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Helium 10 vs Sellics

Best for Sellers With a Growing Inventory
Helium 10 logo
4.9 / 5
  • Incorporates an entire suite of tools for sellers.
  • Very affordable for what is included with each subscription.
  • Has excellent tools for product research.
  • Each tool offers in-depth information rather than a total overview.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Best for Brand Owners & Private-Label Sellers
Sellics logo
4.3 / 5
  • All-in-one tool for simplicity.
  • Offers the information you need in one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • A premium tool for PPC automation.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When comparing Helium 10 vs Sellics, you have to understand that both platforms offer a very different approach to their tools.

Helium 10’s primary focus is very much on product research. It offers a set of tools that help you make better buying decisions. But, it also has tools to help you analyze your profitability and manage your inventory.

Conversely, Sellics’ primary focus is on PPC automation. This allows you to optimize your advertising dollar to get more sales. It also has tools to analyze your profitability and manage your inventory.

While there’s an overlap of the type of tools offered by both, you should base your decision on your needs.

Helium 10 is ideal for sellers who have an ever-growing inventory.

But, Sellics is ideal for brand owners and private-label sellers who want simplicity. 

Let’s have a look at what each platform offers.

Comparison Table

Features Helium 10 Sellics
Our Rating 4.9/5 4.3/5
Price From $29/month From $57/month
Free Trial Free Basic Plan with usage limits Free 14-Day trial with no credit card needed
Product Research
Product Promotion
Keyword Research
Listing Optimizer
Keyword Rank Tracker
Hijack Alerts
Review Alerts
Refund Reimbursement Assistance
Follow-up Email Automation
Competitor Analysis
Financial Analytics
Inventory Management
PPC Ad Automation
Landing Page Builder
Multi-User Access From the $197/month plan
Connected Accounts From 2 to 4 accounts Only 1 account per subscription
Chrome Extensions
Official Website -

Comparing Helium 10 vs Sellics

Helium 10 and Sellics offer very different tools for sellers. However, there are similarities. Helium 10 has an entire suite of tools for all types of Amazon sellers.

Sellics is an all-in-one tool primarily for brand owners and private-label sellers.

For this reason, Helium 10 has a lot more features. Especially, compared to those available with a Sellics subscription. Even so, let’s compare the features that are available both with Helium 10 and Sellics.

#1: Keyword Research

Sonar By Sellics

Sellics offers a free keyword research tool called Sonar.

Sonar feature

What I like about this tool is that you can search keywords as well as do a reverse ASIN lookup.

To test the tool, I entered a product ASIN for a Fiskar Tag Maker and these are the results I received:

As you can see, the results are very comprehensive. This gives you a lot of scope to improve your product listings and your PPC campaigns. Notice also, that you can download the keyword list so that you can work on it over time.

Another advantage I can see with this tool is that it gives you “relevant products”. This could be very useful if you’re working with wholesalers. Especially those who specialize in certain product categories. 

When you hover over the images, you’ll see the ASIN of each product. You can then easily look this up on Amazon to determine whether it’s a product that you can list and sell profitably.

Also, when you click on each product image, you’ll get another list of keywords that are relevant to that product. Plus, the ASIN of that product appears in the search bar.

I can see some real benefits of using this tool for doing Amazon product research. Especially when looking for relevant products that you can sell.

Helium 10 has 3 different keyword research tools that you can use for different purposes.

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Magnet By Helium 10

Here’s a screenshot of a search result with the keyword “Protein powder”. As you can see, the information that is shown is very comprehensive.

As I briefly mentioned in Helium 10 vs AMZ Tracker article, you can also set several different filters to suit the parameters you’re looking for. The Magnet IQ score is extremely useful. It’s based on the search volume vs the number of competing offers. If using this, you’ll want to look at the keywords with the highest IQ score.

With just the free plan, you can’t sort the columns and you can only do 2 searches per day. However, all the paid plans give you full functionality.

Cerebro By Helium 10

Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that can provide you with a lot of information. To show you how it works, I input the same ASIN I used for the test on Sellic’s Sonar tool. Here are the results.

As you can see, the information is set out differently and you do get a lot more. Once again, with the free plan, you can’t sort the columns and you only get 2 searches per day.

But, with a paid subscription, there’s a lot that you can do with this tool. You can even search for competitor products that share a lot of the same keywords. This can give you a lot of scope for product research as well.

Misspellinator By Helium 10

With Misspellinator you can find commonly misspelled keywords. These are ones that customers use to search on Amazon.  This allows you to add those keywords to your PPC campaigns. This means your products will show up in the search results for those misspelled words.

To test it, I put in the words “hole punch”. It found one instance of misspelling that Amazon did not autocorrect.

Putting “ounch” into the Amazon search bar produced 48 search results.

Putting “ounch” into the Amazon search bar

Most of these products had the term “punch” in their title. But, they were more than likely using the misspelled term in their PPC campaigns.

Comparative Analysis​

Both Helium 10 and Sellics have effective tools for doing keyword research. I like the simplicity of Sellic’s Sonar as you have everything in one place. This is useful if you’re time-poor and just want to do simple keyword research.

But, for a wealth of information and functionality, you can’t go past Helium 10’s keyword research tools

It all depends on how much information you’re looking for and how deep you want to go with your keyword research.

#2: Keyword Rank Tracking & Listing Optimization

Both Helium 10 and Sellics have effective keyword rank tracking & listing optimization tools. But, Sellics offers an all-in-one tool. This incorporates keyword rank tracking, research, and listing optimization.

Helium 10, on the other hand, has separate tools for all these functions. As you can imagine, having separate tools means that you can go far more in-depth.

Amazon Ranking Software By Sellics

3 steps

As you can see, tracking your keywords with the Sellics tool offers a simple solution in one tool.

With this tool, you can do keyword research as a start. This is separate from the Sonar tool mentioned earlier. To use the tool, you have to enter a seed keyword. Then it gives you suggestions with the relevant search volume. You can then select the relevant keywords that you want to track.

Want to know more? Explore our Sellics review to see the full results of our research and testing.

Amazon Keyword Research with Sellics

Using the same tool, you can also get suggestions for optimizing your listings. This is entirely different from the on-page listing optimizer offered by Helium 10.

You can optimize your prudct listings with Sellics too.

What I particularly like about this tool is that it also lets you know if your competitors are optimized for the same keywords that you’re targeting. This allows you to easily outrank them.

With Sellics’ keyword tracker you can also do some A/B testing. This allows you to see which keywords give you better search results. This is vital for optimizing your listings for higher search rankings.

Sellics keyword tracker

Keyword Tracker By Helium 10

Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker​

Helium 10’s keyword tracker offers an easy-to-use dashboard. Here you can check your most important keywords. You can also log any changes that you make to see if they are effective.

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On-Page Listing Optimization By Helium 10

Listing optimization is handled differently by Helium 10 using a Chrome extension.

Once you have the extension installed, you go to your product on Amazon. You then hover over the icon above the product image to see how well your listing is optimized.

Helium 10 also has additional tools to help with listing optimization.

Frankenstein By Helium 10

Helium 10’s Frankenstein

With Frankenstein tool, you can clean up your list of keywords to ensure that you’re only tracking the most relevant ones. This also allows you to clean up your listings to be as relevant as possible.

Scribbles By Helium 10

Helium 10’s Scribbles

This is a listing creation tool. It makes creating listings easy by ensuring you’ve included all the relevant keywords. Especially in your title, description, and bullet points.

Index Checker By Helium 10

Helium 10’s Index Checker

Checking whether your listings are indexed by Amazon’s search engine is important. Especially if you’re constantly creating new listings. This tool will help you to check that.

Comparative Analysis​

As you can see, Helium 10’s tools offer a lot more functionality. Especially in relation to keyword tracking and listing optimization.

On the other hand, if you just want simplicity, then the Sellics tool will do the trick. It all boils down to how much information you need.

#3: Financial Analytics

Being able to track your profits is important. This ensures that your business remains viable.

Both Helium 10 and Sellics offer an easy-to-use dashboard where you can view your stats.

Profit By Sellics

See your prodict and PPC data combined

Sellics is unique in that it breaks up your sales from organic and those received via your PPC campaigns. It also gives you stats for every marketplace that you sell in.

All you have to do is connect your Seller Central account via an API. Then, enter your COGS and the software will handle all the calculations for you.

What I particularly like about this tool is that you can drill down to see a breakdown of each section.

That way, you can determine where you can make improvements to your bottom line.

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Profits By Helium 10

As with all the other tools offered by Helium 10, Profits is a highly advanced tool. It gives you tons of information.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the dashboard of a demo account:

Helium 10's Profits is a highly advanced tool
The dashboard of a demo account
Sale trends
Sale Trends

There’s a ton of information here that you can dig into to see how well your products are performing.

I particularly like “Sales Trends”.

This can alert you to products that you should either slow down on or add more inventory to.

You can also view how each individual product is performing over time.

Another useful feature of the Profits dashboard is the refunds view. This is broken down into individual products. It can help alert you to any issues that you may need to fix.

Comparative Analysis​

For depth of information, Helium 10 wins hands down with Profits. It gives you an in-depth analysis of your Amazon business and allows you to dig as deep as you want. For the cost of the monthly subscription, it really is excellent value for money.

#4: Inventory Management

Amazon Inventory Management By Sellics

For inventory management, I really like the simplicity of Sellics. It shows you exactly when you should re-order your inventory to ensure that you never run out of stock.

Sellics inventory management

It also gives you a 90-day reorder pipeline. This allows you to budget for your inventory more effectively.

Inventory forecast

This is a nice simple way to keep track of your inventory.

Inventory Management By Helium 10

Helium 10’s inventory management is handled inside the Profits dashboard. Here’s a screenshot of active inventory within a demo account:

But, there are new inventory functions now available that are not yet seen on the demo account. Here’s what you can expect when you take out a Helium 10 subscription:

hovered over the blue sidebar

I particularly like the fact that you can get restock suggestions. Plus, you can enter all your supplier information. This eliminates the need to keep a separate database for all your suppliers. There’s a lot of new functionality here that appears to be extremely useful.

This would indicate that the folks at Helium 10 are constantly reviewing and updating the available tools.

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Comparative Analysis​

For simplicity, I really like Sellics’ inventory management tool. You can quickly see at-a-glance what you have to reorder.

But, Helium 10’s inventory management certainly appears to have greater functionality. Plus, it provides more in-depth information.

#5: PPC Automation

PPC Automation is something that Sellics excels in.

Benchmark By Sellics

Benchmark is a new free tool from Sellics and it’s the first of its kind in the market. It’s currently in Beta version. The full version should be available in 2021. So, this is the perfect time to test this tool while it’s still free.

Sellics Benchmark free feature

This tool allows you to compare your advertising performance to other Amazon sellers. This will then help you to improve your sponsored ads.

PPC Manager By Sellics

This is a complete PPC automation tool that will help you to get the most from your advertising dollar.

Optimize PPC campaigns with Sellics

Some of the automation features I really like are:

  • Increases the keyword bid when the ACoS is low.
  • Lowers the keyword bid when the ACoS is high.
  • Pauses unprofitable keywords.
  • Migrates your keywords from one campaign to another.
  • Adds underperforming keywords to the negative keyword list.

All of this automation helps to lower your CPC and makes your advertising dollar go further.

ADS By Helium 10

The PPC management tool in Helium 10 is only available to Diamond or Elite membership levels. It’s more of a management tool rather than a complete PPC automation application.

Comparative Analysis​

For PPC automation, Sellics comes out on top. It offers a lot of automation features. These are highly useful in optimizing your ad campaigns.

#6: Pricing

The pricing is handled quite differently by Sellics compared to Helium 10. While Helium 10 has 4 different subscription levels, the cost of a Sellics subscription depends on your annual sales volume.

Helium 10’s Pricing Plans

Remember that Helium 10’s free plan does have a lot of limits but is ideal to get a feel of how the various tools work. But, for single-user access, the Platinum plan is excellent value for money considering all the tools you can use. Once you’re ready to sign up, you can use one of our verified coupons to save your money.

Sellics’ Pricing Structure

As mentioned Sellics’ pricing depends on your annual sales. Here’s a full list of what each level costs:

Your Annual Sales Monthly Plan Biannual Plan Annual Plan
$0 - $999 $57 N/A N/A
$1,000 - $60,000 $67 $57 $47
$60,000 - $240,000 $97 $87 $77
$240,000 - $600,000 $157 $137 $117
$600,000 - $1.2M $217 $187 $157
$1.2M+ $317 $287 $257

As you can see, if you’re a mid-range seller on a monthly plan, you’ll pay about the same as you would to be a Platinum subscriber with Helium 10.

Comparative Analysis​

When you compare the monthly subscription costs of both companies, I would say that you get far more value for money with a Helium 10 subscription.

But, if you’re after a simple all-in-one tool that offers easy-to-digest stats and excellent PPC automation, then Sellics isn’t too badly priced.

#7: Customer Support

Both Helium 10 and Sellics offer excellent support via their messenger apps. If you’re unable to get an immediate answer, Helium 10 has a contact form to fill in and Sellics has an email address.

Sellics also offers a current status page to let you know of any current bugs. Plus, they also have a large knowledgebase, a blog, a social media presence, and webinars.

Helium 10 also has a large knowledgebase, a strong social media presence, and a regular podcast.

#8: Differences

As these two platforms are very different, I thought it would be prudent to let you know what each one offers that the other doesn’t.

Additional Tools Offered By Helium 10

  • Product research using the Xray chrome extension, Black Box and Trendster
  • Product promotion using the Landing Page Builder
  • Hijack alerts
  • Refund reimbursement assistance
  • Follow-up email automation
  • Competitor analysis
  • The ability to connect from 2 to 4 accounts depending on the subscription level

Additional Tools Offered By Sellics

  • Review alerts

Final Words

I think both Helium 10 and Sellics offer tools that are beneficial to Amazon sellers.

But, Helium 10 offers better value for money with the suite of tools included in each subscription.

Which one you choose should depend on what type of Amazon business you have. And also, how much information you want from the tools that you use.

Therefore, I would suggest the following:

Use Sellics if:

Use Helium 10 if:


Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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