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10 Best Amazon Seller Tools 2024: Every Important Software

Helium 10 is the best Amazon FBA tool for sellers. In addition to basic features like product research and sales analytics, it offers advanced ad management and inventory optimization tools in the same suite.

Yet, Jungle Scout is a strong contender with its Supplier Database and AI features.

But that’s not all. I researched and rounded up the top 10 Amazon seller tools for Amazon FBA sellers to improve sales, revenue, and conversions.

Tool Monthly Price Discount Best For
Helium 10 $39 to $279 Get 20% OFF! Overall Amazon FBA Management
Jungle Scout $49 to $129 40% OFF! Amazon Product and Supplier Research
AMZScout $49.99 65% OFF! FBA, Dropshipping & Retail Arbitrage
ZonGuru $49 to $249 10% OFF for Life! Tracking Product Reviews
Quartile Custom Get Quartile Cheaper Amazon PPC and DSP
ProfitProtectorPro $59.95 to $69.95 Up to 15% OFF! Amazon Repricing
Viral Launch $69 to $199 Get 15% OFF Product Launching
Shopkeeper $20 to $250 FREE for 14 Days! In-depth Amazon Profit Analytics
Nepeto $34 to $98 15% OFF with REVG15 Sourcing Retail & Wholesale Amazon Suppliers
Feedback Five $24 to $199 FREE for 30 Days! Amazon Review Automation & Management

Helium 10 – Best Overall Amazon FBA tool

Helium 10 has most of the features a seller needs to succeed on Amazon. 

From product and keyword research to listing optimization, the software offers 25+ tools to FBA sellers.

Furthermore, this all-in-one Amazon seller tool can serve all seller levels, from beginners to experts, lone brands, and large agencies.

Even though it’s a generalist software at heart, Helium 10 has specialized add-on tools like Adtomic for seamlessly creating and optimizing PPC campaigns. Still speaking of ads, you get Amazon Attribution to track off-Amazon campaigns for streamlined sales and conversion monitoring.

The only things missing from Helium 10 are tools for product promotions, which Viral Launch offers, and repricing, which you can get with ProfitProtectorPro.

That said, Helium 10’s pricing is affordable, starting from $39 monthly

In fact, this entry tier is one of the lowest on this list, and a yearly offer offers more savings.

Unfortunately, Helium 10’s top tier is more expensive than Jungle Scout and Viral Launch’s top plans, plus you have to pay extra to use add-ons like Adtomic.

Luckily, Helium 10 has a free version, which allows you to test the tools within strict limits.


Our Verdit: Helium 10 is a top Amazon FBA tool with an extensive suite of features designed for Amazon beginner, intermediate, and expert sellers.

Jungle Scout – Best for Amazon Product and Supplier Research

Jungle Scout offers as many features as Helium 10 but stands out more for product research. It has four product research tools: Opportunity Finder, Product Tracker, Product Database, and Category Finder.

When you’ve found a product, you can use its Supplier Database to filter thousands of the best suppliers and find the right manufacturer.

The most significant difference between its Supplier Database and alternatives from competitors like Helium 10 or ZonGuru is that you can get suppliers in the US and Europe, not just Asia.

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout doesn’t offer repricer, launch, or promotion-focused features. It also lacks an FBM Profit Calculator and Insights Dashboard.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout doesn’t allow you to set up or optimize ads like Helium 10.

However, it has integrated AI into its sales analytics, customer support, product research, and listing optimization. That helps you synthesize unique insights faster and save resources – such as money you’d have spent on outsourcing listing creation.

Despite its long list of features, Jungle Scout remains affordable, more so than Helium 10. Its starting price of $49 is slightly more than Helium 10’s, but the highest tier is only $129. That’s half Helium 10’s top tier and much less than Viral Launch’s.


Our Verdit: Jungle Scout is an excellent tool for discovering unique product ideas, accurately estimating sales, and finding a perfect-fit supplier.

AMZScout – Best for Amazon FBA, Dropshipping & Arbitrage

AMZScout makes it easy to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. 

In addition to the Product Database and Tracker, AMZScout provides tons of ready-made product reports. This gives you secret best-selling products to launch and products you can source for less than $1!

This makes AMZScout ideal for newbies who aren’t confident in their product research skills and want ready-made solutions.

In addition, AMZScout is the only software on this list with a Chrome extension for dropshipping, wholesale, and retail arbitrage sellers. This is a brilliant addition for sellers looking for such opportunities in isolation or to combine with their Amazon FBA.

Aside from product research, AMZScout also offers keyword research, competitor research, and listing-building tools. However, its keyword research tools may not be as robust as Helium 10 or Jungle Scout.

Likewise, the software lacks sales analysis for tracking revenue and profits and doesn’t do ad setup or analysis. This might be a turnoff for Amazon FBA sellers looking for an all-in-one tool.

Even so, AMZScout’s entry price is slightly higher than Helium 10’s at $49.99

Also, you have to pay extra to access the dropshipping extension.

The good news is that it doesn’t tier its pricing, so its entry-level price is the ONLY one. Plus, it has a lifetime pricing offer. That makes it cheaper than the other alternatives on their mid-tier and biggest plans.


Our Verdit: AMZScout is best for private label, wholesale, and retail arbitrage Amazon sellers who want to research the best product type for their sales strategy. It’s also great for sellers who want ready-made product ideas.

ZonGuru – Best for Tracking Product Reviews

ZonGuru is similar to Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, offering users keyword research, product research, listing optimization, and instant alerts.

However, ZonGuru stands out because of its Business Dashboard. While Helium 10 and Jungle Scout also have intuitive dashboards, ZonGuru includes traffic stats to break down traffic sources, page views, and conversion rates.

While ZonGuru also includes some ad stats in its Business Dashboard, the software lacks the built-in in-depth ads analytics tool found in Jungle Scout or Helium 10.

Fortunately, ZonGuru wins again with its Love-Hate review analyzer tool that extracts reviews from ASINs and reveals what customers love and hate about products. 

While both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 also analyze reviews, ZonGuru’s tool is better.

For instance, ZonGuru’s Love-Hate tool can analyze multiple ASINs simultaneously, while Jungle Scout and Helium 10’s tools are designed to explore one ASIN at a time. 

Likewise, you can only use Helium 10’s review analyzer via its Chrome extension.

ZonGuru’s pricing plans begin at $49 if you’re interested in these offerings. 

That’s costlier than Jungle Scout and Helium 10’s starting plans but cheaper than Viral Launch. And since you also get product and keyword research tools at that price, it’s well worth the spend.


Our Verdit: ZonGuru is best for sellers who are researching their first product, need to analyze a lot of product reviews, or want a simple beginner suite to manage their Amazon FBA business.

Quartile – Best for PPC and DSP

quartile web home

Quartile is for the mid-level or expert Amazon seller ready to invest in moderate to large-scale Amazon advertising.

Its selling point is that it allows sellers and agencies to set up PPC campaigns automatically managed by the software. Furthermore, Quartile has machine learning models and AI technology that correctly analyzes customers’ buying habits to target the right buyers and optimize your ads for success.

Aside from PPC, Quartile automates Amazon DSP ads to target potential buyers off Amazon. The best part is that it offers progressive pricing based on your Amazon ad spend. Hence, it allows you to scale at your own pace rather than charging a one-size-fits-all price.

However, Quartile’s success in Amazon PPC and DSP management can also be its downfall. After all, you’ll have to purchase other software for other aspects of selling on Amazon, such as product and keyword research.


Our Verdit: Quartile is ideal for mid to large-sized Amazon businesses with significant advertising budgets and who want an automated solution to save time and effectively scale.

ProfitProtectorPro – Best Amazon Repricer for Sellers

ProfitProtectorPro (PPP) monitors product prices and automatically adjusts them to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box. But it isn’t just any Amazon repricer.

The software provides 12 repricing strategies that can maximize both sales and profits. 

The best part? It works across 11 Amazon marketplaces, and you don’t have to pay extra to access additional marketplaces.

PPP is a great fit for all levels of Amazon sellers, whether beginner, intermediate, or expert, because of its easy setup and straightforward UI. You just set your minimum and maximum prices for a product, choose the repricing strategy, and let the software do the rest of the work.

ProfitProtectorPro has a Chrome extension and a mobile app, like Helium 10 and Shopkeeper, to make its functionality even more seamless.

Unfortunately, PPP only works for repricing. Hence, you have to purchase other software for other features. Since top tools like Helium 10 don’t offer repricing features, combining PPP is the best-case scenario.

Luckily, ProfitProtectorPro makes up for this by setting very affordable plans from $59.95. Once you start getting more sales by winning the Buy Box more often or offering better offers to competitors, the tool begins paying for itself.


Our Verdit: ProfitProtectorPro is a top, beginner-friendly, affordable Amazon repricer that works for all Amazon sellers.

Viral Launch – Best Amazon Seller Tool for Product Launch

Like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, Viral Launch offers many essential features an Amazon seller needs — product research, keyword research, and sales analytics. 

However, a unique Launches feature helps sellers create product launches with promotions and giveaways to attract new customers.

This is important since new sellers sometimes struggle to get their first sales and reviews, which may stall their progress. Interestingly, none of Viral Launch’s direct competitors offer something similar.

In addition, Viral Launch has Kinetic PPC for PPC ad automation, Market Intelligence for analyzing a niche in detail, and Split Testing for optimizing product listings.

The software offers a treasure trove of features, so why isn’t it higher up in the list?

Unfortunately, Viral Launch’s UI isn’t as intuitive as Helium 10’s or Jungle Scout’s

Also, its entry pricing plan is $69 monthly, significantly higher than Jungle Scout and Helium 10. Even so, the plan is heavily limited in features at the entry tier.

However, its pricing evens out on the middle and top tiers.


Our Verdit: Viral Launch is a solid all-rounder tool for Amazon sellers offering unique features like Product Launch and Market Intelligence, but it’s not very suited to beginners.

Shopkeeper – Best for In-Depth Amazon Profit Analytics

If you want a dedicated Amazon seller tool for tracking profits, sales, revenues, and other seller data, Shopkeeper is the tool for you.

But why consider Shopkeeper when Helium 10 already has sales analytics? Even though Helium 10’s Profits tracks sales and seller fees, Shopkeeper monitors up to 50+ types of fees that you may be charged per sale.

Not just that. Its central dashboard presents a ton of data, including units sold, overall profit margins, PPC spends, and stock levels, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm users. Furthermore, the tool works across all Amazon marketplaces and integrates with data analysis tools like Quickbooks and Sage.

Hence, you can export your data to these tools or simply sync them for a more streamlined management of your entire e-commerce business. This is best suited to agencies or multi-channel sellers looking for a more intuitive approach to stay on top of their data.

Aside from sales analysis, Shopkeeper forecasts inventory several months ahead. 

This is better than Helium 10’s 7-day forecast or the less robust inventory management you get with Jungle Scout.

That way, you get data-backed insights to replenish your stock and prevent stockouts or overpaying for idle inventory in Amazon warehouses.

However, this app doesn’t offer Amazon PPC optimization, competitor research, product and keyword research, or help with other aspects of your Amazon FBA business. 

It may be better combined with any other robust tool for Amazon sellers from above.

Shopkeeper’s pricing goes from $20 to $250 monthly, according to the number of orders your store processes. Therefore, all tiers have access to the entire software.


Our Verdit: Shopkeeper is ideal for Amazon sellers seeking robust financial and data analytics on their store’s performances. Its inventory management system is also a nice add-on.

Nepeto – Best for Sourcing Retail & Wholesale Amazon Suppliers

Nepeto helps Amazon arbitrage sellers, wholesalers, and dropshippers find suppliers.

The software has indexed hundreds of retail and wholesale suppliers and over 60 unique distributors. This makes it more versatile than Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database, which only contains private label manufacturers from the US, Europe, and Asia.

Furthermore, Nepeto has an Amazon Flip feature that helps you find Amazon products to resell at an added price point. Plus, the software keeps an often updated list of products currently out of stock on Amazon. That gives you the advantage of swooping into markets where the main sellers are out of stock to sell at your dictated price.

Finally, Nepeto sends you alerts when a product you’re viewing on Amazon is sold by one of its registered suppliers. That way, you don’t have to manually re-check to confirm that every product you research on Amazon can be obtained via its platform.

Fortunately, Nepeto’s pricing plans are affordable, beginning at $34 monthly.


Our Verdit: Nepeto is best for wholesale and arbitrage Amazon sellers looking for suppliers.

FeedbackFive – Best for Amazon Review Automation & Management

FeedbackFive helps send automated review requests and track reviews per ASIN.

Even though Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and ZonGuru offer similar review request features, FeedbackFive stands out for several reasons.

For starters, FeedbackFive allows you to track the reviews you get for a product

While Helium 10 does the same, the data supplied by the tool is limited. 

For instance, you don’t get a ratio of positive and negative reviews per ASIN, available at FeedbackFive.

Additionally, FeedbackFive analyzes positive and negative reviews to retrieve insights on how to improve your product. Another feature is that FeedbackFive lets you enter competitor ASINs to track their reviews over time, similar to ZonGuru’s Love-Hate tool.

On top of that, FeedbackFive analyzes the impact of your email campaigns on sales

This is crucial to ensure your emails get customers to take specific actions, allowing you to change tactics if emails aren’t converting well.

Interested? FeedbackFive’s pricing plans range from $24 to $199, and they are tiered according to your store’s monthly orders. Hence, they allow you to scale at your business’s pace.

Even so, some sellers may find the highest tier a tad expensive.


Our Verdit: Feedback Five is excellent for systematically sending customer review requests and tracking reviews received over time.

Best Amazon Seller Tools: How I Created This List

I reviewed dozens of Amazon seller tools to select the 10. These are the criteria I applied to test the tools I reviewed before streamlining them to these options:


I looked for tools that offered something unique in addition to their basic features. 

That’s why even generalist software like Helium 10 brought unique offerings to other all-around suites of tools like Jungle Scout and vice versa.

Track Record

I ensured that the tools I recommended already had a proven track record of helping Amazon sellers succeed in boosting profit. I also ensured that I was already familiar enough with each one to confirm its worth.


I wanted to pick tools that charge fair prices and are worth the features they offer. 

Though some of the software on this list seems overpriced, they compensate by providing worthy features. Hence, your choice of software pays for itself in the short run, even for newbie Amazon sellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need Amazon seller tools to make a profit. While Amazon has its own built-in set of tools for sellers, they’re not sufficient for researching your target market and developing successful products. Plus, many sellers are already using these tools to gain an advantage.

Yes, you can sell on Amazon without using seller tools. All you have to do is create your product listing and fulfill the orders. However, if you want to do in-depth product research and analyze data to increase your chances of success, I recommend working with a seller tool.

Pick the Best Amazon Seller Tool for Your Business

Helium 10 is the best Amazon seller tool because of its broad range of features and specialized marketing tools like Adtomic.

Even so, you may need something special like ProfitProtectorPro for repricing and Nepeto for finding retail suppliers.

Therefore, there’s no one best Amazon seller app for every business. 

Instead, evaluate your business needs to pick the right software. In fact, you may even choose more than one.

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