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Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch: A Brutally Honest Matchup!

Best for FBA
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4.9 / 5
  • Ease of Use: Easy to use after a slight learning curve
  • Pricing: $49 to $129 monthly
  • Data Accuracy: Up to 98%
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7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Best for Product Launch
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4.7 / 5
  • Ease of Use: Easy to use after a bit of a learning curve
  • Pricing: $69 to $199 monthly
  • Data Accuracy: Up to 75%
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Jungle Scout is an all-rounder software that serves all types of Amazon sellers. 

It offers features for most facets of Amazon selling, with a mix of AI tools and an API for businesses looking for big data solutions.

On the other hand, Viral Launch is ideal for mid-level or experienced Amazon sellers seeking promotional product launches, split testing, and market intelligence.

Hard-pressed to choose between the two? I signed up for both and compared them to help you make the best decision.

Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch Comparison: Overview

Here’s everything you should know about how Jungle Scout and Viral Launch performed in this head-to-head battle.

  Jungle Scout Viral Launch
Rating 4.9 ★★★★★ 4.7 ★★★★★
Price $49 to $129 per year $69 to $199 per year
Coupons Jungle Scout Discounts Viral Launch Deals
Ease of Use Easy to set up and use Easy to set up and use
Data Accuracy 98% accurate on sales estimation 75% accurate on sales estimation
Key Features Product and Keyword Research and Tracking, Sales and Advertising Analytics, AI Listing Analyzer, Listing Optimization, Sales Estimator Product and Keyword Research and Tracking, Market Intelligence, PPC Automation, Sales Analytics, Listing Optimization, AI Listing Generator
Support and Resources Help Centre, AI Assist Chat, Email Support, YouTube, Jungle Scout Academy Knowledge Base, FAQs, Live Chat, Email Support, YouTube, Free Amazon Seller Courses

Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch: Plans and Pricingf

Based solely on pricing, it’s a no-brainer to pick Jungle Scout because it charges less than Viral Launch while offering more features at each payment tier.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Look at the table below.

Plan Jungle Scout Viral Launch
Free Version No No
Monthly Price $49 to $129 per month $69 to $199 per month
Annual Price $349 to $999 per year $690 to $1,995 per year
Free Trial No Yes
Money-Back Guarantee Yes (7 days) No
Discount Get Jungle Scout Get Viral Launch

Viral Launch, like Jungle Scout, offers three pricing plans. And even though Viral Launch is more expensive than Jungle Scout, it offers fewer features for each plan.

In particular, Viral Launch’s lowest tier plan (Essentials) allows only product research, keyword research, and sales analytics. In contrast, Jungle Scout’s lowest plan gives you access to all major features (with some usage limits), making it more cost-friendly to the newbie Amazon seller looking to scale gradually.

Viral Launch tries to remedy this by increasing the features you get on its higher plans, with the Pro Plus Ads having full access to the software. However, Jungle Scout already gives you access to similar features on its middle plan, ensuring its biggest plan is a powerhouse.

On top of that, Jungle Scout takes its pricing plans up a notch by providing special payment packages: a Startup Suite, Entrepreneur Suite, and Freedom Builder Bootcamp for three, six, and twelve months. 

These offer unique offerings such as live Q&A sessions, a Get Started checklist, and priority onboarding.

It looks like Viral Launch claws back with a 14-day free trial on all its plans. 

But even though Jungle Scout doesn’t have a free trial, its 7-day money-back guarantee isn’t bad, either.


Jungle Scout offers much more value per payment tier while being more affordable than Viral Launch.

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Viral Launch vs. Jungle Scout: Features

Although Viral Launch provides many of the same features as Jungle Scout, the software has unique offerings that appeal to a specific type of Amazon seller.

Feature Viral Launch Jungle Scout
Product Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool
Competitor/Product Tracker
Supplier Database
Sales Estimator
Listing Builder
AI Listing Analyzer
Sales Analytics
Advertising Analytics
Split Testing
Market Intelligence Tool
Inventory Manager
Product Launch

After testing both tools for a while, it’s evident that Viral Launch focuses on helping sellers release successful products. One of its unique features is Product Launch, which allows users to promote new and existing products using the power of discounts and giveaways.

While Jungle Scout doesn’t have something similar, it incorporates AI extensively into its features.

For instance, you can use its AI tools for listing optimization, review analysis, and sales analytics. Unfortunately, Viral Launch’s only AI tool (Listing Builder) is purchased as an add-on to the main software.

But don’t write Viral Launch off yet. The software has a standout tool called Market Intelligence, which analyzes a niche and estimates your likelihood of succeeding there. 

Even though Jungle Scout has “Niche Score,” it’s not comparable to Market Intelligence.

Viral Launch also has Split Testing for trying different versions of your listings and Kinetic PPC for automating, creating, and optimizing PPC ads. In contrast, Jungle Scout’s impact on your ads is limited to tracking analytics but offers nothing in setup or optimization.

That said, Jungle Scout offers a Sales Estimator to accurately estimate a product’s monthly sales. Conversely, Viral Launch doesn’t have a standalone Sales Estimator tool. 

Instead, it weaves sales prediction into other features.

Likewise, Viral Launch only fully supports Amazon US for all features, while most features are unavailable in most marketplaces. For instance, only 8 marketplaces have product research, and 12 enjoy market intelligence.

On the other hand, Jungle Scout has FULL feature support for 8 marketplaces and limited support for up to 16 marketplaces.


Viral Launch has unique tools like Market Intelligence, Kinetic PPC, and Split Testing and still offers many of the same features as Jungle Scout. However, Jungle Scout has more unique features available in more Amazon marketplaces.

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Data Accuracy

Accurate data is essential for making valid decisions for your Amazon business. 

This is why I tested sales estimations and rank tracking on Jungle Scout and Viral Launch for three random Amazon products.

Here’s how both software performed:

  Sales/Rank Amazon Jungle Scout Viral Launch
Product 1 (B088SKYMF2) Sales 9000+ 8861 6761
Product 1 Rank 3 3 5
Product 2 (B06XGNFR66) Sales 16000+ 17790 10350
Product 2 Rank 32 32 32
Product 3 (B0B5PB63ZX) Sales 1000+ 1170 4477
Product 3 Rank 4 3 4

Jungle Scout Accuracy

In my tests, Jungle Scout very closely predicted the actual number of Amazon sales with a meager margin of error. It managed an 83% accuracy in its worst-case scenario and 98% in the best-case scenario. Both are fantastic results!

It was also spot-on in tracking the products’ keyword rankings.

Outside of these tests, it’s good to know that Jungle Scout has regularly updated machine learning models that analyze Amazon data to generate accurate hidden insights. 

This is evident when doing keyword research, for example, since Amazon won’t readily give up its keyword search data.

Viral Launch Accuracy

Viral Launch was as accurate as Jungle Scout in tracking keyword ranks. 

However, its sales estimates were less precise than those of Jungle Scout.

It overshot some numbers by about 247% and was only accurate up to 75% when it managed to come close.


Jungle Scout is highly accurate in predicting sales and tracking keyword rankings. It also offers users machine models that generate accurate insights, which Amazon doesn’t directly provide.

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Viral Launch vs. Jungle Scout: Platforms, Interface, and Ease of Use

Viral Launch and Jungle Scout are well-designed apps with intuitive user interfaces. 

They also offer browser extensions to pull sales insights from Amazon product pages quickly.

  Viral Launch Jungle Scout
Browser Extensions Chrome Chrome, Firefox
Mobile App No No
Usability Level Easy Easy

Both software have minimal learning curves before you can start using them comfortably.

While Viral Launch makes it easier for new users by linking tutorial videos to all features, Jungle Scout only includes tutorial videos on some tools, such as the Keyword Scout and Product Database.

However, Jungle Scout has an AI Assist Chat button to query how to use any tool. 

The AI explains the process step by step, and links to support articles or tutorial videos explain the tool in more depth.

Conversely, Viral Launch lacks a comparable AI assistant but has a beginner’s checklist to help you find where to start.

Likewise, both tools offer browser extensions to gain and apply insights while browsing Amazon products and search pages. Jungle Scout’s is naturally more feature-packed, and it even provides a robust Firefox extension, too. Viral Launch only sticks to Google Chrome.


Jungle Scout has an AI Assist Chat and tutorial videos linked to some features. It also has an extension that’s compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Jungle Scout logo
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Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Support and Resources

It’s essential to use a customer-centric Amazon seller tool that makes it easy to reach the customer support team and resolve issues. That’s why I carefully compared the resources and level of support that Jungle Scout and Viral Launch provide.

Jungle Scout Support and Resources

Jungle Scout users can access a wide-ranging set of resources to make their lives easier while using the tool. These start with an in-depth collection of articles carefully organized in the Help Center. This resource is a treasure trove explaining how to use each feature to the tiniest detail.

The software also has a YouTube channel often updated with new videos on Amazon selling and software updates. More importantly, the channel hosts weekly live Q&A sessions where users can ask any questions about Amazon selling topics bothering them.

Additionally, there’s the Jungle Scout Academy, a collection of Amazon seller courses, webinars, and feature tutorials.

Unfortunately, Jungle Scout doesn’t have live chat support. It tries to remedy that with the AI Assist Chat, but nothing beats speaking to a human support agent.

The saving grace is that you can email the support team and get a reply within an hour, except on the weekends when it takes a few more hours to get a response.

Viral Launch Support and Resources

Viral Launch one-ups Jungle Scout by offering a live chat panel easily accessed once you’ve logged into your account. However, it’s only available during working hours, outside when you’re stuck with a bot.

If you want to avoid the bot on the live chat, you can email the Viral Launch support team and get a response within hours.

Like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch provides a collection of help articles and a YouTube channel. Its channel is populated with video tutorials and webinars on succeeding at selling on Amazon. However, the most recent uploads are from Viral Launch’s podcast – Seller’s Edge.

Finally, Viral Launch has free courses on how to win at Amazon selling and PPC ads.


Viral Launch provides a live chat that lets you speak with a human support agent in real-time, plus other comparable support resources to Jungle Scout’s offerings.

Viral Launch logo
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Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Final Verdict

Jungle Scout (get offers) is a comprehensive solution for Amazon FBA (and sometimes, FBM) sellers. It offers almost all the features you need to succeed at selling on Amazon, but you’ll miss a live chat option.

On the other hand, Viral Launch (coupons inside) is excellent for mid- to expert-level Amazon sellers looking for advanced solutions like split testing and market intelligence.

 Overview Jungle Scout Viral Launch
Plans and Pricing
Data Accuracy
Platforms, Interface, Ease of Use
Support and Resources
Jungle Scout logo
Get Jungle Scout

So, choose Jungle Scout to enjoy an all-around FBA software at an affordable price. 

You can sign up via its special discounts link to enjoy exclusive discounts on your first subscription.


Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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