s, you can rely on the AI to generate the first working copy of your product listing page

That saves you the cost of paying a copywriter and the stress of making a mistake on your listing.

Jungle Scout’s AI Assist is so robust that you can learn more about it in this dedicated guide.

Unlike Helium 10, which only offers its AI listing builder on the biggest plan alone, Jungle Scout is more generous. You get AI Assist on its Suite plans and above:

Plan Pricing AI Assist Usage Limits
Suite $49 per month 50/month
Professional $84 per month 300/month
Enterprise Customized based on your needs Custom

Jungle Scout shines or drops the ball in some regions compared to other alternatives. 

I’ve summarized these instances for you below.


Our Verdit: Jungle Scout’s AI Assist simplifies review analysis and listing optimization, enabling you to improve your offerings while saving on content creation costs.


ZonGuru doesn’t offer as many AI tools as Helium 10 or Jungle Scout. 

However, its sole AI feature — the Listing Optimizer with ChatGPT4 integration — is impressive.

Like Helium 10’s, ZonGuru’s AI solution comes with a Listing Strength scoring system that gives real-time feedback on how well-optimized your listings are compared to competing ASINs. I also like that you can import your target phrases from the Keywords on Fire tool to improve your listing’s targeting potential.

Moreover, it has a minimalist interface, making it easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Unlike Helium 10, you don’t need to sign up for higher plans to access the Listing Optimizer. The feature is available with an active subscription on both ZonGuru plans.

Plan Pricing
Researcher $29 per month
Seller From $49 per month

While ZonGuru is a robust Amazon seller tool, it has shortcomings, as outlined below.


Our Verdit: ZonGuru excels in AI-driven listing copywriting, enabling users to craft compelling product descriptions easily and enhance search relevance without needing premium plan upgrades.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch delivers its AI brilliance with LaunchGPT, a ZonGuru Listing Optimizer equivalent.

As the name suggests, the tool leverages ChatGPT to craft compelling product listings

It kicks things up a notch by optimizing your listing for Amazon SEO.

Hence, it saves you the time and money you’d have spent on a copywriter or separate optimization software.

While Jungle Scout, Helium, and ZonGuru have this feature, Viral Launch outshines them on one front — it can optimize listings in different languages. LaunchGPT supports English, Spanish, French, and German, a handy function for sellers on international Amazon marketplaces.

In addition, LaunchGPT is Amazon ToS compliant, creating product descriptions that adhere to Amazon policies. That way, you can avoid search suppression and suspensions.

You must sign up for Viral Launch’s Pro or Pro Plus Ads plans to use LaunchGPT.

Plan Pricing
Pro $99 per month
Pro Plus Ads $199 per month

Short on time? I’ve summarized everything you need to know about Viral Launch’s AI capabilities in the pros and cons below.


Our Verdit: Viral Launch generates SEO-ready product listings in multiple languages while ensuring Amazon ToS compliance. However, you don’t get AI capabilities for other purposes, like with Jungle Scout and Helium 10.

Seller Snap

seller snap seller analytics

Seller Snap came out tops of the automated Amazon repricing tools I tested, thanks to the advanced AI features. It is the only repricer on this list, making it a valuable addition to other tools like Helium 10, Viral Launch, ZonGuru, and Jungle Scout.

Repricing can be time-consuming, but Seller Snap’s AI helps you save up to 60 hours per week.

The tool automatically tracks your competitors’ price changes on Amazon by the minute and uses this information to adjust your pricing. That way, you can stay competitive and maximize profits without price wars.

More importantly, Seller Snap uses the “Game Theory” strategy to help you secure the coveted Buy Box.

Seller Snap doesn’t explicitly state its pricing plans on its website. However, the provider has a placeholder indicating that pricing starts at $250.


Our Verdit: Seller Snap combines AI and the Game Theory to win the Buy Box, ensure competitiveness, and maximize profits. It’s a fine addition to your arsenal if you want a brilliant repricing tool for Amazon.


quartile web home

Quartile promises to help you make the most of your Amazon ad campaigns using AI optimization.

Like Helium 10’s Adtomic, Quartile offers automated bidding suggestions and granular sales reports. The beauty of it is that it optimizes your bid by the hour to keep you on top of your campaign’s progress.

In addition, the tool combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize your campaigns at the ASIN level.

Furthermore, its patented six technologies work to refine your campaigns in less than 48 hours. That way, you can generate more sales and lower your ad spend in a few weeks.

While Quartile’s ad optimization tools mirror Adtomic in many ways, it wins regarding versatility. Apart from Amazon, Quartile is compatible with Instacart, Walmart, and Google Ads. Hence, you can use it for cross-channel ad optimization.

But unlike Helium 10, Quartile doesn’t have an open pricing structure since you’ll need to contact the provider. We did that for you, and you can check out Quartile pricing and plans to decide which package works for you.       


Our Verdit: Quartile is an excellent option for Amazon agencies, enterprises, and large-scale sellers who only want AI-enhanced ad optimization. However, it lacks the versatility of Jungle Scout and Helium 10 if you’re looking for additional services.


merchantwords sign up button

MerchantWords rivals ZonGuru, Viral Launch, Helium 10, and Jungle Scout with Listing Writer, a tool designed to automate Amazon listing creation.

The feature finds and integrates target keywords into your listings to generate winning product titles and descriptions within 5 minutes. But besides this, MerchantWords lacks additional AI functionality.

I’m also concerned that the Listing Writer is ONLY available as part of MerchantWords’ Power Listing package, which costs extra. That makes it more expensive than ZonGuru or Jungle Scout’s AI Assist, which have their AI integrated into their main plans.

However, MerchantWords’ Power Listing excels at multi-lingual support

Like Viral Launch, it allows you to create localized English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German listings.

As if that’s not enough, Power Listing’s generations can be used on Shopify, Walmart, eBay, and other eCommerce platforms!

If you’re still considering MerchantWords, here’s what the Power Listing service costs.

Plan Price
Power Play $39 per month
Power User $200 per month
Powerhouse $1,300 per month

In summary, I’ve detailed the upsides and downsides to expect with the MerchantWords AI.


Our Verdit: MerchantWords’ listing optimization AI is expensive compared to Jungle Scout/Helium 10 alternatives. However, the price is worth it for international and cross-channel eCommerce sellers.

How I Created This List

I understand the value of choosing a robust and reliable Amazon seller suite

So, I ensured this wasn’t another random list.

Here’s how I chose the best AI tools for Amazon sellers:

  • AI Functionality: I prioritized AI capacity. I filtered over 30 tools, picking those with the most advanced and relevant AI features.
  • Extra Features: AI is crucial, but you cannot overlook additional features. That’s why I considered functionality beyond AI, like inventory management and business analytics, to justify the pricing.
  • Pricing: I assessed each tool’s pricing to balance the cost and feature range.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Amazon sellers shouldn’t use free AI tools as most free AI software doesn’t deliver what it promises. Likewise, free AI tools may harvest your Amazon account data and sell it to third-party providers to make a profit.

Amazon won’t suspend sellers using AI tools as long as they’re not using such tools to manipulate the system. That’s why it’s crucial to pick reliable providers like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and ZonGuru, which have been used for tens of thousands of Amazon seller accounts without issue.  

Leverage Robust AI to Grow Your Amazon Business

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. So, the earlier you integrate it into your Amazon business, the better.

The AI tools on this list offer excellent features to streamline your business, starting with listing optimization, improved ad management, better repricing strategies, and listing localization, among other things.

Of these, Helium 10 (get discounts here) is my top AI tool for Amazon sellers, given its combination of AI ad management and listing optimization.

But if you’re looking for additional AI assistance, you can find it from the rest of the tools above.

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