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Zoof vs. Helium 10: 15+ Tools, One Ultimate Winner!

Best for Omnichannel
Zoof logo
4.7 / 5
  • Ease of Use: Excellent usability for beginner
  • Pricing: $39 – $99 per month
  • Data Accuracy: Good enough for key decisions
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Best Overall
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4.9 / 5
  • Ease of Use: Optimized UIs, with some clutter due to extensive features
  • Pricing: $39 – $279 per month
  • Data Accuracy: Good to high accuracy
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Helium 10 is a household name for Amazon FBA sellers looking for a complete toolset to help them with keyword, product, market and competitor research. It’s been the staple for years, but newcomer Zoof is giving it a run for its money.

But just how comparable is Zoof to Helium 10? Is it even worth switching from one tool to the other? Which is more accurate?

I’ll compare Zoof and Helium 10 on price, features, accuracy, ease of use, and support to help you decide on one or switch.

Spoiler alert: Helium 10 is the clear winner!

Zoof vs. Helium 10 Comparison: Overview

  Zoof Helium 10
Rating 4.7★★★★★ 4.9★★★★★
Price $39 - $99 per month $39 - $279 per month
Coupons Try Zoof Try Helium 10
Ease of Use Easy Easy
Data Accuracy Acceptable Acceptable
Key Features Product research, omnichannel dashboard Insights dashboard, product and keyword research, Adtomic
Supported marketplaces United States 21
Support and Resources Knowledge base, YouTube, FAQs, email Knowledge base, FAQs, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, 24/7 live chat, email

Plans and Pricing

You shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket to get an Amazon seller assistance software. Hence, I compared Zoof and Helium 10 based on their pricing to see how their plans stack up against one another.

Plan Zoof Helium 10
Free Version Not available Freemium plan
Monthly Price $39 - $99 per month $39 - $279 per month
Annual Price $20 - $50 per month ($240 - $600 paid annually) $29 - $229 per month ($348 - $2748 paid annually)
Risk-Free Trial Available Not Available
Discount Try Zoof Try Helium 10

Zoof and Helium 10 offer similar month-to-month pricing for their low and mid-tier subscription plans. However, Zoof’s entry-level plan is cheaper by $9 per month on the annual option.

Furthermore, Helium 10 has a more expensive third tier, which isn’t available at Zoof. It also offers a free trial in the form of a freemium plan, while Zoof lacks one. In comparison, Zoof provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to test all the features of your chosen plan risk-free, unlike the limiting Helium 10 free trial.


Zoof’s most expensive pricing plan is 65% cheaper than Helium 10’s top-tier plan. However, Helium 10 offers more for its pricing, ensuring it’s a great value for money.

Zoof logo


I examined Zoof and Helium 10’s offerings to determine what software provides the best toolset. I found some notable omissions and unique features to help you decide between the two services.

Feature Zoof Helium 10
Product Research
Keyword Research
Browser Extension
Listing Optimization
Inventory Management
Refund Service
Amazon PPC
Market Tracker
Keyword Tracker
Rank Tracker
Profits Dashboard
Supplier Research
Tools for Walmart
Tools for Shopify
Free Tools

You’ll see a lot of overlap between Zoof and Helium 10, especially regarding product and keyword research. Both toolsets cater to Amazon sellers looking for an all-in-one solution to help with most aspects of running an FBA business.

However, Helium 10 provides more innovative features and depth for some of its tools. For example, there’s an Insights Dashboard that provides AI-generated suggestions for inventory management, listing optimization, PPC, and more.

Also, Helium 10 provides support for Walmart, supplier research, and Amazon PPC and includes free tools. In comparison, Zoof stands out for its Shopify and omnichannel support. Hence, sellers looking to expand beyond Amazon into Shopify should consider Zoof.


Helium 10 offers more features and depth, but Zoof also supports various aspects of growing an Amazon business.

Helium10 logo

Data Accuracy

It’s essential to trust your preferred Amazon seller tool enough to decide on business strategies based on the data it supplies. That’s why I evaluated the accuracy of both tools by running a comparable product research test on them against Amazon data for three ASINs.

Here’s a table summarizing the results:

S/N ASIN Amazon Sales Volume Zoof  Sales Volume (Opportunity Analyzer) Helium 10 Sales Volume (X-Ray)
1 B0B8NGVLGV 300+ 719 430
2 B09F99D9FK 2,000+ 2,705 1,909
3 B0CHFXQ2JB 400+ 759 459

From the table above you can see that Helium 10 offers higher accuracy than Zoof. Therefore, both tools provide enough accuracy to make decisions, but Helium 10 is the better choice.


Helium 10 is more accurate and provides data close to real-life Amazon data, enabling users to make far more informed data-backed decisions than with Zoof.

Helium10 logo

Platforms, Interface, and Ease of Use

I used Zoof and Helium 10 first-hand to provide you with an accurate representation of the usability and learning curve.

  Zoof Helium 10
Browser Extensions Chrome Chrome
Dedicated Mobile App Not Available Apple, Google Play
Usability Easy Easy

Zoof and Helium 10 have excellent user interfaces, making it easy for first-time users to intuitively navigate their menus and features.

However, since Helium 10 has more features, it may appear more cluttered. Helium 10’s Profit Dashboard is an example of this since it offers more features than the Zoof Profits Dashboard.

Furthermore, Helium 10 provides mobile access. Even though this access is limited to activities like viewing profits data and optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns via Adtomic, it’s still an advantage over Zoof’s missing mobile app.

Finally, both services offer detailed tutorial videos to help use their tools. However, Zoof doesn’t provide this with every tool, while Helium 10 does. Also, Helium 10 features its tools in case studies to help provide context for how the tools are used in real-life scenarios.


Helium 10 and Zoof provide equally good user interfaces with low learning curves for beginners. However, Helium 10 offers a mobile app and more tutorial videos.

Helium10 logo

Support and Resources

Customer support is an essential part of any Amazon toolset. That’s how you’re sure to get help when tools don’t work, you have login problems, or for other purposes.

So, I tested the support strength and evaluated both tools’ resources to help Amazon sellers choose the best option.

Zoof Support and Resources

Zoof only offers an email to contact customer support, which is somewhat limiting compared to Helium 10’s extensive offering. The lack of live chat is a significant omission, affecting the responsiveness of customer support.

On the upside, there’s a Help Center where you can access tutorials. Even so, these tutorials are limited, as shown below:

Helium 10 Support and Resources

Helium 10 offers email and live chat customer support channels, a significant advantage over Zoof. The live chat agents are also incredibly active, only taking 3-5 minutes to respond.

On the other hand, I found the email support answers to be informative and extensive. For example, I asked about the Elite plan availability, and customer support answered within 24 hours.


Helium 10 wins with more ways to contact support and resources to help use its tools.

Helium10 logo
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Frequently Asked Questions

Helium 10 supports 21 Amazon marketplaces spanning North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. In comparison, Zoof only supports the Amazon US marketplace, which is a disadvantage.

Final Verdict

Helium 10 and Zoof offer an all-in-one package for Amazon sellers at different levels.

However, Helium 10 offers more pricing options, a freemium plan, more features, and better customer support, making it the winner. Still, Zoof is no slouch, boasting enough features to launch, grow, and scale an Amazon business.

Want to see why Helium 10 is the clear winner for yourself? Start with a discounted Helium 10 plan today. 

Overview Zoof Helium 10
Plans and Pricing
Data Accuracy
Platforms, interface, ease of use
Support and Resources

Helium 10 is the clear overall winner because of its extensive tool library, stronger customer support, and deeper resources section.

Helium10 logo

Give Helium 10 and Zoof a try for yourself. After all, there’s no risk with the Helium 10 freemium plan and Zoof’s money-back guarantee.


Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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